Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Public service announcement (sort of a rant too)

Read this first part, feel free to ignore the rest, it is a vent!

Motorcycles are cool..............NOT
Please keep in mind, I have personal issues as to WHY I now feel this way!
If you simply MUST have a motorcycle, for whatever the reason (and trust me, I TRULY understand any and ALL reasoning)....then PLEASE, wear a helmet. They will 97.5% of the time save your life. A helmet prevents your head from cracking on pavement and then your brain, YES, your brain from being splashed on the road. No need for visuals here.
Next, wear protective gear, jacket,goggles,gloves,boots, why you ask, so that IF something DOES happen, you are not the latest stain on the road.

With that said...thank you for the prayers, they worked!
Brad is doing great and Kimmy (his wife) needs a nice vacation ;)
I love you both.

Now for the venting or bitchiness, however you choose to view it ;) The following is just some stuff that has been really on my mind. Things I just can't figure out, or maybe I just don't get it, I dunno. Mr. DebbieKnitter says I need to just ignore these things and/or people and not even consider them/things at all, but sometimes I can't, I think to much.Soooo, I decided to write it all down and maybe someone with far more wisdom can give me the answers ( always have good advice *hint* heehee)

1.) Why are some people selfish and not others? Why do they suck you dry and then never give in return? Not that I am asking, but I have experienced where one or two people in my life have just drained me and then boom, if I need a friend or someone to talk to, ya never hear from them except weeks later
and then it is all about them....never once considering I may wanna chat...

2.) Why do some people ALWAYS think they know it all. By this, I mean, why do some people, even in casual conversation, always have to say things like..if I say "I notice the weather is hotter lately" (pure example) and their response is "Well, no actually, it's not hot, it is worse where I live" I dunno if I am explaining this right, but it's along those lines. I call them "I know it all and you don't" people....drives me nuts.

3.) Why can some people just be so arrogant and so much so, they smear it in your face and everyone Else's?

4.) Why do some people just use others? Even when they know they are using someone, they do it and never even feel bad about it?

5.) Why is it whenever I go to a restaurant, the waitress ALWAYS asks ME if I want diet coke...when it is really Mr. DebbieKnitter that I just look like the type of person who would drink it and not lemonade or tea? (just sayin')

6.) Why do some people insist in a rather insulting way, that they are much smaller in size then you are? Does it really matter? I mean gimme a break, it's insulting to hear it and just irritating.

7.) Why is it that people almost never tell you if you have spinach in between your teeth. THIS really gets me. I mean, they will let you go around smiling and chatting with every Tom,Dick and Harry with it hanging there and never say a word. I want you all to know, I WOULD tell you.

8.) Why do your children wait until the phone rings to start fighting?

9.) Why do some people say things that aren't very nice about their supposed to be friends, then pretend to be nice to them knowing full well they just spent 2 hours making fun of them in a rude the way, in case anyone (and I know ya'll would never do it) DOES do this, trust me, it ALWAYS gets back to the person who was the blunt of it all....kinda like the fart you try and sneak out so nobody hears you but then the smell follows you and EVERYONE knows it was you.

10.) Why is it that Tylenol NEVER goes on sale when you actually HAVE a waits until your fine and then has a fab sale of like 2 for 1.

Ok, I could keep going but I may cause you all to have high blood pressure. Ok, there ya have, some of my major issues right now....with all this said, I am now taking my monsters over to the Ribs Burn Off with my neighbor who is an absolute gem and I adore her. Then I am taking a nap cuz I am cranky (shocking huh lol)

Knit on my friends!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Peter Piper is GONNA pick


Ahh, the rain spurts over the weekend did my 'maders and peppers good!!!

My pepper plants are trying thier best to survive after those pesky beetles goobled on 'em, keep your fingers crossed.

*whispering* I don't care WHAT Miss Priss says, those beetles waged a war in this here house and I am gonna show them what for!!!

I'm REAAAALLLY hoping my peppers survive though. My 'maders are BOOMING on the other hand. Those things are growing like wild fire,see................. aren't they pretty.

