Monday, January 29, 2007

Happiness is.................

Finishing a knitting project in time for cold weather..................(although, saddly you cannot see the cute little lace cuffs this is the "Streakers Shrug" from Interweave Knits Spring of 2006 issue if anyone is interested enough in seeing what it REALLY looks like:)

Finding something to do with your husband's pant legs after you cut up his jeans for a cute bucket bag and a ratty old favorite "Vintage" blouse of I loved but it just wasn't wearable anymore!
Finding stash yarn in your totes and having enough to make an adorable top for your VERY energetic 3 year old....................
Happiness is..............................knitting!

Friday, January 19, 2007

My first time!!!!!! WoooHooo

This is my VERY first knitted item that does NOT use a pattern. I had made OODLES of fingerless mitts for people for Christmas this year and have ALWAYS used a pattern....anyways, out of ALL those mitts, I never made any for myself, well not anymore!! I grabbed some of the handspun that I did and and started a 2x2 ribbing....then it just went from there. I got up to the thumb and I THOUGHT about just doing a bind off and then said, nope, I don't like that....I want a THUMB so I gave it one!!!! I am so happy and excited it is ridiculous LOL!!

Now some of you may read this and think "so, it's just a plain mitt with nothing special" BUT I not only spun the yarn myself, I have NEVER knit ANYTHING unless I had a pattern. I have no desire to design my own patterns and I am perfectly content to use others, I like to do that as a matter of fact.....I even have my own personal favorites...such as I'm tellin' ya, if you want some gorgeous patterns and WELL WRITTEN ones, ya just gotta go get Anne's, nothing but the best I tell ya! Ok, back to these mitts....I am just so excited that I made THIS, something so completely mediocre but all mine!! These will forever be my favorites!! Kimmy, whaddya think? Now you won't know WHAT I'm gonna knit you LOL......scarry huh!! Kimmy is one of the people I ADORE knitting for.....I could knit her some toilet paper and she would think it was the best toilet paper around...LOL bad analogy I know but effective none the less!!

Ok, now I am back to my socks and handspun shrug!! That's what happens when I'm left to fend on my own, I tend to get side-tracked LOL....hey, I was cold dang-it!!

Knit on my friends...knit on!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Eanie,Meanie, Miney, Moe, a shrug, a sock, a closed up TOE!!!

Ok, here are those socks from the other day, finished!! They're so cute. I really think she is gonna love them. They go with jeans,cords, anything!! They were so easy, 2x2 ribbing with traditional heel (not a heel I am fond of) The yarn is the Fortissima with the strand of glitter!Here are my FAVORITE socks in the whole wide world...ok,ok, at least until I make another pair LOL. I love this yarn and this pattern is so much fun. I worked it some last night right before I got ready to fall asleep. I spent most of the evening working with the handspun project. Anyways, I did a 1-10 repeat row for the socks and then put them away. They call for 7 repeats of 1-10 and I am now on 6. They are just so cute. I am glad I picked these for me!! I am also glad I chose this yarn, it is so soft!! The first photo is crappy, the second one is closer up and it shows the stitch. It is AGAIN raining here so it's hard to get a good photo indoors! You can click on the picture for a larger view.

then, last but not least, the handspun beauty! I am now coming into the sleeves, it is still that part of it that you feel like your knitting and knitting and nothing is happening LOL but it is. I have to knit until the width for the sleeve is 10" so just a bit more to go then I will be closing off that.
Well, that's it peeps, no more good stuff to show you. Thanks for all the great email everyone, I love it. I am shocked some people are reading this LOL....oh, and by the way, my daughter hit a bunch of buttons on my keyboard and DELETED my email account. SBC is fixing it but in the meantime, I have to use this one: debbiejusiatyahoodotcom feel free to use that one till the other is fixed!!

Knit on my friends!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Bambi and a sock!!!

This is the little guy that was out our family room window this morning. Sorry 'bout the poor quality (husband took it and is a good picture taker) but it was morning AND rainy and gloomy!! Isn't he cute! We named him Leroy. I dunno why, it just fit, and no, I DON"T wanna know if it turns out Leroy is actually a girl:) I don't know ANYTHING about the anatomy or anything else of a deer,except how to cook a venison steak *sheepish grin*
Ok, well, now, onto knitting!!!

