Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thank you all, your unbelieveably AWSOME!

Hi everyone. I NEED to post this so I hope I don't bore ya'll. First off, it is REALLY obvious that I am upset with a recent purchase of knit patterns (books) and the errors and not being able to get corrections for them. Welllllllllll, THANK YOU to every single one of you who have emailed me and responded to me with either help or with knowing exactly how I feel. I am AMAZED at how kind the knitting community is. I am stunned at how helpful strangers are. I am even shocked at your genuine concern for the fact that I am trying to knit something and am hung up and your trying so hard to help me. I just am astonished by all of you. Your all AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am soooo lucky and glad I am a knitter.

I will continue to update on this issue but as of tonight, sadly, Krause Publishing has NOT done as promised and they have not returned a phone call explaining why. I feel really bad for Zoe Mellor, the reason I do, she is obviously a VERY talented designer, her patterns and books are adorable but I for one, will no longer purchase her items because of this and PLEASE know that it is NOT because she had pattern errors, I mean, yes, that is a bit nerving, it is because there is no accessible way to get corrections or information on them. I still am not sure I was clear on WHY I was angry, it isn't because there are errors, although there seem to be alot of patterns that have errors , it is truly because it gets soooooo irritating when you run into the error and then you try and get the corrections and you get NOWHERE. There is no place to call with info, no place to email, it is just ridiculous to me. So anyways, I just had to restate that.

Also, I want to take special notice to one "blogger" and knitter in particular who has gone literally out of her way to help is Jennifer from
Please check out her blog, which I am sure all of you already have.......she is so sweet,not to mention that she has her hands full with a Teenie Beanie too, and her help and her kindness will always be so very special for me. She is a VERY gifted knitter as I am sure ya'll know but some of her photography on her blog is amazing. Like I said, do yourself a favor for your eyes, if you have not yet been to her site, you have GOT to go, take a look at her photo's, sooooo pretty!!!
Again, thanks Jennifer, you are so nice to be doing all this for me.

Ok, now, with all of THAT out of the is a weather, report *giggle*, we're supposed to get an ice and snow storm and ya know what, we'll prolly get it cuz I didn't go get diapers and such, funny story, everyone in my family SWEARS that every time we get a weather scenario like this, I go to the grocery for diapers and necessities and then the storm NEVER hits. Well, I didn't go on the Valentine's Day storm, nor did I go for this LOL....sorry, heehee!!

Happy Knitting Ya'll.


Danielle said...

Deeebiiieee(me saying your name in a high pitched whiney voice), you did make us get a snow and ice storm after all! Here in northern Illinois where I reside that's exactly whats taking place right now. I'm really glad you're getting so much positive feedback from other knitters. I understand why you got so hopped up about it all, because when we all buy books we buy them with the notion that they don't have errors. Not that we don't know that this isn't an imperfect world and errors can occur, but usually you can find the correction for said errors. It sounds like the books contained many big errors to boot. Wow, I know for myself I'd be steamed. One thing about you posting the picture about those books, it reminded me that my 8 year old son had wanted me to knit him a snake toy to replace one of those ratty old ones you get at a fair that always gets holes in them and then spills out the filling everywhere. So I'm gonna figure out how to make it for him. He's really excited, I printed a picture of the cover of the book and he can't wait for me to start his rainbow snake! He jumped on me and hugged me, it takes alot to get him to do that lately.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Debbie, you're really sweet! It has really been a pleasure to meet you. You paid good money for that pattern book, and I hope that you still get some use out of it. I really like the book, and it makes me so terribly sad that you had such a miserable experience. I only hope that it doesn't turn you off knitting entirely!!

The author should be more accessible. That's VERY, clear. I will have to send a special message to Zoƫ Mellor on my blog. As if she'll see it...but it's worth trying. Do you suppose she even has internet? Is she really out there?

Thanks again Debbie!