Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Continuation of photos!!

The Mantle...............and a few other odds and ends heehee and of course the stairs along with the crooked bow..due to children running up and down the stairs running their hands up and down it..poor thing doesn't stand a chance!! and now onto mitts,mitts and more mitts: Arean't these so cool?! They are made out of Lion and Lamb Lorna Laces and the colorway is called Vera, loooooooooooves them!!! The pink is out of Galway Victorian pink and Blue, with squiggle as an accent...yup, those are for a young girl! I am almost done with the gift mitts so hopefully I can concentrate on the rest...the only bad thing about the pink and blue is when I photographed it, my sister in law was wearing it and she stretched it out into a funny look, it looks kind of crooked but it isn't, she just was to big for it plus she didn't straighten it on her wrist but oh well, you get the idea!!! So there ya have it..photos and all...........There is more than one way to skin a blogger that won't post all the photos!!!

OMG an elf threw up!!!

Ok,ok, ok, I know, it's not THAT bad...but trust me, the decoration thingy at my house is ALMOST that bad. We have decorations EVERYWHERE and THAT is what has taken up alot of our time the past few days...other than a sick little Miss Monkey who is feeling better now.

We had my cousin's daughter over and she just adores Mikaela and of course, little Miss Monkey adores her. She kept her occupied while I caught my breath, and lemme tell you.....how sweet it is to have someone else play Hungry,Hungry Hippo . They were so cute. It's funny watching older kids who SWEAR they don't like BABY TOYS but then when the little ones pull out the games, all that FLIES out the window!!! This is the Tween that I made the shrug for for Christmas....shhhh, it's a secret. Don't worry, she doesn't read this heehee.

Anyways, I also gave King 1 the duty of untangling the lights *crackin' up* now trust me...it isn't as bad as it looks because we have this sick anal obsession on making sure they are placed neatly away when we are done. That happened after the first 2 or 3 years of our marriage when he got sick of TRULY untangling the lights but he posed for a fun picture anyways.

Isn't he cute LOL. Poor guy, he gets all the grunt work;) BUT, lookie at how purdy the end result is :

It looks a little bit like it got lost in the sea of toys but hey, that's what happens when you have kids and you ACTUALLY LIVE in your home!! (more on that later)

Ok, so there is the tree...it's a;; red,white and silver. I think it's pretty and Christmas happens to be one of my favorite of all times. I love to decorate until there isn't one more inch of house left, I love the cold weather, I love the early evenings, the cute Christmas shows, the comfort cooking, the heavy sweaters.....oh, and my dearest friend, bless her heart, she is probably worried I will resort to wearing my husbands sweatshirts again, she broke me of that last season LOL. She is a gem and if ya'll haven't been to her site, go please, she is amazing inside and out. I will try and figure out how to link her but I have no clue how and she is way to busy to read my blog so she can't help either :( She found it once but I think it was not because she was actually looking to read it LOL. Oh well, this is fun to do anyways, even if nobody reads it LOL.

Ok, now onto the decorating business again......I did the mantle AND the stairs but blogger won't post them...prick!! Oh well, of course dear hubby will be here to help me and then fix the mess I make heehee. Have no fear people, I will get the hang of it sooner or later. Oh, and you can bet I have also been knitting...more and more mitts. I am almost done too, I can't WAIT!!

Well all, until later, tata and remember, if it is stiff and prickly in your hands, it will be stiff and prickly on your needles ;) get your mind out of the gutter people!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! I LOVE the holidays and this time of year. I love the coziness, the comfort foods and getting together with my family and friends. I am so excited, I LOVE cooking for the holidays and Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITES!! I will be starting the shindig beginnings this afternoon WOOT WOOT, then my house will smell heavenly all day and all night!!

I have also been pretty busy making the fingerless mitts for people...here are some of the ones that have occupied my time ::::the one on the right is for a man, my husband is showing it off for me. It is knitted out of 100% merino and is sooooooooooo soft. I LOVE it. The one on the right is out of the Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks and I added some cute fun fur. I like the Wool of the Andes but to be honest, I haven't worked as much with that as I have say Lorna Laces or Briar Rose. It will be hard to beat Briar Rose and when I don't have enough of my own handspun, then I usually turn to that first then if it doesn't suit the project, I go hunting elsewhere. These next two beauties are also gorgeous. The one on the right is out of the ever classic Noro Silk Garden with a little novelty yarn added for glitz and glam LOL. The recipient is a hugh school gal so ya know......the one on the right is soooooooooo soft, it's like butta I tell ya!! It is out of Cherry Tree Hill Possum!! I know, I am NOT a fan of Cherry Tree Hill, not for any particular reason mind you, it's just not my cup of tea but this possum of theirs OOOHHHLALA!!! I believe they no longer carry it and that's a shame, it is AWSOME and so soft! I actually have enough left to make myself a pair out of this and that is exactly what I am gonna do. The remainder goes into my covetted stash that I use for making things for myself. I only have like 3 hanks of yarn in it LOL 2 of which are handspun LOL.