There really isn't a WHOLE lotta progress to show, I am at that point of the handspun where I am knitting and knitting and it LOOKS like I am not getting far but in truth, I am. So I didn't re-photograph it. I DID however, take 2 photo's of the Vintage socks which HAVE grown. In my opinion, socks don't stop growing until you start on the foot part ;)
The first photo is with the flash, the second without. I was TRYING to catch the pattern and colorway but I dunno if I did it that well. To see a bigger photo of the socks, double click on the picture, it IS worth seeing the pattern. I LOVE it and it is soooooo fun to knit. I haven't gotten bored yet with this pattern. I also LOVE this yarn of course, it is part of my secret Sweet Freedom sock yarn stash from Briar Rose and I use that ONLY for me heehee.

WOW, this is really a icky view of this pattern and color...hopefully it comes out better than what I am seeing. The sock pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, a gift from my husband, thanks hun!! I LOVE this book and am REALLY getting into knitting pattern socks.

Well, that's all folks, until next time...........Knit On my friends, knit on!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

A knittin' we will go, a knittin' we will gooooooo

Ta-Daaaaaa, here it is!! WooHoo, Mission Falls ROCKS!! I LOVE this yarn. It is AWESOME!!!*Notice extreme excitement LOL This is the London Beanie hat that is being passed around the net like crazy. I have seen it on a gazillion blogs since the holidays, musta been one hot gift LOL. It has been altered a teeny bit but it still the original beanie pattern. This is Monkey Boys hat and it matches his coat "perfectly". He picked the colors out and he happens to like the Mission Falls yarn too. I am gonna make another one tonight for my nephew so he'll have 2. I made him one for Christmas. Aren't these socks a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e?? I love them, they are just a basic, traditional heel 2x2 rib pattern out of Fortissma sock yarn. It has glitter in it but you can't see it. These are a gift......hmmmm,maybe I should keep them myself and knit something else LOL. nahhh these are perfect for the recipient and it looks JUST like something that she would wear ya know. Anyways, I will close them up tonight and they will be good to go. I wanted to do a pattern type sock but I dunno if she would like it or not, it's funny cuz she is the second person who is the HUGEST fan of my knitting, other than my mom LOL hi mom, I heart you, will you and dad babysit the kids tonight LOL kidding. Anyyyyways.....and
now, as promised, here is the progress of the handspun....I didn't work on it a ton last night, King1 came home from bowling last night and I was on the phone with my friend yakkin and basically keeping her up until he came home LOL, then I chatted with him for a bit, knitted some more and nodded off. I didn't work on the Vintage socks at all that is out of the BriarRose, which I DEFINITELY will 2night, I am going through withdraw LOL....but anyways, I worked on the sleeves quite a bit. I am so excited to finish this, I cannot WAIT!! The cool thing is, I will wear this even all through the Spring cuz I get cold QUICK and EASY but also because it is not a color that wouldn't look good, it's NATURAL!!! Ok, so that's all I got, wish I had more but nope, sorry :)
Oh, and remember......Go Team Blue Moon!!!!!!

Knit on my friends, Knit on!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


In case there is one person (not family related LOL) out there who DOES read my blog and has not yet been to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go there and read todays post. I am totally and utterly DISGUSTED that ANY banking instittution would be so ASSININE!!! (I think that's how ya spell get the point). My husband and I were victimes of identity fraud and bank fraud in Jauly of 2006....we are STILL cleaning it up and fixing the problems occured by that ....and believe me, I thought I have heard EVERY stupid thing a bank could POSSIBLY think of or do...but I stand corrected!!! There truly is one more stupid bank and person!!


ok, now with that said......I'll leave you with these photos..............This is some handspun wool that I am spinning, I didn't realize there was some red in it until it was to late but it still is spinning up really nice. I forget where its from and what color it is but I know its a wool LOL.

This is the handspun I got for a gift and am making the shrug outta it......this is the progress from yesterday on it. I was working on it while at class and then again when I was watching ..."The Simple Life" re-runs late last night (1 am to be exact) LOL.

Knit on my friends!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And then..there were three...ok, actually FOUR.....

But saying then there were four just doesn't sound right ya know!!! Okie Dokie, first off, I have pictures *bg* I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, yarn!!This is going to be my first experience with or their yarn. This is their cotton. I am pretty happy with the feel of it and the appearance, as far as cotton goes that is.

What I mean by that is that I am NOT a huge fan of cotton, mostly due to what is most likely, inexperience,but also, I had a bad first time with it...not Elann's though.....I am truthfully excited to try this. Elann's customer service was pretty gosh darn good too, they were FAST and the yarn was on sale. I know I could have picked out alot of other "brands" there, more "known" but my whole point was to try Elann's yarn brand. I'll keep ya posted. (P.s....This was a gift from my father-in-law for Christmas by the way...thanks BobPa)

Ok, onto the GIANORMOUS socky things, they really are for Monkey boy, they are gonna be felted house socks LOL, aren't they cute. The yarn is from KnitPicks and I had left-over so I wanted to use it up and he picked out the color so hey, it's all good!

