Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Cleaning?? and another clue

April is Autism Awareness aware!

Happy Flash your stash day!!!

Sorry folks, I am NOT gonna flash mine (at least not all) anyways, this is the time of year we are SUPPOSED to be Spring cleaning NOT Spring Stocking.....which seams to be MY problem.

I had a GREAT care package weekend. My mailman made several deliveries, which for me, is ALWAYS a plus. I have managed to update my spring yarn wardrobe LOL. I have GREAT plans for my latest purchases and I can't WAIT to get going....

I finished the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" socks and I LOVE them. I like the colorway, I can see it and it is girly! I know,I know........I may or may not have the best taste in color choices BUT as long as it makes ME happy and the giggles and stares are not bothering me...well, know.

Aren't they so cute? I have enough left over to make Miss Priss a matching pair *giggle* Just what ya'll wanted to see, TWO sets of these LOL. The pattern is just a plain 2x2 rib to the foot and then straight stockinette. Cast on 68 and do short row heel. Remember, has some beautiful colorways, the beauty is in the finished products. Try it, you won't be sorry. While your there, hop on over to and check out what Brooke has. Trust me, the cashmere will MELT you!! I have no affiliation with either of these two sites, I am just a self proclaimed yarn whore who is COMPLETELY addicted to both of these AWSOME sellers. I tend to really like independents and small shops, I feel you get fantastic customer service and fantastic quality and products! I have my eye on a hank of crashintoewe's proudest monkey colorway, maybe I can beg her to dye some sock yarn in that colorway *giggle*.

Ok, moving on..

Ahhhhh sheer bliss I tell ya. Look at that beautiful sight!! There is my little recent spree along with the fiber below (more on that in a second). This is what my mailman has brought me this weekend. I tell ya, he is becoming scared of me, he sees that he has boxes and he pretty much KNOWS I am gonna be waiting at the door, sometimes a pretty frightening sight, I whip open the door, drool on my chin, sweaty palms, I grab the boxes, envelopes, and whatever, make a noise like a grunt, and scurry off to the corner to see what I got. Poor guy, he has no idea!

The top 2 rows are Ella Rae Silkience, a hard little item to come by when you want it I swear!! I am making a sweater for Miss Priss and a cardigan for me WOOHOO!! I am sooo excited for this, I LOVE this yarn. The bag on the right is Classic Silk and I am making a sweater as a gift out of this. I was planning on making one for myself, but the new recipient seen the yarn and fell in love with it, sooooo change in plans LOL. The ball that is in the cake and then the green hank beside it are compliments of Lisa Souza YOWEE! I am REALLY pumped for those two. I am starting a pair of traveling socks out of the lime and violet colorway, I have a few ideas for the green, not 100% yet. The 2 hanks in the center are a gorgeous charcoal color and it's Koigu *insert ohhs and ahhs* and I am making a really cool pair of pattern socks for King 1. I figure he hasn't kicked me out yet due to my stash size so he deserves a new pair of tootsie toasters! Then, lastly but not least, the 2 bags of celery color is Debbie Bliss Merino for a stunner of a classic sweater that I will be making more towards the end of summer. I couldn't help but not buy it, the price was right kind of deal ya know. This week I should be getting the rest of my Rowan stash enhancer WOOHOO!! I can't WAIT for that.......oh, and guess what???? Maybe, maybe, justtt maybe I will be getting my.....woops, can't tell ya. I CAN give you another clue though. It is season specific and has 3 words and the first letter of the second word I gave you was a T and now the second letter of the second word is a N !! Oh, lemme clarify something, when I say first letter, second letter, I don't mean in ORDER, I mean the second word in random letter order, YOU have to unscramble them LOL...Heck, I may just give you the whole thing and see how many of you can unscramble it. .....matter of fact, I am feeling REALLY generous tonight, must be the fiber high....I am gonna give you yet ANOTHER letter for the second word...ready........E. Ohhhhhh there, now you have the T,E,N.

