Saturday, April 07, 2007

HAPPY EASTER...and clues!!!

Wow, I have TONS to talk about!! I have goodies and yarn porn and bunnies oh my!

Let's get some of the clue's out of the far, you have been given several letter of the SECOND word of what it is I am expecting in the mail.....TENSL I was asked if the letters were in order, of course not, what fun would that be....essentially, you'll have to un-scramble them. Your new letter is.....................................................
Hmmmm, maybe you need another clue, here is one for Ella, Jessie,Jude,Penny,Becky,Carla,Susie,Rosa, & Chloe. Not in any particular order LOL. I know I missed some but oh well;) Could it be part of a cover of something?? Hmmm, only time will tell I guess.

Now onto some knitting and some kudos and thank you's. I bought some Debbie Bliss Cathay yarn to make Miss Priss a Bolero in the Debbie Bliss pattern book Cathay....I think I got it like 2 weeks ago....anyways, I digress LOL. I have been swatching this Cathay yarn several times and am just not a lover of it. I have a terrible time with it splitting, drives me nuts! I finally finished swatching it and several other yarns I was considering subbing with for the pattern and settled back on the original yarn I bought and the pattern called for, the Cathay. While I am not a fan of knitting with it, I must say, when it IS knitted, it makes a lovely fabric. Show's wonderful stitch definition and is very soft. It also keeps a lovely shape and has not shown any signs of fuzzing that some yarns do when you work with it. I am really pleased with it and am looking forward to finishing it this weekend. The Bolero has a cute little lace edging for detail around the garment and it just brings the whole thing together. I really like it and think Miss Priss will like it too:)

The next topic on the agenda is I would like to thank Brenda(blogless for the time being LOL) for the lovely gift she sent me. Several months ago her and I were exchanging emails regarding yarns and such and she had asked me if I ever tried the Socks that Rock Yarn and I told her no. We had a rather lengthy discussion on why I had no desire to try it yada,yada,yada and the convo ended with her telling me I really MUST try it at least once....well, I guess Brenda got sick of waiting on me to try it LOL. I got a delivery yesterday with a cute little box, in it was this.........................

She sent me 3 hanks of Socks That Rock Medium weight sock yarns. There was a card attached that said to wind it and immediately cast on, my choice as to which colorway I cast on with LOL. So, I figured that is the very least I could do since she went to the trouble of getting me some and mailing it. As you can see, I cast on a basic 2x2 ribbed sock last night. It is coming along nicely and I hope to finish it this weekend. Thanks so much Brenda, you really are a gem!!

I am telling you, I have been so lucky, I have met some really GREAT friends through my blog. This next little item was sent to me this morning by Gina. Gina is a knitter from my son's doctor's office. She is soooo sweet, and I swear, I am gonna teach her to do a blog too, if I can do one, ANYONE can LOL. Gina is a VERY gifted knitter and she has knit some beautiful items. Well, we were at the doctors office on Monday with Mr. Mann and Gina had the most adorable cardigan on and I had to comment. I told her it was very pretty and the yarn it was knitted out of looked like a yarn that I really like called Malibrigo. The look on her face was sooooo funny. Keep in mind, neither one of us knew the other knitted....until then LOL. She was like "Oh my gosh, how did you know that?" so the convo went from there. We got to talking about yarns and she asked me if I like Sknitches Syncopation (I know, I botched it LOL but I can't read the letters on the tag, they are to small LOL) anyways, I told her I had a hank from Christmas that was a gift that I hadn't tried yet. I told her I wasn't sure I had enough of that colorway to make a pair of knee highs. From there we chatted about the colorways, pooling, all the really cool knit chat and at the end of our appointment, we exchanged emails and such.....look what came in the mail this morning.....

This is the same colorway that I got as a gift at Christmas and wasn't sure I had enough for myself to do knee highs. She sent me a hank of hers!!! I was so shocked, I immediately called her up and thanked her and true to knitters form, she told me she just couldn't bear the thought of a hank of this yarn sitting at either house unknitted and she knew I would knit it into the socks if I had it. Thank you so much Gina, I am so touched. I am pretty much speechless and have no idea how to thank both Brenda and Gina, you two both are such special people.....I am so glad we're friends:)

Speaking of friends, I speak often of how I am so amazed at how many friends I have made through knitting and blogland and this morning with the yarn surprise, I had an envelope addressed to me too.............I love getting mail LOL seriously, I get so excited. Well, I grabbed the envelope and took Miss Priss and we went and plopped onto the couch.......opened the envelope and THIS was in it!!!

Isn't it the prettiest Easter card ever?? It was sent to me by one of favorite bloggers:

Stop by her blog and check it out. Thank you so much Sara, you are so very sweet:)

This is turning out to be a perfect end of the week to a rather crappy week to start...Sara, your card made me smile, and touched me very much, I just can't believe how nice and generous all of you are...ok,ok, enough sappy yuck LOL. I do have to say, it was a rough week for me, lots of drama, lots of tests and now more tests to come...oh well, such as life I guess....but this just made my week. I truthfully don't even know how to thank you guys.

Oh I almost forgot, one of my friends from my Wednesday knitting class, Susan, she is sooo sweet and I adore her, well, she gave me a REALLY cool tote to add to my give away contest so I will take a picture of it and add it to my next post. I have some really good shots of Easter Eggs being colored by Miss Priss and Mr. Mann and of course King1 got in on it too LOL.

Here is the next blog I thought ya'll would really like to read. She does beautiful work and she has a pair of the Monkies and they are AWSOME. She also is working on the Pomatomus socks and they are pretty darn snazzy too.....hop on over and take a gander and tell her "hi" folks, it makes others wonder what you did ;)

APRIL IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH.................PLEASE..................BE AWARE!!!


Sara said...

Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you! I truly enjoy your blog too and our friendship!!!

I'm thinking all those letters you are giving as clues are beginning to look like the word verification

Have a great week-end...

Danielle said...

It sounds like you are truly blessed with some wonderful knitting friends! I don't know any other knitters at all, except all of you who I consider myself very fortunate to blog with.

You know I can post the pattern for that Peter Cottontail bunny in my sidebar if you're interested in it for Miss Priss. It's easy to make. I just haven't taken the time to post it yet.

I have a quick question for you: Do you knit continental or english method? You seem like you are such a fast knitter. I just wondered? Sometimes it's fun to know how your blogging friends knit. I knit english, I've tried and tried to learn continental. I'm not good with my left hand, plus I really like the rhythm I'm used to with the english method. Sorry for the wordy post. Hope your having a nice weekend!

Meghann said...

Everything is gorgeous Debbie! Everyday I am amazed at the friendships and relationships that we forge across the internet. It's amazing! Happy Easter:)

anne said...

i can't believe i missed two days of your posts! somehow, your blog becasme unlinked from my newsgator . . .
anyhow, everything looks so cute and i'm glad your week ended well!