Friday, September 22, 2006


Here is eye candy!!! The descriptions are on the previous post...ain't they purdy????

My favorite flirty skirty!!!

Sooooooooooooo many days, Sooooooo little posts..........

What have I been up to...well, I'll SHOW you in one second...*drum roll please*

See, my mom even has to take care of me as an adult too hee hee. Now, remember, this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing photograph of us either!!!!
Well, to make a long story fighting, cat under feet, carrying to many things in my arms and then trying to run= falling and catching my foot under french doors and twisting it breaking it in 8 different places! At least when I do it, I do it right!

The bad part is I have been unable to spin, which is killing me, the last thing I spun was this...........

That gorgeous fiber is a romney blend from Spin Blessings. Sheer heaven I tell ya, sheer heaven*sigh*

Since I have been going through spinning with-draw and in my last ditch futile attempts at driving my family nutso, I have been knitting like a mad woman..wanna see on what???? C.mon, you know I'm gonna do it anyways....
Ok, here goes some Friday afternoon yarn porn for mother, not THAT kind of porn, it's what we call pretty yarns or knitted garments and such *snicker* good grief, get your mind out of the gutter woman!!!!

Ok, the black and grey is a sweater for Monkey Boy out of Clever Knits. It's a pretty good pattern and is fairly easy to follow. I did however, misread the pattern for the 3 needle bind off but that's fairly easy to fix. the yarn is Plymought Galway chunky, I kinda like it. It isn't my favorite but it is making a nice kids garment. I'm curious as to how it will care and hold up.

The red is a lace little dress for Monkey girl and her newly formed potty mouth..hey,I gotta do SOMETHING to draw attention away from her longshoreman mouth! The yarn that has tongues wagiing is from the FANTASTIC yarn supplier FEARLESS FIBERS!!! It is 100% merino wool in DK weight and I LOVE it! She is the best at dying and has the most luxurious yarns and her cashmere....uhhhhh it's to DIE for darling!!!Last but certainly not least, bringing up the rear *smirk, that's funny* is a really jaunty little skirt I have been itching to make and I had the PERFECT yarn I wanted to use. Bomell, it's 50-50 wool and cotton blend. oretty nice to work with but I had to go up a needle size to snag the gauge for it (Yes, I most certainly do a test gauge....once bitten twice shy my friend) Anyways, it made the fabric appear looser so I have had this idea running through my head for weeks now...the fact that the fabric was loose made this a perfect opportunity to do it. I have been thinking of a nice skirt, maybe an open type knit work of some sort, I wanted to purchase a pretty and dainty little slip in charcoal or black with a soft lace and have it peep through the open work in the skirt AND have the little lace edging, maybe a 1/2 inch or less just slightly hang from the bottom of the skirt. What's the worst that can happen, I don't like it and I know not to do it again right!!!Well I'll be...this stupid blogger isn't posting photos for me AGAIN so I'll end this post and just do the phots above it :) more than one way to skin a cat!