Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WIill she or won't she....THAT is the question!!!!

For some reason my blogger won't let me drag the photos to the bottom of the page so the order of my blog is a bit jostled. I got 2 questions asking about Miss Priss' hair. They commented that her hair looks so pretty, they have never seen it down out of piggy tails or a pony tail of some sort..........THIS my friends is WHY: Miss Priss has VERY,VERY long and thin hair that gets ALL tangled up when left to roam about LOL. We leave it down and done up when we are going places but for bed time it is in a pony tail and when she is playing ect., it is up or contained LOL. It is gorgeous but can be VERY hard to care for LOL..............and no, I would never DREAM of cutting it short.

The other day Kelly (whose bloggy thing wouldn't work for me, so Kelly, can you please resend it)emailed me and was quite concerned. She was wondering what happened to the other Proudest Monkey sock. She was very worried I had caught "SSS" (second sock syndrome). Well, have no fear Kelly, I avoided it THIS time;) but the socks were adopted by Mr. Mann who liked the cushy feel and the way the stripes were different. They look rather happy on their new owners feet dontcha think??

Ok, First things first. Sorry, ya'll cannot have Mr. Mann's dying expertise, he is gonna do it for us and make us rich.....*insert muuuwwaahhaaa laugh here* rich I tell ya!! Well, ok, maybe that is stretching it a bit *grin* sure...we'll hire him out, what child labor laws?? Oh, one thing though, Miss Priss is his lovely assistant and SHE goes with the deal, keep in mind, she is 3 and her attitude enters the room 15 minutes before SHE does;)

Oh my, I am REALLY nervous ya'll. I was knitting like a mad woman on the bolero for Miss Priss last night when I came to the VERY real possibility that I just may not have enough yarn to finish this YIKES!! I know, I know, ALWAYS buy an extra ball of yarn. THIS is why I didn't do that. The pattern is Debbie Bliss and she is KNOWN for not only having the sizes a little larger than norm (which I like) but also adding in for a very generous amount of yarn. Therefore, with EVERY pattern I have EVER made of hers, if it calls for 4 balls of yarn, then I end up having anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 balls left over. Well, my LYS doesn't carry Debbie Bliss yarn and I found this particular colorway and lot on Ebay for a really good deal. One that I couldn't pass up. I know some people weren't that gung ho on the color but once it was getting knitted up, they really started to like it. Sometimes ya gotta take what ya get when the price is right. The lot was for 4 balls of Cathay, the pattern called for 4 balls of Cathay. I am point on for gauge and have stayed on gauge though the pattern, cool right?! Well, I still have the entire right side and then the laced pointed border thingy that goes all the way around it and THAT is all the yarn I have left. Hmmmm, I am nervous. Part of me says, oh, that's plenty of yarn, then the inexperienced part of me says YIKES! It would figure, the one time when I buy spot on for the yarn, it will take more OY VEY! Stay tuned and see what happens in this thrill-seeking saga *giggle* But ohhhhhh look how cute it is!!

Next up for business is this:My VERY first toe up sock. It is Wendy's generic version from

and I must say, I am not hatin' it LOL. I have this aversion thingy to change, let's just say it takes me awhile to succumb BUT I am learning:) The yarn is Socks That Rock Medium weight, not sure of the colorway, I'll have to dig for the ball band.

Well, that's all for now folks!!!


APRIL IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH......................PLEASE...............BE AWARE!!!


mcewen said...

Looks like we have a lot of similar issues [as well as an over developed sense of humor!]
I'll have to get my needles out and start again.
Thanks for the uplift.

Danielle said...

Man that kid has some beautiful hair, I hope my baby girl will have hair like that when she's three. I love to do hair--my niece who is now almost 17 can testify to that! So my daughter has already been subjected to a few tiny ponytails.

That bolero is adorable,but now I'm biting my fingernails hoping you've got enough yarn. I'll stay tuned to find out!!

And now I have to try a toe up sock, and I really must say I've liked your idea this month so much about posting blogs you've found. It's been fun visiting them.

Brooke said...

Good job starting on something new :) I too am still stuck in cuff-down sock land...someday I'll change my evil ways....

Your wee one has gorgeous hair! I'm trying to get Eli's hair like that, but it's taking quite a long time! I think his hair grows, but his head grows faster, so it looks like it stays the same length!! haha!!
He still has the longest hair for a boy at the playground though :)

SpindleKnits said...

Miss Priss has gorgeous hair!
I sure do hope you have enough yarn, crossing my fingers for you!

Oooh, you have captured the elusive toe up method ;-)! Alas, that method has eluded me, LOL.
My brain can't figure out what to do once I get the cast on.
It looks great!

Stephanie said...

Love your toe-up socks --- great color!

I'm working on my first toe-up pair...I may have to rip out, there was a little confusion at the gusset.