Now let's not forget my GORGEOUS yellow squash. Their babies and just starting right now but WOW, those plants wander. I must admit though, the flowers on it were soooo pretty, I was a bit sad to see them go. Only a bit though, I LOVE squash.


ask and ye' shall receive. Here is the Hamsa. I did have to *insert sound effects of your choice* rip,rip,rip twice though, but now that I am on a roll....look at 'er go! That'll teach me to knit late and fall asleep! I am really loving the rhythm of this pattern. I am hoping to finish it by this weekend to wear to church with a really pretty blouse.

Oh, by the way, does anyone know what color of yarn would go with "safety" (inside joke, but it SERIOUSLY IS safety orange) orange? I have a pretty dress and want to make something to accessorize it but once again......dunno what color to use so I am open to suggestions.

*snif,snif,snif* what's that smell??? *snicker* nooooo, not THAT smell....THIS smell........

here ya go, take some and have and make sure you share ok??

oh lookie here, see what cookies drag in, my MONKIES!!!!

Till next time friends, knit on...and back once again upon popular demand, check out this knitting blog, it is AW -SOME. Please, don't forget to leave comments when you stop by, it always makes someone smile when they know people are reading!! P.s. I LOVE that skirt!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Step it up!

Well, FINALLY, I have some knitting content..and cooking too..

I want to get some sock knitting done over the summer. I need to replenish BOTH kids sock drawers as they have shot up a size or two. Leaving behind some very lovely hand knit wool socks to get handed down to other loved ones who will have warm tootsie's.

These are Mr.Mann's Spectator socks, modeled by moi! Such a fun pattern and of course one can NEVER go wrong with Lorna Laces. That is the one tried and true sock yarn around this house besides Briar Rose's Grandma's Blessings. WHICH by the way, if you haven't already checked out Briar Rose's website, PLEASE, do so now ....let's pause for a silent tribute to one of my FAVORITE sites *whispering* now is the time to follow the

ok, back to the regularly scheduled programing;)

Mr.Mann is not 100% sold on the colorway of this particular sock BUT as I told him, GET OVER IT!! They will ALWAYS match something for church. I'm sorry but I am NOT buying anymore yarn and I have done EXCELLENT with not buying any new yarns except once at the Wooster Fiber Fest but it was all for gifts that I have already made and gave away. If you all seen my stash bins, it's a disgrace and with today's faltering economy, time for me to get cheap again. WHICH,by the way, I have no problem doing when I decide to. I have been a bit of a cheapskate this year and even more so the last 4 months or so with gas rising. I just can't justify spending more money on anymore yarn until I use a MAJOR portion of what I got. So there ya have it, my cheapskate story, plus, I am saving up for a new wheel and don't want to blow it on yarn when I can put it towards a precious new item such as a Sacht!

Back to the sock pattern at hand, my goodness, my mind and fingers wanna tell you all so much, it's hard not to stray from one topic to the next. This sock pattern is found at in here shop, also a must pattern. I can crank out a sock in the Spectator pattern in about 4 days, a definite plus when you need a gift in a short amount of time. This pattern can be both masculine AND feminine depending on the yarn weight and colorway you choose. A great way to impress your friends and give them a gift that looks like it took months to do when it was actually, quite speedy to put out.

Ahhhh, my loving Twinnings also another pattern from and can be found in her shop too. I happen to be in LOVE with this particular pattern, so much so that I have made about6 so far to date. I guess you could call me the resident expert on Twinnings:)

I must admit though, this particular Twinnings has stalled a bit, whether it be from boredom or the fact that I know it's for me so I am not pressed for time......I also have fell under the category of using it as a comfort knit lately. I grab it when I want a familiar friend to cuddle up with and share some good time knitting with. At last, I know it's time has come to go to the finish line though and soon it will be done! Till then though, isn't it just ya blame me?? I mean REALLY!

Well, last but certainly not least, I have started on a Little Nothing called Hamas. I am using my own lace weight hand spun in a champagne colorway, merino top...loves it! I wish I could remember where I got this fiber, I would love to spin up some more for a sweater for the wee (sort of) one. I will have pictures of THAT later in the week.

