Saturday, December 16, 2006

A perfect solution for me!!!!

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Last night I was chatting with my good friend and blabbling about "oh, I have to much yarn, it's ridiculous, I need to use it up, I WANT to use it up or at least make an attempt at it". This is a conversation Anne and I have had several times lately. Being the friend she is, she would respond by saying things like "yeah, I know" or " you actually USE the yarn you buy for the most part" or my personal favorite " I agree, you should go on a yarn diet.....hey, did you know that Fearless Fibers has a new colorway OR Briar Rose is having a sale or has more yarn posted" LOL....during those times, I can't tell you EXACTLY what occurs inside my brain but I can tell you that things go dark, I see sparkles and hear odd sounds and then, before I know it, I am hauling boxes in from the UPS guy *G*
Well, this is JUST what the doctor ordered!!! It isn't so restrictive that it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to follow yet the rules are pretty clear cut!!! I am actually excited about this. I also am the type of person that when I decide somehting, I have TREMENDOUS willpower to do it! I say we ALL should give it a whirl....c'mon gals and guys...let's make our spouses and significant others happy....(and shocked) and let's KNIT FROM OUR STASH!!!! This is gonna be fun!!!

Follow this link for rules and regulations

Happy Knitting peeps!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hmmm, whose been naughty and whose been nice???

Ok folks, this is what has been occupying my time lately, plus a few other things that I can't post for obvious reasons (gifts for the 2 people who actually might READ my blog hahaha---hi hun, sorry about the boot to the head last night during your snoring lapse....whole 'nother post in its own haha) Anyways, the first scarf is the "Infamous" MultiDirectional Scarf. It came out lovely and soooo soft. The yarn is YUMMY!!! It is from Briar Rose Fibers (hahaha that cracks me up that I can link like that LOL) Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend her yarn. I know I can tend to be overly picky with yarn BUT I was taught to be that way by the best . I mean, she's right, quality is non-replaceable....or something like that LOL. I have my set favorites ...but who doesn't ya know.( Is my other obsession. Anyways, the multidirectional is the Heritage. 100% wool and LOVELY. It is quickly becoming a personal favorite....although I have some EartSong and some Abundance sitting here starring at me LOL.

The next is the socks, I finished one and am moving onto the other foot, these are moving slow for some reason...hmmm, just a basic 2x2 ribbing 64 sts. The yarn is the Fortissima glitter. I like knitting with it alot for gifts, its fun. size 2 needles and the leg is about 5 1/2 inches for a size 8 1/2 foot....The circle Beauties are COASTERS!!!! I have been trying to think of things to make for people that I didn't want to invest a TON of time and more money on but still could give them something handmade to show I care and was thinking about them, plus a few stocking stuffers as well....anyways, I went surfing and found a pattern for these coatsers at and they are soooooooooo cool!! The lighter color is the Himilayian recycled woo/silk blend. I only made one of those to start to make sure they felted well before I invested a boat load of time....I have some handspun in the washer right now..woot woot!! Those were LOTS of fun to make. I made some for my landlords and for a friend of my moms and a stocking stuffer for some others.....they are really cool. The darker red is Galway, it ALWAYS felts like a dream, no stitch definition left, just awsome, I love to felt with that stuff!

Then last but not personal favorite.....the first of the cabled mitts is done. I LOVE them. The pattern can be found at
I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who likes mitts. It's a fun pattern and soooooooooo pretty in the end!!

Ok, well, that's it for now...happy knitting folks.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'Tis the season for gift knitting!!

Okie Dokie folks, here is ALOT of knitting pics and projects. The first little number is for Miss Monkey!!! She is sporting a partial number from the book for Babies from Plymouth. It is the lace long sleeve dress I have been working on for awhile. I just love this dress. So far, it is my favorite. The yarn is DK weight Christmas Red specialy dyed from Fearless Fibers!! The BEST!!! It is the 100% superwash merino. I really like it. I need to do the sleeves and attatch them and then seam it up the center, add the silk ribbon and viola!! It goes into her stocking for Christmas!!
This next gorgeous merino is the merino from MoreHouse, I love it. The cabled scarf is coming along nicely, the pattern is from The Vogue Book of Scarf's. I have a feeling, this will be a VERY loved gift ;)

This next lovely is a Christmas sock that is turning out great! I am using Fortissma and it is the one with the glitter (I forget the name) but It is just a plain 2x2 ribbing and is great. Plain and simple, that's what I'm talking about.

Ok, now the best for last. This is a fingerless mitt with a cable design in the center that is speciafically designed to fit a glove heehee.....This is of course an orginal design by the one and only Anne at (ohhh lookie, I did it, I linked hahaha). I am telling ya'll her patterns are the bomb. I truly feel that as far as lace knitting, there is no better. She has a catalog at the left of her site, I STRONGLY recommend clicking it and going through it. ALL of her knits would make LOVELY gifts and they are WONDERFUL to knit. I warn you though, once you use her patterns, you will be spoiled for all others. This yarn is Koigu black. I LOVE it!!! I can't WAIT till it's done. So, there ya have it!! I hope all is going well you and yours. Happy Knitting everyone and please, stop by you will be awe struck I promise.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Today is World Aids Day........

I shouldn't have to say anymore than this but as we all know...the United States has a neat and tidy way of sweeping things that are "messy" under the rug and forgetting about it...I'm sure if you look around and see how many people NOW are actually sporting American Flags like they were the first year after 9/11 it is under HALF now. Shameful if you ask me.

We're 25 or so years into the disease and we have no vaccine, no cure and for people who cannot afford it and have no insurance to speak of...there is no treatment for them. We need funding. We need resources to be available to EVERYONE rich,poor,black,white,gay,straight,IV drug users, non drug users, innocent babies born into it. We should not loose anymore people to this disease, this is an outrage and a disgrace. We should help other countries without question as well as our own. This is an excellent site to read and inform yourself. Become educated, help others to become educated and don't stop until there is no more evidence of this horrible disease.

I don't know anyone personally who has been tormented with this terrible disease, I never want to know anyone either. I want to make sure that NOBODY is EVER inflicted and I know it is up to US to stop it!!! Show you care, you would if it were your family!