Well, there ya have it. That's what's been occupying my time...well, that and taking care of my two gobblers LOL which blogger won't let me post a picture of UGH, Blogger drives me nuts!! Sometimes it will post, others nope, no dice!! Anyways...Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks for reading !!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ahhh, the day after!!!

Well, looks like we made it through another birthday!! None the worse for wear either. Miss Mikaela was not at all thrilled with the lights going out for her candle blowing, to say the least!! You can't see the candles in the photo but it is a chocolate cake with a number 3 and then 3 seperate candles with it.

Then the present parade started..ok, maybe not a present parade, just a few gifts. She isn't having a "party" this year. We do parties every other year and as it works out, when one ISN'T due for their party, the other IS!! This was her Cabbage Patch Color Changer doll. I picked it cuz her name is Mikaela (spelled different) and her birthday is close to our Mikaela's and I just thought it was neat. She really liked it and she LOVED her SpongeBob pillow from her brother. SpongeBob rocks LOL.
A good time was had by all!! Of course I think Daddy was having more fun than the kids LOL. The thingy on his face is a Barbie Radio and microphone that you can hook up and sing in...yeah, like he needs THAT LOL. I prefer the princess hat he is wearing but hey, what can I say. I think I need to get my husband a hobby...I'm just sayin'..................

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It seems like just yesterday

.......That my sweet (ok, not ALL the time) little girl was born. I remember exactly what I was doing at this time when she was born, this very moment. I was "waiting" with my husband in the hospital while he was watching the sports catching up on Ohio State. I was so excited I couldn't stand it. Every time the nurse came in I would laugh and say "Well, I think she is gonna stay in there until she graduates"...but seriously, that last ultra-sound they did, I SWEAR I saw her diploma in her hand, she had NO intentions of leaving her little home!!LOL

Now here we are 3 yars later, she is so beautiful and full of life. I hope life has nothing but the best in store for her. I can see her personality already. She is spirited and dependent, no man will need to take care of HER, unless she WANTS them to. She has that same spark in her eyes as her brother, that one that says "Have no fear, I can handle it". She is also tender and sweet and inquisitive and curious all rolled into one. She is also her daddy's girl!
As you can see........But she is also mommy's little "Sismo-Pismo" LOL .

Happy Birthday Little Mikaela. Your so beautiful and you amaze me more and more every day. I hope you always have the very best that life has to offer you and I hope you never see the world with jaded eyes, I hope you always smile when your feeling silly and you giggle when your having fun. I hope you are just as close with Mason in 20 years as you are today just as I am with my brothers.

Happy Day baby girl!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Here I go 'round the fiber land, fiber land,fiber land!!!

Good grief I love knitting ..............spinning, ANYTHING fiber related. I just adore it, can't get enough of it. You get the idea!

This is what has been occupying my time:
The fingerless gloves are the latest craze around here, everyone has them, wears them or wants them and I just think these are so darn cute that I am making some more for myself!!
The scarf and gloves are made out of the infamous NORO. I am really diggin' the Silk Garden, no knots, very little veg matter in it, all around groovy. Let's face it, not to many yarns can give the same color display. You know what I mean, admit it! It's groovy!
Who can resist the multidirectional scarf and mitts made out of NORO as a STUNNING and yet ever so functional gift right?! I know the recipient of this little number will just love it.I know I put alot of effort into it and I know I am proud to give it ya know.

The cabled scarf is also a gift but I doubt that person ever reads this blog heehee. It is out of a yarn from Moorehouse Merino....YUMMY stuff I tell ya. A friend of mine went to the store and she knew I would love this so she got this and some purples and pinks for me. Such a great friend. I LOVE them. It knits like "Butta" and is as soft as...well....you know............. The cables aren't as BOLD and PROMINENT as I wanted them, but they are stunning none the less. The scarf pattern is from VOGUE KNITTING book of scarfs. It's very manly dontcha think?!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mother Nature must have cramps..

How else should I explain the crappy weather she is dishing out to us. I sure wish she would make up her mind ya know!!!! Yesterday was blustery and cold, today started out with sunshine and then turned to cold gloom :(

After school, the kids were getting antsy, which usually happens this time of year. the weather is unreliable and not really in any good shape for them to go out and play. It's still incredibly muddy from the day before and geesh, all their favoirte dirt spots have turned to muck...what's a kid to do........well....lemme TELL ya what they are to do (with help from mom of course)

Remember these..............I used to love "forts". They were so fun and just PERFECT for a crappy ol' weather day!! Yup, they LOVE it!! They even have a password.....traitors, won't even share it with mom!!! Oh well....maybe I can get some knitters peace now LOL Doubt it!