Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Zoe Mellor Corrections

Hi everyone....well, ya'll know about the problems I have had with the Zoe Mellor patterns in her 2 books and how I have had a TERRIBLE time getting the publishing company to contact me. Then when they DID contact me, several people from several places contacted me all with different information. Well, I finally heard back from the UK company that had sold the publishing companies here the books. I spoke with a Katy Denny the other day from the UK and she sent me the pattern corrections for the Adorable Knits for Tots book. I have YET to have anyone send me them for the Knitted Toys book.

Well, anyways, I had asked permission to post the correction sheet she sent me to the Adorable Knits for Tots book and she said yes, so I am now posting it for ya'll.

Lacy sweater - Back -
edging ratios are 14(16:18:19)
Funky Tank Top - Tension/gauge -
20 sts and 28 rows to 10cm/4in
Pirate Sweater - Sizes -
6-12 mths 1-2 2-3 4-5
Pirate sweater: rib instructions should read as follows:
Rep last 2 rows until rib measures 3(4:4:5)cm / 11/4(11/2:11/2:2)in from cast-on edge, ending with a 1st rib row.
Chunky cable sweater
6th row should read 'as 2nd row' (not 4th)
P 126
Cabled hat with earflaps
Earflaps 11th row should read: K5, p1, C6F, p1, k5

Ok ya'll, I TRULY hope this helps you so you don't get into the pickle that I got into and once again, thank you Jennifer, you are a really good person!!!

Now onto some knitting/yarn chat. For those of you who know me and have to listen to my incessant chatter regarding yarns and what ones I am DYING to have *grin* then you KNOW how bad I have been wanting to get my paws on some of the new Vicki Howell series by SouthWest Trading Company....well, I scoured!! I am soooooo excited to get my shipment and of course I will give a full review *giggle* when it comes and I get my little paws on it. I got it at WEBS http://yarn.com/webs/0/0/0/0-0-1294/0/1130/ Believe me, I have checked ALL the places and they are either sold out OR they have only a VERY small supply with LIMITED colors. WEBS had it all, it was the motherload and I found myself breaking out into a cold sweat the MINUTE I logged on. I did call them first to make sure they did indeed have what I wanted in stock and I HIGHLY recommend that with your purchases to ANY store, not just WEBS, trust me, it creates ALOT less heartache LOL.

WEBS was GREAT, I *heart* them. I have been waiting for this yarn to launch, I am a HUGE fan of Vicki Howell and I watch her show EVERY night (I tivo it) and I also watch the Stylishish show with her as well. Well, from watching this and reading her site, I just couldn't WAIT to try this. The milk fiber/cotton has me the most intrigued, I can't wait....did I say that already LOL.

Ok, also, on the knitting front, Mister Man has talked me into knitting him a hat like Miss Priss (they were REALLY ornery today can ya tell) with the tassel BUT he wants it out of this green Katia Diana yarn. It has angora in it and I decided to try it and see if I TRULY am allergic to it. It seems I wondered if I am allergic to angora because awhile back I had some yarn that had it and also some fiber and when I came in physical contact with it, well, I develop this horrible rash AND I get a SPLITTING headache. So, I thought, there is only one way to test this, I would not have wanted to test it if people kept telling me that I wasn;t truly allergic to it, that being allergic to angora was impossible. Guess what, I just took a Benedryl right before I started this blog entry and I have a LOVELY set of red bumps all over me AND my headache is letting up. Guess I do truly have a problem with it. That's ok though, I wasn't loving knitting the hat in this yarn, it just looked off ya know. While Mister Man will be sad tomorrow when I tell him, believe me, I am not lacking for yarn for him to go through. He wants "grass green"..don't ask, he's cute, but VERY persistent! See what I mean, he is on the computer in the family room and he is playing online at toontown.com with his classmate and best friend Jacob. Well, Jacob was winning LOL. Actually, this is one of my FAVORITE pictures of him because he has JUST now started playing "online" computer games with us supervising of course. It is so sweet watching him get so excited, his friend's parents urged us to take him to the site, it is VERY secure and VERY safe and child friendly. They can't even "instant message" except to each other with parental passwords and the sayings are pre-typed, they have to choose one. Anyways, it is worth the fee for joining it. I HIGHLY recommend the site.

Well, it is the end of February, my dad's birthday and of course a month away from April, this is when I start talking and I KEEP talking............please,please, PLEASE always read this and keep ALL of it in the back of your mind when you have family moments.

April is Autism Awareness month..............please, be aware.
My son is Autistic, he is one 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with Autism. Here are just a few facts that I will periodically post until May. Autism is a national crisis, a child is diagnosed every 20 minutes in America. If you love someone with Autism or you know someone who has been touched by this disorder then you KNOW that you are NEVER prepared for a child with Autism. It can tear your family apart. Little things like smiles and hugs can be things you long for from your child. Autism is the fastest growing disability in America, this TRULY breaks my heart. We LIVE it, we BREATH it and most of all, we love someone with Autism. Please take time to learn a little bit regarding this disorder and talk about it, pray for it, and help spread the word. With more and more recognition, it brings all of us closer to more research and hopefully, a cure someday. It is NEVER to late. Thank you for listening. Look at Mister Man and tell me how I can turn my back on fighting like hell to find a cure!!