Geesh, all that knitting of course made me hungry so I headed into the kitchen to cute up and saute' some green pepper,red peppers, vadalia onions....mmmmm yummo

then I added some delicious and fresh chopped cilantro and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Add some stewed tomatoes and chicken, cook through until warmed all the way and then
mix with rice..........presto,dinner is served...whose coming over??

"till next time my friends, grab your knitting and call some friends!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame, WHAT, no, the POOL!!

Ok, ok, I KNOW I said I would have some knitting progress to show you but, truth is, I'm a summertime slacker!

We had a busy weekend, first off, Mr.KnitterGuy had tickets to the "Tribe" and for those who know him, ya'll know he is a sports nut!!

Here are him and Mr. Mann eating in the lounge before the game!! YUMMO food is all I can say.
I gots me some handsome men in my house ya'll!!!

Then, I TRIED to get and knit, but they forced me to go to the pool. I couldn't say no....look, Mr.Mann is LOVING it.
Then of course, Ms.Priss got into the mix, what was I to do???

Takin' after her momma I tell far as confessions go, I gotta say, I was BORN to swim. I was in the pool at at a teeny age. Memories of my family swimming at my aunts house every weekend still flood my brain every time I smell chlorine......I digress.....

Well, THAT'S an easy question, I grab a cold one, get my tubey and kick back and get some rays........NEXT post I'll have knitting pics, I PROMISE!!!

Till next time my friends.....knit on!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


(Ok, back to our regular scheduled programming)

WOW, it's been forever and a day hasn't it?! don't answer that ;)

I hope everyone has been well and those who have read here, please stop back often and take a look around. I'm finishing up some neglected UFO's so I can get started on some FUN stuff. I am getting ready to test knit a scarf pattern by Knitspot at and will post progress photo's when I clear it with the designer first. I never know when one is allowed to post a photo of something that isn't yet out. First though, I have to pick a yarn. I am debating between several and hopefully the swatches help me pick out the one!

I will have some knitting photo's soon and more yummy tidbits. Truth is, I haven't been all that holed up in knitting. We have been doing lots and lots of swimming and poor Miss Gracie (the dog) had a vet stay to be gentle about this....fixed! She is a-ok though.

Until next time, view some pics of a family gathering with generations of knitters past, knitters present and of course future knitters ;)

Mr. KnitterGuy's grandma checks out my handiwork and is very pleased I might add. She knit both the little ones their first booties and hats. Sooooo cute I tell ya.

Mr. KnitterGuys Aunty that lives out of state got to meet Miss Priss for the very first time. She wanted to capture as many photo's as she could for memories. They grow up so very,very fast. Here, this whole time we were worried about what Miss Priss would say or do and it was ME that got caught sticking my tongue out!!! That dang Mr. KnitterGuy is gonna get it for that!FINALLY, a perfect place to set Mr.Mann and Miss Priss to keep them occupied.....give them a television and some shows they don't get to see ALL the time and BAM, serenity is mine!!!! Does that make me a bad mom LOL

Awwww, some fun "girly" times with Aunty. A glass of wine, knitting and a camera....aaaa good times, good times ;)

Till next time my friends, knit on and knit fast!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

God Speed my friend

May your time on earth leave a lasting impression on everyone who knew you.

Rick R. Rodak
Born in Canton, Ohio on Jun. 3, 1967Departed on May 26, 2008 and resided in Canton, OH.

Left behind...a beautiful wife, 4 beautiful children. Prayers and love sent out to the Rodak Family during this very difficult time.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Posting soon to follow

after another brief hiatus, I'm back and gathering LOTS of yummy pics and info. Thanks for all the email luv everyone. I missed all of you too:)

Nuttin like my knitting and fiber friends to make me happy...oh and those whose blogs I have been stalking that have been sporting some awsome new shoes on them. I'm gonna gets me some new stompers soon!!!

Now, an important public service announcement....................................


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Sorry folks, no pictures today :( For some unknown mystery, my laptop won't download photo's off the disk right now and I dunno how to fix it and well, Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter is out of town and I'm stuck with a bum disk LOL.

