Monday, February 26, 2007

TOOT,TOOT, that's the sound of a horn

tooting itself...........nope, not for me, but for Susan Anderson, the author of Itty Bitty hats LOL.
This is the 3rd hat I have made from it and I LOVE it the best. It is sooo sweet. I am planning on making several more, but I haven
t cast on for another yet, I will do that tonight probably, I have some MoreHouse Merino that is SCREAMING at me....... (WhoreHouse) don't be offended by that , if you have knit with this yarn before, then you KNOW what I mean, it is sooo luscious, THAT'S what I turn into using it LOL.
Anyways, I gotta say, this is gonna be a hard pattern to beat! Look how cute. I used Knit Picks yarn for all the stripes,it's called Merino Style, it's DK weight and it is a nice merino wool. It's a little pilly but for kids garments, I can see it being a nice yarn. I have used it for felting before too and I really do like the way it felts. It is nice and smooth and is relatively fast at it. I did adjust it a teeny weeny bit because I wanted more of a ribbing band on it so I made it alot longer than the pattern called for and I like it MUCH better.....
Well, here is my update regarding Zoe Mellor's 2 all know the help Jennifer is giving me and so far, not a return call OR email from Krause....ALTHOUGH, I did speak with a Suzanne from Krause's sister company and she was calling on the Knitted Toy book....(I left her several messages) She told me that not only did the company SHE works for but the other company, Krause, bought her books from a place in the UK....soooooooooo, it will be up to THEM to fix this. She did give me a persons email there and she is going to see what her office is supposed to do and call me back. I emailed the company in the UK and so far have not yet heard back from them but I figured it is only fair to give them several hours to read their emails and stuff. Anyways, I'll keep you updated. Thanks for all of your support and I also want to say how cool it is that I have met alot of other "knitters/bloggers" because of this and you are all so cool. Oh, and WOW are ya'll talented, thanks for the pictures.
Knitter's RULE!!!!!


Jennifer said...

That hat is so cute! Great job! You're daughter looks very pleased with it too!

Danielle said...

I love that one! The tassel rocks, and what a cutie patootie she is for sure! I can't believe they still haven't EVEN contacted you yet from the publisher of those books. It's a bunch of baloney if you ask me!They need to get their act together.