Friday, February 29, 2008

Delayed Meme

My friend Danielle tagged me a little while ago and while my house was being infested by the "germs", I could not muster the energy to do it.........soooooooooooooo, while I still have very little energy these days, I wanted to do a quick meme.......

Check out her site, she is awsome:)

Ok now, here we go.........

1.) I am a closet hermit........I actually kind of like it when I go through the "hermit spells"

2.) Now no laughing, and YES, I have proof that I do's truly sick...........I vacuum no less then twice a day EVERY day. It is a sick OCD I know LOL and yes, my husband is quite used to it....its kind of a family joke now LOL. I very,very rarely miss doing it unless I am DEATHLY ill. When we leave to go camping, I vacuum right before we go and vacuum as soon as we get in, even before we unpack. I even vacuumed a day after my hysterectomy (my doctor said it was ok because my vacuum is self propelled...well, at least that is what I THOUGHT).

3.) I am a germaphobe

4.) I HATE pizza

5.) I love reading Meme's and doing them. I think they are fun and are a great way to learn more about your "friends"

6.) I can't remember the last time I slept through the night (diabetic and bathroom trips come to mind)

7.)I am a celebrity gossip junkie............I know, sick right?!

Ok now I am supposed to tag 7 more people but I will do this instead............if your reading this, then tag it on your blog.

Ok, on a more serious note......please send good healing vibes our way. Mr. DebbieKnitter's father has suffered a heart attack. He is doing well now and has been released but of course, you can never have to many good vibes. Also, send a few for Mr. DebbieKnitter, it was a bit of a blow for him and of course good vibes are good for him too. But seriously, I have been told a thousand times over that with every crisis, there is a blessing and I am FINALLY starting to believe it.........the blessing in this is, it was caught early, he will eventually be healthier then ever and feeling better too and it makes me even more greatful my own parents quit smoking and take fantastic care of themselves.....and they take good care of me too :)

Until next amongst yourselves and please, use the sani wipes and lysol when ya leave;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sniffle and coughing and puking oh my...........

I am still kickin'............the flu has parked itself at my house and obviously likes it here. It has made its nasty way through twice and left Mr.DebbieKnitter with pink eye in BOTH eyes, that after he started the porcelain God huggin'. Now that it has left our hhumble house with doctors visits, Er's,prescriptions,Pedialyte,popsicles and tissues (oh and on the hunt for one bathroom waste basket that needs need for visuals, TRUST me).

I will be updating soon, until then, chat amongst yourselves ;) and take a look at my new doo.....oh, for those who are afraid to ask.......YES, my hair IS a darker shade, I happen to be a HUGE fan of hair color ;)