I do have some photo's to share though when it's fixed. Same old "Why is our house a medical mystery" issues goin on here, yet ANOTHER abscessed tooth and now on top of antibiotics and pain medicine, I got steroids too so they are gonna "pump me up" (in my best Arnold Schwartz...voice). Feeling better, just not 100%, I guess I am prone to dental goo too :( Actually, I have had dental problems for YEARS!! Terrible teeth..thanks DAD! See, mom is right, all the good stuff comes from HER SIDE. grrrrrrr

Ok, for the closing, picture it..............10 year old boy, eating yogurt and licking the spoon while talking to mom....

"so, mom, there's no school tomorrow right?"

me= "What, why wouldn't there be"?

boy= "Well, isn't tomorrow a Holiday?"

me="Not unless I am missing something, what Holiday would it be?"

boy= (as serious as a heart attack mind you) "Tomorrow is April Fool's Day, isn't that a Holiday?"

There ya have it, a day in the life of a 10 year old.

Knit on my friends!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

STOP, yarns against the wall's the acrylic snob.............

Lottsa knitting and photos goin' on 'round here ya'll BUT first I want to say something.....

I just wanted to say how much you guys make me smile. I have always kind of just thought maybe 3 or 4 people (plus my mom when I cry about her not reading LOL) read my blog. I have always just been really happy with that too, but the last few days, I have not only received comments but emails from all of you really sweet and caring readers. I don't care how ya find your way here, just that you do. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for emailing. I never thought it would matter if I knew people were reading and they either liked or disliked my knits but IT DOES MATTER. I care about what ya'll think.....and thank you so much for supporting the whole sweatpants theory LOL. We should make some sort of governing law LOL...ok, with that said....more torture for all of you heehee. Pretty photo intensive today ya'll but fun!

let's get started........while flipping through the knew KnitSimple Magazine, Miss Priss and I fell upon THIS :

It's the FlyAway Cardi by Debbie Bliss. Most know I ADORE Debbie Bliss patterns (now that I can read them LOL) and I haven't found a yarn of hers I didn't wanna roll around nekkid in.....sorry for the visual ;) anyways, ya know I have been DETERMINED to not buy yarn unless it is for a project I just CANNOT find yarn for in my stash (which so far, has not come up lol). I really wanna knit down my stash and have been doing a bang-up job. I tend to get anal about things so I know I am taking this to the extreme probably. Anyways, while stash diving for yarn for this, I was in one of my tubs that have some acrylic yarns in it...well, I pulled and pulled and pulled each skein, checking, looking trying to see which one is Miss Priss sweater worthy (not wanting to waste any cashmerino on a little cardi that will only be worn a few times mind you) I would rather use it for an adult project......mainly for ME...heehee. Ok, sorry, I digress, well, each time I pulled one out, my new poochie kept looking more and more horrified until FINALLY she yelped, gagged and sputtered at the entire lot of acrylic....folks, I have been raising an acrylic yarn snob dog!!! PLUS, I am doing a good job at it...........look what she looked like during the final acrylic ball
There ya have it folks, a pure bred yarn snob!! Yup, that's what they look like, all hankered up and everything. So, looks like Miss Priss gets her own way yet again (grin) she gets to have a cashmerino cardi, trust me, she's not complaining. She swears she gets a rash when she LOOKS at acrylic;) Truthfully though, isn't that cardi so cute?! Hopefully I will finish it BEFORE Easter Sunday since it is to wear with her Easter dress. Baring no problems, I should finish it over the weekend when I have longer stretches of knitting time and let's face it, the pattern is EASYYYYY PEAZZZYYYYY which is why I picked it LOL.

Next on the knit F.O's is a gnome hat of of the SOFTEST merino evah!!! I wish I had the ball band cuz it is AWSOME and some cute little fn fur. It's a gift for Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter's buddy at work, well his wife.....I am making matching booties for it but fell in love with the little hat. No pattern, just a piddling in my head (scary I know). They are due in one of the J months (that's how Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter gives due dates) so I wanted to make something that will fit her (it's a girl) for this winter so I made a size for about a six month old. So cute!