Okie dokie, now we come to the fiber, ahhh, the lovely fiber. I think I am set on fiber for awhile LOL. I have this GORGEOUS Targhee in two colorways , one sunset, the other green of course.....

Those are the 2 bumps to the left. The 4 after that in the braids are Lisa Souza's BFL. I am sooooo happy I got the BFL. It will really spin some nice sock yarn.

The last 2 lone hanks of yarn are at the bottom, that's Lorna's Laces sock yarn in flame.I am making a really cute pair of fingerless mitts out of it as a gift and I got it at a good price. I plan on taking alot of the fiber with me camping this year to spin up while I am relaxing. Miss Priss goes to bed and then I am settled for the evening and trust me, there is nothing more sensational than spinning some loved fiber on a cool and quiet summer night. I will be starting the watermelon socks soon. I am unsure about posting a photo of the progress though, I know the colors are a bit bright and not appealing on people's monitors, maybe I'll give a disclaimer before I post them LOL.

Well all, time to knit/spin. Look for a clue update tomorrow!! Tell your friends, help me destash by playing along. Oh, and have ya'll popped on over to stitchingnuts blog and seen her felted tea cozy.......please do.... It is just amazing. Also, the Easter Bunny has been at Danielle's house lately, go see her cute bunny... It is soooooo adorable. Man, there are some REALLY talented people out there, I am just amazed at all of you :)

Ok, today is April 1st. April is Autism Awareness month, please be aware.

Please take some time this month to hop on over to

Read and become informed. Knowledge is power and children like mine need to have all of you gain power. Autism is one of the fastest growing Neurological Disorders we have today. It can engulf the children we love and hide them away from simple things such as touch, a simple hug can drive certain children to a point of a breakdown. The families who are touched by Autism have a long hard road to tow, it can be lonely. If you know someone who has been touched by this disorder, take a few minutes to reach out to them. A simple phone call to say a quick hello, maybe a card in the mail, or an invitation to the park can make the day of someone who has had a rough go. Please, show people you care...Then remember..........can you ignore this.............. This my friends ,is the face of Autism. I love you Mr. mann, we'll do it, even if it's by one family at a time, we WILL do it!

Knit on my friends!!


Lynne E. said...

Well, I sure like the green and pink socks! You're right--if it makes you happy to knit 'em and wear 'em, then they're perfect!

SpindleKnits said...

I like the green and pink socks too!
Man, that sure is one yummy lot of fiber and yarn!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

LOVE the sock colors!! Easter colors and I love pink & green together anyway. But then ... I never met a color I didn't like, LOL. And WOW, what a stash of yarn & fiber. I mean you got all that in one week? I'm not a spinner yet but that roving is calling to me. M-m-m-m-m ... and you still haven't received the item in your contest yet huh? Wonder if I should take another guess? T = Ton of troubling yarn stash? Nah, you got that already, hehe.

anne said...

debbie i LOVE those socks! really really cute on your feet, too. and now you've made me jealous—that fiber looks good enough to sneak over and steal!

Terry said...

I've got to email you a photo of the GJWHF socks that I made for my cousin. They pooled in stripes on the cuff and blotchy pooled sections on the foot. I really like it, but it's interesting to see how yours turned out so evenly distributed. I think I cast-on 60 stitches, so maybe that makes a difference in the color distribution. Interesting.

By the way. I dyed some proudest monkey sock weight this weekend. I have two skeins and they'll be up tomorrow or wed.....if you want a preview let me know!

Knit On Girl!

brooke said...

Awww... what a handsome young man! He looks like such a beautiful soul :)

Your yarn/fiber packages- wow!! Nice color selection! You like like you'll be busy for awhile :) One question...where do you keep it all? Have you begun hiding it yet? lol!

Ahrisha said...

Hi, Found you at the KnitTalk group. Love the cute little watermelon socks.
What a haul you made. I'm so envious. About the Ella Rae Silkience. It looks marvelous! Would you share where you purchased it? Sounds like you have used it before, how does it wear? I have not run across it ever before.
Taking a break from seaming my "Poppy" sweater together and found your blog. Lucky me.

Thanks, Ahrisha