Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Puppet Master ;)

And there they are. We have several of them I know LOL We have an elephant, tweety bird,Winnie the Pooh, 2 monkies,Barney,a cute bunny, Tigger a puppy, Santa, Piglet, lady bug, dolphin, Ali the aligator.....and I think that pretty much clears it up. I dunno which are my favorites. Believe it or not, the kids favorites are NOT Winnie the Pooh LOL. I thought it would be but nope! THIS is the hat from Mission Falls that I was knitting up again. I love this pattern, it is soooo fun. It's easy and it can be memorized easy but the results are nice:)
I am sure some of you out there could knit it up in a day because it is so easy but I am kind of slow and it takes me a few days of continual kniting but even at that, I think that is pretty fast for a knitted item. I now have a few cotton hats I am gonna be knitting from that book Itty Bitty hats, although the original hat I was going to make from there that turned out to be a bust! After I started knitting the brim and REALLY looking at the pattern, it just wasn't practical for a 3 year old no matter how cute it APPEARED to look at first glance.

I am now starting to SEE patterns and problems, albeit a little slower than I'd like LOL. Oh, as with anything, practice makes perfect.....and gives you a darn good stash ;)

Happy knitting and snow-playing!!!


Danielle said...

The hat you made your daughter is cute, the pattern for the hat I made to cover up my bedhead is called the Warm Thoughts Hat by Laura Andersson.
You said that you're gonna be working on some itty bitty hat patterns next, right? Have you ever checked out the blue blog? She has knit alot of hats from the itty bitty book for her baby that's due really soon. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

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