Friday, April 20, 2007

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.............

I WILL, I WILL have enough yarn to finish WOOOOHOOOO and Debbie Bliss and her excessive amounts of yarn come through again!! I am so happy and so pleased with the results of this Bolero. It is sooo cute on Miss Priss and she is patiently waiting for me to finish.

I am just starting the laced border. I have never knitted a border for anything that the pattern called for to be knit separately and then STITCHED on after everything is sewn together. *shrugging my shoulders* no difference to me, just gives me a little new experience in something. It was explained to me that sometimes a designer will have you knit this way because picking up stitches and adding the border that way may give some excess bulk around edges and stuff........or something to that effect LOL I can't remember 100% WHY but it made sense when I was told LOL.
Ohhhh my gosh, I am using my new Addi Turbo's for the lace border and I LOVE them. I have never used them before, for fear that they would be to slick for me. I was in desperate need of a size 3 without a 24 " cable and I had these Addi's so I thought, well, it's now or never ya know LOL. I am really glad I made the leap. The joins are puuurrrreee heaven!! The joins don't get caught in the yarn or snag it, they just are awsome.
I actually cast on last night for a new project and it calls for size 7's, well, I grabbed my 7 Addi Turbo's. Love,Love,LOVE them. I am even knitting a silk blend that is a bit slick but not a problem yet. Hopefully I will have made some progress over the weekend to take some good pictures and show ya'll.
I will starting my Summer Essentials sweater as soon as my needles come in. I thought I had the right size but when I started to cast on last night, nope!! So I popped onto Ebay, bought some (Destiny's not Turbo's LOL) and am now waiting. I decided to cast on the tank top "SIZZLE" by Knit and Tonic. It is such a cute pattern, very well written and really easy to understand. I decided to knit it out of the Ella Rae Silkience. It's a cotton, silk blend and has such a lovely drape to it, it will be PERFECT for this top. I was a little nervous I wouldn't get gauge with the Silkience and was actually not really wanting to buy anymore sweater yarn for right now. I wanted to knit out of my stash for this and it worked. The gauge for that tank is spot on in case anyone has the Silkience and wants to knit the top. It's available at : and you get the pattern right away. VERY cool. Seriously, when you pay for it, boom, it is sent to your email in a pdf form and you can just zoopppp and it is downloaded :) *sheepish grin* almost makes me feel kinda "Samantha like from Bewitched" LOL. Anyways, I thought I would knit that until my needles get here. It should be a fairly quick knit.
Ok, now for some Eye Candy Friday:
Viola!!! From screen right to left: Yarn Pirate in Neapolitan, 2Vesper's one in Petal and one in Crazy Little Mama and 2 All Things Heather, GrapeVine and Lolli colorways. I have some heavy sock projects starting with these little gems. Although, the Petal from Vesper, I actually will be making Miss Priss this really cute short sleeve shrug out of it, it's a sport weight while the others are in between sock and fingering.
Miss Priss HAD to be in the photo..............she's a bit of a ham ;) She says "Knitting Rocks"!! LOL
Now for a little closing's a blog and podcast to check out... and
They are Stephanie and Shannon and they are sooo funny. I just love their podcast. I hope they stay doing it. Maybe if we all show them how much we like it, they will )
I'd also like to give a special thank-you to for the Autism Awareness side bar link. So pop on over to his blog and check out his knitting porn!!
APRIL IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH................ PLEASE.................BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danielle said...

The bolero is super cute, can't wait to see the border! Glad to see that you had enough yarn, you were sweating it out for nothing LOL!

What other needles do you usually use besides the addi turbos? I've used clover bamboo, and of course aluminum (too heavy), now just this year I splurged and got myself denise needles in pink for breast cancer. I love them because they are so light and flexible they don't hurt my hands. I always held off because they were expensive.

Gotta go, it's bath time for my rugrats!

ambermoggie said...

many thanks for the thoughtful comment on my blog I really appreciate it:)

Just call me Ruby said...

thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. You wanted to know what yarn i'ld used for Sahara - its Louise Harding 'Grace' - its a wool and silk mix but its started pilling already. I don't think I'd use it again, but it was sitting in my stash. Love some of the yarn you've been buying. Wish we had them all in the UK

Kelly said...

What gorgeous sock yarns!

Love the bolero it's really cute and so is Miss Priss!

Cheryl said...

That bolero is going to be adorable! I find that Debbie Bliss patterns always call for tons of seaming. She always has you knit all the pieces separately and then sew them together. Must be her preference! I personally don't mind either way, I sort of like to seam!