Notice the sweet little pom-pom? I am slowly becoming obsessed with pom-poms. I have been tossing the idea of a scarf out of pom-poms UGH!! GAWD I can really have awful taste.
Only thing I am worried about is the fur getting in her little nose and mouth. I am sure mom will watch and keep her safe.

Last on the knits list is Miss Priss's Pepto Bismo socks. I have one done and am NOT loving the toe shaping I did. What do you guys think? I find them just a bit pointy. I am sure I will rip and re-do, I may add some more length. The yarn is a bit thick but I wanted that, they are for the early camping season when your piggies get cold at night. Mr. Mann's are coming up next. His feet grew so I am in need of resizing his pattern. I used a size 2 needle for Miss Priss', maybe a 1 next time, making it a tighter fabric?

Now WHAT on earth are my children up to these days and why is Miss Priss' foot on the funny papers?? Because she has been "crafting"....seeeeee..

She has been making a club house out of an old diaper box, cutting, coloring and gluing for THREE days now........hey, whatever gets us through the days ya know...........makes a mess but sooooooo worth the peace.

She has her puppy supervising for her.....Mr.Mann on the other hand, is fast at school work online, looking up some information on Wikipedia for school...........Now tell me, WHO can resist THAT smile!!!!

One last note..............the website of the week is *drum roll please*...................

Great blog folks, a must see....don't forget to leave her a comment that you were there :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

What a good snow storm can produce.......

My Glee is FINALLY done.....yes, for the very finicky, I do see the few minor errors, BUT, guess what.....they are stayin'! This sweater seemed to take FOREVAH to do. It should NOT have taken me over a month to do, I know that, but with all the crap that has happened since I started it.....well, it's a wonder I got it done in this time span! Between flu and flu and flu and pink eye. Well, I am dang shocked that it didn't get horked on!! The last time I did a sweater in this colorway, I spilled Cocoa Wheats on it, don't ask.

My only major problem with this sweater is the seaming of the neckband thingy. I have a few ideas on what to do differently and I am NOT opposed to ripping it out and redoing it. The other issues I have are not something that I would rip out to re-do due to ill knitting. At first I thought I had made a big error on doing the knit2x2 waist and then adding the little edging, but when I blocked it, I liked it and am happy with it. I just didn't like stopping the bottom with just the 2x2, it looked unfinished to me, now I am happy.

I think I will DEFINITELY knit this again, the next time out of something dark, like black!!!!!

I would have taken a photo while wearing it, but I am a little self conscious right now about some weight thingy I have going on......I am terribly bloated due to some medical stuff going on and there isn't anything I can do about it, but it doesn't make me feel any more secure about it. I would prefer a big sweatshirt and sweats......especially the sweats part since my tummy hurts terribly when I have any pants on.

Now that I think about it, sweatpants should be an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. Why DON'T we wear more of them......why can't they make cuter ones, and more for my age group and even older, instead of ones that are stamped with "SOCIAL CLIMBER or CUTIE" across the butt..........sorry folks, but the LAST thing I wanna do, is parade around drawing attention to my ass with words stamped across them.....ok, well, guess enough said about THIS subject huh!

I'll leave ya'll with this photo, it's me happily showing off my new knit........I know, this picture, YUCKO, but lemme tell ya, if my mum were to see this, she would automatically love it.....why, (cuz she's my mum lol) cuz she would say, Oh, Miss DebbieKnitter, your eyes look so pretty, or she would say, that look, it's the same one you get when your about to do something ornery.......mum's, they're great, our own personal cheerleaders when we feel poopy heehee!!