Danielle said...

I would say that yes indeed you are allergic to angora. I get a similar reaction when I come in contact with pine needles. I'm okay if I'm around pine trees, I just can't touch them. I don't know very much about Autism, but I certainly feel that you should never give up looking for a cure. My younger brother has had severe neurological defects since birth(he has tourettes syndrome, adhd, bipolar disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder.) As an adult the obsessive compulsive disorder has become one of the biggest problems he deals with. I'm very close to my brother, and I try to help him all I can. I hope you don't mind me sharing that. I know it's a completely different set of problems. Awareness of these types of dissablitites should be gotten out there, people should know. I'm glad you're talking about Autism, it's a good thing to share!

Danielle said...

Sorry about all the long winded comments lately(and dugh what a type-o in that last post on the word disabilities), I think I'm so long winded lately because I don't really have very many adult conversations.......

Cro-knit Monkey said...

May I ask who you contacted to get corrections? I have a different book by Zoe Mellor and am dyin to get errata for it but can't find it anywhere. It's Nursery Knits.

Jen said...

Thanks so much for going through all those efforts to get the corrections. Would you mind if I posted the corrections on my blog as well, with a link to your blog? I think the main thing here is to get the word out.

Also, somehow it doesn't mean enough to say "Good Luck" with your difficulties with Autism. My mother works as a speech pathologist and I know that it takes a very special person with a ton of love to get through to the other end. Sounds like you will.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to publish the corrections ... the cables and ear flap ones will save a lot of frogging!

Agness said...

Thanks for posting the errata. I am pretty PO'd at ZM at the moment, having had my time wasted sith the Lacy Sweater errata. It's not the time I mind as much as the wear to the yarn and the sheer buzzkill.

At least, thanks to you, I didn't waste any more energy.

Anonymous said...

I have the Knitted Toys book and it seems to be riddled with errors. Some of the patterns say "refer to chart" and there isn't one. Some of the terms used I have had clarified at Knittinghelp.com. If you can find a corrections list for this book I would be interested in knowing how you got it!!!


lisachristine said...

Thank you so much for posting the errata info!

I am working on the sweater with the star and the striped sleeves and am happy to see that I shouldn't run into any pattern problems.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for your diligence and for posting the corrections. I, too started on the chunky cable sweater and decided something was very wrong bc it did not look right at all. I even got out my knitting patterns book and tried to cross-reference. The first net search I did for corrections brought up an article with a link to your page! Thank you again - btw, did Zoe ever surface??
Twila Colville
State College, PA

Kay said...

Hi Debbie,
I just bought Knitted Toys and was excited cuz it didnt call for circular needles. I am a beginner and at a glance, the patterns looked doable. However, I went to do the fish mobile and all it said was to cast on two then follow the chart. There were no other stitching directions. I thought the charts mostly applied when you are adding colors to a flat surface. Anyway, I have no clue how to knit the fish. It think the format is same for the yellow bird. Can you help? Thanks!

Caryn said...

Thank you! I just started the sweater and was looking at it and noticed something was wrong. I typed in zoe mellor, looking for a web site to get the corrections and I was first led to you! So thanks for doing the dirty work and luckily I just have to take out 1 row - the 6th row! :) you saved me much time and many tears!

tobey said...

Bless you! I have knit and ripped out the first 12 or so rows of this !@#$% Zoe Mellor Chunky Cable Sweater twice, realizing this morning that the pattern was wrong. I was sure that row six was incorrect. Thank you so much for posting the corrections! Rebecca

tobey said...

Bless you! I have knit and ripped out the first 12 or so rows of this d...d Zoe Mellor Chunky Cable Sweater twice, realizing this morning that the pattern was wrong. I was sure that row six was incorrect. Thank you so much for posting the corrections! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

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lenora81 said...

I am wondering if anyone has the errata for 50 Baby Bootiees to Knit by Zoe Mellor? I have been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of months to get this information from the publisher. My new grandchild is now here, and I'd like to use this book before our baby's feet are too big anyway. Also, if you have or know of how to get errata on any of her other books, I am VERY interested. Love the designs, but the books are notoriously in need of corrections.
Thanks for any help.

exiled said...

Thank you for lacy sweater correction, just started, you have saved me oodles of time. What about he neck does it turn out big lile the picture?

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone - this probably come WAY too late, but in case anyone's interested the most up to date corrections for Zoe Mellor Knitting patterns published in the UK by Hamlyn are here: http://www.octopusbooks.co.uk/contact-us/errata/