And......drumroll pleas, as is my update from Anne's Christmas gift...*insert neener,neener,neener here*. This is going to be the CUTEST shrug from I.K. I forgot to take a picture of that too and I am to lazy to re-do it, just trust me, it's sooo cute!! I picked the shrug cuz I'll actually have enough yarn to make this AND this really cute Debbie Bliss sweater WOOHOO!!! How economical is THAT!

Last but not least, this book is AWESOME. It is Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I LOVE it. I am making these, aren't they AWESOME?! The yarn is my secret stash of Sweet Freedom from Briar Rose Fibers (you simply MUST go there) She is so sweet and nice to deal with. The Sweet Freedom is no longer available(sob,sniffle) BUT they now have Grandma's Blessing and it has replaced it and is also nice too, I have a stash of that I am gonna be using up this year too. Seriously though ya'll, you MUST go see Chris, her yarns are amazing I promise, AND the prices, oh yeah! The first yarn I used was AWFUL in this pattern and was NOT any of this colorway, it was a really BRIGHT colorway and you just couldn't see the pattern because of it ya know.

I was pretty sure you couldn't see it but I wanted to make 100% sure, so what to do next, I asked the one person who I KNOW would tell me the truth.... and yup, it was unanimous, the sentence "tear it out" rang loud and clear. Before ya ask, nope, it does not bug me at all to frog. I had about 3 inches done too but believe me, it is faaaarrrrr better to yank that sucker out and start new, than to keep going and have a less than adequate work of art!! So, frog I did and you see how gorgeous the new one is turning out to be! I'll keep ya posted on it's progress too!!

Well, looks like I ran outta things to say...kidding....but I will be gone now to work on my spinning for awhile, I'll have pictures for ya later! Hope ya'll enjoyed.
Knit on my friends, knit on!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Spin your OWN yarn Biatch!!!!!

Ok, Ok, before you email me saying not to use foul language (sorry Mom heehee) The heading is an inside joke between me and my super great friend Anne...who you can visit and see all of her STUNNING knits and patterns available for purchase!!!

Annnnyyyyyways, THIS is all of my Christmas gift from her, I got her VERY OWN HANDSPUN!!! The top (charcoal grey is the color) is enough to make myself a GORGEOUS sweater and then....drumroll please...the PINK is HAND-DYED by Anne AND handspun!!! I took close-ups of each so you could see the expertise of her spinning. I am so touched that Anne thinks enough of me to gift me her own art. For those of you who spin, first of all, you know how long it takes to perfect the craft, secondly, you also know how precious each hank of handspun spin all this for a sweater for ME!!! I don't even know what to say truly. I am just so very lucky.....AND by the way, I am making the simple shawl out of the pink and a Debbie Bliss Sweater that is in Cotton Knits for all seasons. I will keep updates on the progress of both.

Ok, now don't think I forgot or anything, I also got these two AWSOME books from Anne : well, actually, one is a calendar that can be used EVERY year, how cool is THAT. I personally had NO idea those existed until last night BUT....the best thing about that calendar is that it has a different stitch pattern for EVERY day...Isn't that cool? Ok, Ok, I know I am probably the LAST person on earth who didn't know that but still, it's so cool!! I started reading the Spin to Knit book last night, it is REALLY cool. I have already found a cute hat pattern that I am going to use. When I first started spinning, I had somehow always spun chunky yarn, well, it's been sitting in my room for a LONG time now and well.....I have a USE for it FINALLY and a cute one too. As my daughter and I would say ...That's cuuttee!!! Long story!!

Ok, now I KNOW I shouldn't do this....I KNOW it is REALLY rude and just down right mean.....BUT damn it, I just can't help it so feel free to click off now if your easily offened ;)

I GOT SOME OF ANNE'S HANDSPUN YARN! NEENER NEENER NEENER!!!!! ** insert snotty 2 year old sticking out her tongue!!** I'M NOT GONNA SHARE ITTTTT!!!!!

Happy Belated Holidays to all and Anne, your fantastic and well......damn it you "complete me"*in Tom Cruisish icky voice* BWWWAAHHHAHAHA oh gimme a break ya'll, I'm kidding..........she just is one of the very few who can tolerate me in long doses heehee.