Well, that's it for now, until next amongst yourselves my friends!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

We interupt this snow storm for yet ANOTHER update

The snow is blowing so hard and coming down so fast, I could barely hold still.
Look out folks, we are STILL getting I am not gonna comment on what I think about hunky Mr.DebbieKnitter (think I may have hit on a new nickname for him, long story ;) } I digress.....anyways, I am not gonna say how silly I PERSONALLY think it is to go out in a BLIZZARD that is NOT gonna stop until after yet ANOTHER 8-10 inches and shovel......I am not gonna comment on how I think it all evolves around it being a "man thing" because as you will see, I took PHOTO PROOF that the men are NOT shoveling.. they are doing......hell, I have NO idea what they are doing....
Ok, is the proof BUT, also, take not at how deep the snow is BEFORE they shovel again and then snow blow.......somehow, this photo reminds me of the Ma & Pa Kettle folks where she has the pitch fork but with shovels ;) You can even see in the above photo that Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter spotted me and started laughing....soooooo busted!
Now they are all business here......yeah right!

Finally, yet another photo of the front of our the way, it's a dang good thing we decided we are ripping out the shrubs as soon as spring comes and re-doing the landscape cuz those suckers are TOAST!!!
Thank you. This has been a public service broadcast message about A LOTTA snow;)

Round and Round, what goes around comes arounnndddddd.....

*sheepish grin* and more snow, and more snow.....shhhhhhh, my kids are the ones who ordered this storm, don't tell Mr. DebbieKnitter!!!!

Annnnddd, look at the MailCarrier, see the mail-carrier driving down the street to deliver all those nasty bills and supplements and junk mail.........
.........noooowwww see the mail-carrier getting stuck and pushed out by the hunky Mr.DebbieKnitter and neighbor man. We should at least get a rebate check or something for THAT good deed!

Well, that's it till tonight I just wanted to update ya'll. Oh, and I'm adding my sleeves onto Glee then the neckline, which I anticipate some trouble with but we'll see.
Ta Ta my dear friends...................if I get snowed in, I hope it is while the kids can still play OUTSIDE!!!!
****Note to Jon, my bestest,dearest,sweetest brother (sorry Mark, but you know how whiney he gets heehee) that your sitting in 70 degree weather today, YOU SUCK!!!! ya ;)

Friday, March 07, 2008

LOOK hands!!!!

Hi kids. Well, well,well, lookie what we have goin' on in Ohio......we have ourselves a good ol' fashion snow storm!!

Seeeee, I took pictures. If you look at the first one REALLY close, you can see my goofy Mr. DebbieKnitter blastin' out the front door. I took another picture without him hangin' out the's hard to see him through the snow.
Notice how the front door is closed here on the porch......LOL you can see my tootsie prints as i walked down the sidewalk to take this picture.
Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to describe the house to ya'll. That big window there is the living room, some people say the "front room" (that cracks me up) . Then the little window to YOUR left is the Dining Room (have NO idea if it has any other names), then there are the upstairs windows...the left is our bedroom, the right is Mr. Mann's room....little Miss Priss is locked in the basement......KIDDING (seriously, if you KNEW her, you would get that joke) and then there is the upstairs potty room, dubbed the "Brown potty"....nooooo, not 'cuz of THAT. It's cuz it's a bathroom all done in brown and cream and silver. Very pretty actually, just not kid appealing.
The downstairs potty room is the aqua one and then there is the "Indians Room" (all done in cleveland Indians and Bamboo plant and the Kitchen and then the basement. All those rooms can't be seen from the front of the house though. So, there ya have it, kind of a Walk With Me Wednesday but on Friday and no walking ;)
I have some knitting to share but will do that later, I'm having to much fun with the snow storm. Who else is getting this storm????
Oopsie, I almost forgot, the answer to the previous post (Thank you Cinnamongirl93) is indeed the Lunar Eclipse. Mr. Mann and Mr. DebbieKnitter (GAWD we need to get him a new name) had sooo much fun taking snap shots of it and they turned out soooo cool!! Geesh, I thought for sure more would answer!!!!
Okay peeps, time for me to be outtie.......until amongst yourselves!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm as cold as ice....willing to sacrifice.......

Anything other then my knitting *grin*...........while the other day with 64 degree temps, I started to have a bit of Spring fever BUT when this ice storm hit yesterday, I gotta say, I was lovin' it. BTW, how many of you remember that song??? Foreigner *sigh* loved it then, hate it now LOL.
It is GORGEOUS when light hits the trees or the fence with ice covering it, makes it sparkle like diamonds. Now with that said, if I would have had to go pick up yarn or needles or anything knitting related, well.....THAT would NOT have made me happy heehee.

