Thursday, February 22, 2007

pictures here,pictures there, pictures EVERYWHERE!!!

There is the latest hat I made from the Itty Bitty Hat Book by Susan B Anderson!!!!! Loovvveesss it!! My friend told me to check for pattern corrections before making any though and she is right. If you google it , a page will pop up and you can just print it out and staple it to your book so you have them right there. There aren't very many and they are nothing to drastic but there ARE some. It is REALLY easy to find them though. The ones I am having a hard time locating are the 2 books by Zoe Mellor that I just got. I want to google and see if there are any corrections BEFORE I start to knit any of the patterns and I have tried and tried to google to find a website and can't for the life of me...If ANYONE has any suggestions on how to do this or where to go, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know.

Nowwwwww onto the 2 new items that popped into our house yesterday!!! The pink and purple trike is of course Mikaela's but Mason, who has been waiting so patiently FINALLY picked up his scooter and he LOVES it! You should have seen it, he was sooooo thrilled.He actually did REALLY good on it, I thought for sure he would be breaking his neck with-in the first 5 minutes but nope, he'll go at least 5 hours *wink* nahhhhh, he was really good at it. I am happy he likes it. Happy Birthday Mason, I love you.

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anne said...

OMG; the hat and the tricycle are SO cute! now that flower hat actually MATCHES the trike!
and mason's scooter is WAY sick (that's good, kim tells me)