Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Sorry folks, no pictures today :( For some unknown mystery, my laptop won't download photo's off the disk right now and I dunno how to fix it and well, Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter is out of town and I'm stuck with a bum disk LOL.

I do have some photo's to share though when it's fixed. Same old "Why is our house a medical mystery" issues goin on here, yet ANOTHER abscessed tooth and now on top of antibiotics and pain medicine, I got steroids too so they are gonna "pump me up" (in my best Arnold Schwartz...voice). Feeling better, just not 100%, I guess I am prone to dental goo too :( Actually, I have had dental problems for YEARS!! Terrible teeth..thanks DAD! See, mom is right, all the good stuff comes from HER SIDE. grrrrrrr

Ok, for the closing, picture it..............10 year old boy, eating yogurt and licking the spoon while talking to mom....

"so, mom, there's no school tomorrow right?"

me= "What, why wouldn't there be"?

boy= "Well, isn't tomorrow a Holiday?"

me="Not unless I am missing something, what Holiday would it be?"

boy= (as serious as a heart attack mind you) "Tomorrow is April Fool's Day, isn't that a Holiday?"

There ya have it, a day in the life of a 10 year old.

Knit on my friends!