I hope it shows in these photos, but see how pretty that is? I just love it. The fence is REALLY cool too. Look at how the drips just froze in mid air almost.

It's funny cuz if you look really close, it sort of looks like that "barbed wire" but it isn't, that is ice frozen before the drips fell!! Soooo cool. Ok, 'nuff of the nature stuff.....wanna look at some knitting?

I am just now picking up my Glee again since the flu fiasco. Ohhhhh how I missed it. I just LOVE the yarn. It's a little heavier then what I expected when it's knitted into fabric, but it is still PERFECT!!

Now I know your probably wondering WHY there is 2x2 that has started shortly after the the mid section...well, I decided to change the bottom to a more flattering look for me. Now mind you, I am NOT saying I don't like the Zephyr's pattern for this, I obviously love it. I have problems with sweaters and such hitting straight at my waist and then just gathering at my hips making a muffin top bubble.....Empire type waists are very flattering on me (not tootin' any horn, just sayin'). It also gives the illusion for ME personally, that my shoulders are smaller then what they actually are. I have a rather large shoulder span for a girl. My whole female side of the family has this issue.

Ok, anyways, I decided to change the waist this way. Now I am still a little up in the air regarding the arms. Part of me wants to do long sleeves in the same 2x2 pattern from the elbow down and the other part of me wants to just do the short sleeve version..............time will tell. What do you all think?

Well, that's pretty much the knitting news, it was a little slow due to that crappy flu that decided to camp out here but things are picking up again:)

Ohhhhh, I almost forgot, Mr. DebbieKnitter and I would like to thank all of you for the emails and well wishes for his father. He is doing great. There is always a silver lining right?!

OMG, I almost forgot THIS too...................I have some REALLY cool pictures that include one of Mr. Mann...........look at his photo and see what we are ACTUALLY taking a picture of...........let's just see how observant some of you are *giggle*..................leave your guess in the comment section. Ready, Set, Go......................

I'll leave the FULL series of photo's that tell EXACTLY what we were up to on my next blog post.

In the tradition that has now started and to my delight, all of you is my blog site for the week:

Don't forget to drop her a little comment to say hi!!! Remember, blogger courtesy says it's fun to get a comment on your blog!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Delayed Meme

My friend Danielle tagged me a little while ago and while my house was being infested by the "germs", I could not muster the energy to do it.........soooooooooooooo, while I still have very little energy these days, I wanted to do a quick meme.......

Check out her site, she is awsome:)

Ok now, here we go.........

1.) I am a closet hermit........I actually kind of like it when I go through the "hermit spells"

2.) Now no laughing, and YES, I have proof that I do's truly sick...........I vacuum no less then twice a day EVERY day. It is a sick OCD I know LOL and yes, my husband is quite used to it....its kind of a family joke now LOL. I very,very rarely miss doing it unless I am DEATHLY ill. When we leave to go camping, I vacuum right before we go and vacuum as soon as we get in, even before we unpack. I even vacuumed a day after my hysterectomy (my doctor said it was ok because my vacuum is self propelled...well, at least that is what I THOUGHT).

3.) I am a germaphobe

4.) I HATE pizza

5.) I love reading Meme's and doing them. I think they are fun and are a great way to learn more about your "friends"

6.) I can't remember the last time I slept through the night (diabetic and bathroom trips come to mind)

7.)I am a celebrity gossip junkie............I know, sick right?!

Ok now I am supposed to tag 7 more people but I will do this instead............if your reading this, then tag it on your blog.

Ok, on a more serious note......please send good healing vibes our way. Mr. DebbieKnitter's father has suffered a heart attack. He is doing well now and has been released but of course, you can never have to many good vibes. Also, send a few for Mr. DebbieKnitter, it was a bit of a blow for him and of course good vibes are good for him too. But seriously, I have been told a thousand times over that with every crisis, there is a blessing and I am FINALLY starting to believe it.........the blessing in this is, it was caught early, he will eventually be healthier then ever and feeling better too and it makes me even more greatful my own parents quit smoking and take fantastic care of themselves.....and they take good care of me too :)

Until next amongst yourselves and please, use the sani wipes and lysol when ya leave;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sniffle and coughing and puking oh my...........

