Friday, February 23, 2007

I am SO Upset

What a perfect place to let it be known. I purchased TWO BOOKS BY Zoe Mellor. I believe if you scroll down my blog an entry or two, you'll see the titles BUT here they are none the less.....

Knitted Toys 25 fresh and fabulous designs
Adorable Knits for Tots 25 stylish designs for babies and toddlers.

Well, this will be the LAST time I buy ANY book that I have not been able to research online and locate any website or place to go for pattern corrections. This is such poor customer relations that I can't even begin to word what I truly think. I find as a consumer that I should have a right to be able to have a location or at least a phone number to be able to call to locate SOMEONE who knows what the HECK they are doing when it comes to items THEY are either publishing, selling, stocking,promoting, WHATEVER you wanna call it.......BUT lemme first say that I also feel VERY strongly that as a PATTERN WRITER/Designer, whatever you wanna call it. YOU have an obligation to ME to make sure that your pattern is accurate and correct. THIS is your job and you need to make sure you have delegated out enough test knitters,crotcheters,sewers,ect. for each and EVERY pattern you so call design.

THIS IS YOUR JOB. I am PAYING you for your service, I DEMAND top knotch quality for my money. If I sound angry, I AM!!! This has happened to me repeatedly regarding books and patterns and I am dangerously close to just tossing it all to the wind. I am sick of it. I am a bit of a novice knitter to start with so I understand that many times the mistakes fall on my abilities in either pattern reading or in my abilities in my craft of choice, this case, knitting...BUT come ON people, mistakes from YOUR end is just not acceptable. I'm sorry, but it just isn't. You either need to get new knitters/crotcheters,sewers or whatever or MORE so you can have several people doing the same pattern cuz lemme tell ya somethin' ya'll, it JUST is NOT working the way your doing it NOW.

I am TRYING to find out how to get the TRUE pattern corrections for her book because the error is NOT on my part, and no, it is NOT a typo either. I am not unreasonable, I even understand typos but these are just darn ERRORS that I am fired up about. THEY ARE WRONG DIRECTIONS or, my personal favorite, they are MISSING COMPLETELY, what, am I supposed to just use my imagination cuz THAT is just dangerous ya'll.

I have contacted the publishing of the Adorable Knits book and have spoke to a Chris and he was SUPPOSED to send me the sheet that contains those corrections.....THAT was over an hour ago and I am STILL waiting on my "IMMEDIATE EMAIL". I will keep you posted on that as well. I have not found ANY info on the Knitted Toy book though and am pretty much ready to return the book for my money back.

This is not only to Zoe Mellor.....but ALL designers, what a shame this occurs. Zoe, your patterns are just adorable but how the heck can I knit them correctly when you have no accessible (and believe me, I am a very resourceful gal, I KNOW how to look) for someone to get the CORRECTIONS. I am saddened that this doesn't seem to be a top priority. This should be your first concern, other than making sue there ARE no errors but hey, it's an imperfect world right. I for one, have refused to purchase several designers patterns no matter how cute they are for this very reason, looks like I have more to add to my list!!! If I run out of patterns, then I'll switch crafts to one that DOES have the consumer at heart!

Ok, now with that said, thanks!!


Danielle said...

Oh I do hope things work out and you do get your corrections, because you sure sound put out girlfriend! People better watch out for flying knitting needles, we don't wanna read any news headlines about a crazed knitter! I'm pretty sure I've looked at two of those books before, and the patterns are soooo cute in them. I like your new lap top, shiney. The kids should be mighty happy with there new transportation too! And you just keep cranking out those itty bitty hats, they look great!

Anonymous said...

Hi -
Thank you for your comment regarding my son's pottery. That has been his passion for about 4 years. I will share your comment with him. I love the cute hats! I can appreciate your upset with customer service (lack of). I have been pleasantly surprised by the care some knitters give their customers. I hope this is resolved to your satisfaction.
Punkin at Needle to Needle