Friday, February 02, 2007

Tea for Two, me and you la de da la de da...

Yes, you guessed it, my latest addiction LOL. Those who know me, know I am a HUGE Pepsi addict. It is sooo bad (which truthfully, this next statement is no different than what coffe drinkers do) that I would get up and IMMEDIATELY have a Pepsi before functioning. Well, not only because it is just soo unhealthy and honestly, the Pepsi is the only unhealthy thing I eat or drink, I also need to replace it for medical issues soooo after chatting with my friends and shopping I picked TEA!!! I had originally bought the Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice Spice and the Celestial Seasonings Rasberry Zinger BUT one of my girlfriends brought me a BIG ol' stash she had of all kinds, from calming and tummy digestive to sleepytime. She likes green teas too and had several different kinds, she said her absolute FAVORITE and the BEST (her opinion LOL) is the top tea called STASH. She bought me a seperate box because she didn't have any to part with LOL. It's funny because Mikaela LOVES it too and now everytime I have a cup of tea, so does she. Her pediatrician said its really good for her just don't put sugar in it which I don't because she HATES sugar LOL. Anyways, I must say, it is VERY relaxing, it smells WONDERFUL and is delicious too. I am VERY happy I have switched drinks from bad to good:) I bet tea won't clean a penny with its acid LOL. So, c'mon over ya'll, have a cup o' tea and we'll sit a spell and chat!

Ok, Now onto knitting heehee!

Isn't he adorable, this is Mason and his brand new hat. He LOVES it. He picked out the color and off I went. He now wants a SAPHIRE color of the same style. The saphire seems to be his latest color craze (he goes in stages) so I promised him I would get right on it but it would be made out of Mission Falls which ya'll KNOW I love!! This is the Seaman's Hat, from the needle beetle. She has some really cute patterns and this was a free one AND it actually worked up nicely and the pattern is written nicely. Here is the link to it. I highly recommend it.
The yarn I used in this one is Encore worsted weight with size 8 needles because I am a REALLY tight knitter. I do think I am going to drop down to a size 7 though and make the size medium. The kids sizes are both smalls. . The hat was such a hit, Mikaela HAD to have one too and to keep blood-shed from occuring, I knit her one up too with the left-over yarn I had (you only will use about a 1/2 of a skein) They are both the size small and the same needle size!

Okie dokie, now the Bolero progress. I have the back almost done, it needs to be knit to 10" and the arm shaping worked up nicely.I tried to hold it out to show you but I could hold both sides and take the picture at the same time ;) It really looks nice. I am pleasantly surprised with the yarn, it is the Debbie Bliss Casmerino, yes,yes,yes I know all the hub bub about the cashmere content but truthfully, I don't care. It is really knitting nicely, is fun to work with, shows beautiful stitch definition and hopefully wears well. My kids are not hard on their clothes so that isn't really an issue for me. So far, I will most definetly use this yarn again. I don't like the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and when I bought that, I had also bought this, enough to make a garment (7) skeins. Well, after the Aran, I just kind of put this away in the bottom of my stash bucket too and since I have been knitting from my stash, well, I stumbled across this and showed it to the Princess, she loved it so I decided to use it up, there ya have it LOL. I am really glad I did too:)
Ya know......I am truly happy I have decided to do the "knit with your stash" challenge. I have not purchased any yarn since...hmmmmm.....well, right before Christmas. I am not FORCING myself to do it and I think THAT'S the key here. For some reason, when I try and force it, I fall right off that yarn wagon but I haven't forced it.

The only thing I AM buying is some of that OH MY yarn from Plymouth, I am making a teddy bear for my daughter out of it, it is so cute and soft. I just ordered it and am waiting on it to come in...hold the phone here you say, you JUST bought yarn, wellllll, I ALSO sold yarn that was in my stash and used that money for it so I am not actually breaking my rules. I didn't spend any other money excpet what came from my yarn sale. A gal I know on one of the lists I am on was in the middle of making her daughter a cute sweater out of Lorna Laces sock yarn and she was shy some skeins and well, I had the same colorway and was not using it right at that moment,so she asked if we could trade. I do like trading but she didn't have any yarn or needles that I wanted so she just offered to buy it and I agreed. Normally, I wouldn't part with my Lorna Laces, truthfully, any of my sock yarns LOL, but I knew I wasn't going to use this one unless I made gift socks and Mikaela REALLY wanted this teddy bear since hers ripped and needs MAJOR plastic surgery.So it worked out and all is happy. I even had $7 left over LOL .

Ok, now for the Quote of the day..or post..however you wanna look at it ;):::

He who takes but never gives, may last for years but never lives.

Author: Unknown


Sara said...

I, too, drink way too much Pepsi...and it's the first thing I reach for when I get up and the last thing I drink before bed...

I really need to find something different to drink...I do like tea...

Do you have a source for Murchie's tea in your area?

Danielle said...

Debbie, I've always been a Coke addict. I switched to diet coke when I was pregnant because I was severely diabetic w/ my last, and the diabetic educator said I could drink the occasional diet coke. So I got hooked on diet- I still pop one open right away after a glass of water in the morning and drink all the way 'til bed. I also love coffee. As for the yarn you're using that has the cashmere in it-so what-I'm using some Lorna's Lace's chunky on a jumper(remember me)that has silk in it for a 17 month old. If it's gorgeous yarn-your kids are worth it!

HollyEQQ said...

I have recently become a tea aholic. I was surfing someone's site before xmas and they listed this tea company and said it was fabulous so I went to see and ordered some for my sister who drinks tea every night before she goes to bed.
I got myself a sampler ($12) and OH MY GOD. I am hooked. I have tea two or three times a day just because. And it lasts forever. They say ten cups but I swear there is more than that in those little samples.
The only problem with the sample tins is it is loose tea, but I use coffee filters folded up and it works just fine... no tea leaf sludge at the bottom.
I could even admit to being a tea snob these days - it is that freakin' good.
So even though you don't know me from Adam - trust me on this - order a couple sample tins (highly recommend the cocomint - smells like chocolate and tastes like mint) and the jasmine pearls tea bags. They are little flowers and they unfold when they get hot and smell amazing. The whole experience is truly amazing. Order some for your friend too - she will love you forever.
Enjoy - and no - I get no kickbacks - I really just love it that much!