I am still kickin'............the flu has parked itself at my house and obviously likes it here. It has made its nasty way through twice and left Mr.DebbieKnitter with pink eye in BOTH eyes, that after he started the porcelain God huggin'. Now that it has left our hhumble house with doctors visits, Er's,prescriptions,Pedialyte,popsicles and tissues (oh and on the hunt for one bathroom waste basket that needs need for visuals, TRUST me).

I will be updating soon, until then, chat amongst yourselves ;) and take a look at my new doo.....oh, for those who are afraid to ask.......YES, my hair IS a darker shade, I happen to be a HUGE fan of hair color ;)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm GLEEFULLY working on GLEE!!!

Ughhhhh, can that get ANY cheesier......of course it can ;) Oh my gosh, I LOVE this pattern. It is so fun and so cute. It is GLEE from at Zephyr Girls... I have several of their patterns now (which I will be knitting from over the course of the next few months). I can honestly say I adore all of them! This is the front of the Glee, which is cleverly done might I add. I love the front and how they knit it. Just genious I tell ya.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss wool/cotton. Nice yarn folks, what can I say about this that I haven't said about her yarns before. Ya gotta try it. Knits smooth, holds shape while knitting, I'll post more on the wear and tear of course after making and wearing it. I LOVE the increases at the shoulders, FABULOUSSSS.
The pattern can be purchased at :

Seriously ya'll, ya know how I am with patterns, if it's good, dang it, it's good!!! I HIGHLY recommend you check this site out and try one pattern, you'll be hooked. I can't wait to finish this and show you!

Moving on......sorry, that's kind of all I got on knitting, I am kind of hell-bent on this sweater;) The spinning side is still finishing up the previous post about the fiber, I should have some nice pics this weekend! Stay tuned.

Okie Dokie, what's equally as fun as knitting/spinning? EATING!!

mmmmm, feast your eyes on THIS!! Red Pepper,Yellow Pepper, Orange Pepper and Zucchini. YUMMO, all sauted' in some yummy goodness and plopped over rice!

For dessert..... BAMM!

Cranberry/Orange muffins....AND....they are GLUTEN FREE BoooooYaaaa Baby!!

Yup, I have a WHOLE house full of Celiacs but we eat good ya'll, dang good heehee! I always laugh when people say to me, "How do you get Mr. Mann and Miss Priss to eat veggies like that?" My answer has been and always will be full of such confusion LOL. They are 9 & 4, whaddya MEAN how do I get them to eat it......Simple, I COOK IT, they EAT it. When they can cook dinners and clean up, then hey, we'll talk, till then, ya eat what's made. No resteraunt ordering here at Che' DebbieKnitter House!

' Sides ya'll, when ya got a Miss Priss who INSISTS on putting bandaids on all over her head, what do ya THINK she's gonna eat?

I tell Mr. HubbyKnitter, it's a damn good thing she's cute cuz, well, what the HELL!!

Mr. Mann and Miss Priss (plus mommy and daddy) have picked up a fun activity together lately......wanna guess?? It's not fiber oriented (dang it) and it is EVERY adults childhood love.....can't guess??

How about now? Or now????

Yup, it's coloring. I personally, ADORE coloring...WHAT, it's better then SOME things ;) I remember when I was pregnant with Mr. Mann, I colored ALL the time and then when I was pregnant with Miss Priss, at the end of the pregnancy, I was not able to move around and needed to kind of stay put (bed rest sort of) so I colored with Mr. Mann. Probably more then HE would have liked because I always bugged him LOL.

Well, that's what we've been up to, how about you??

It's time for the website of the week (SUSAN, this one is just for you)

My very good friend Susan likes this so much, I thought I would tie up her ENTIRE evening with TWO, count 'em, TWO sites!!

and this next is not knitting related but oh so cool!!

There ya have it.until then ya'll..........Knit fast, Knit on and then ship it off to me!