Friday, April 13, 2007

Ohhh, a yarn store gone badddd, very badddd *grin*


Let's start with a clue *sheepish grin* The letter E. I can share with ya'll could be located on 34 & 35. Now don't email me and ask me what that means *grin* cuz I'm not gonna tell ya!! I will say though that I have decided to extend the winners to 4 instead of 3 :) but nooooo, that does NOT mean you all get cashmere LOL......the 3rd place and 4th place will get what is called pot luck! It will be knitting related!

Now, let's get on to some yarny goodness. I must say that I have some AWSOME friends. I cannot begin to say thank you enough to all of you. First to Brenda who somehow feels that I need to be converted to being a "Socks that Rock" fan LOL.....ok, ok, you win LOL. She has found out that my favorite colorways are reds and pinks and she decided to send me more yarny goodness. Thank you thank you thank you! You TRULY are a gem! Ok, up next, we have the orangey variegated......this is going to be a gift for someone and that's all I can say *sheepish grin* if I say what I am knitting out of it, well, that will give it away. I can't even say when it needs to be done by LOL. BUT, the yarn is so delicious, I HAD to show it off. Beside that is 2 hanks of pure YUMMO! It is Pumpkin Spice and the new and upcoming famous colorway.....drum roll please.............BEWITCHED!!! It is GORGEOUS. Check out and get your drool on LOL. Don't forget that purple beauty beside the STR hanks. This is the newest colorway from called Purple Medley. Now you all know that I am HUGE promoters of these two Indie dyers. I am telling you right now, they are AWSOME. They have a talent that is AMAZING. Both with unique colorway qualities. I HIGHLY recommend them, you WON'T be sorry.

And onto Rowan porn. I know, I know, it looks like a Rowan store blew up over here (remember the cashsoft I just got LOL) well, this is the final in my Rowan spending fury. Here is what I did folks, now remember, I THOUGHT it was a good idea at first....until I ran out of room to store it all.

At the start of this year, I made a list of 2 things. One was a list of yarns I wanted to try (Brenda,Gina and Ryan have pretty much cleared that up LOL) and I also made a list of items I wanted to knit for the year. Ya know, sweaters, socks, hats, scarf's, mitts ect., for birthday's, Christmas, Mother's day, all the gift giving holidays. I also added things I wanted to knit for myself and the kids and King1. Well, I thought that with having that list made up, having all the patterns marked, ect, that I should be on the look-out for the yarns and be looking for the best deals right?! LOL Well, a sweaters work of Cotton glace is not a teeny amount LOL. Actually, this really was the smartest thing for me to do. Now I can knit them at my leisure and just move onto the next instead of waiting for the yarns and then getting way behind blah,blah, know the routine LOL!! This also helps stop me from senseless splurging believe it or not. I have the yarns for everything I need, including sock yarns and that keeps me out of the heavy buying track. Now when I buy a sock yarn here or a sock yarn there, I can not have the worry of spending the money that was to be for the sweater for Aunt Kimmy for her birthday or King1's birthday sock money. Trust me, there is a complete order to my spending frenzies and I only do it in spurts and when I have what I need already, I tend to be able to say no to senseless spending sprees. PLUS, knowing I am saving up money in case I want to buy a new spinning wheel is also incentive too. I can be incredibly frugal when I want to :)

Ok, now I thought I would do something a little new for me.....hope it doesn't bore everyone LOL....I have been getting a lot of emails asking questions and I thought maybe everyone would like to know. First, thank you all for the emails. I appreciate it and love hearing from all of you. I am so thrilled at the friends I have made through knitting and blogging, it is amazing to me the kindness and the generosity of knitters. For those of you who would like to email me and not sure how or where :debbiejusi at yahoo dot com

Now time for questions and answers: This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so it may take a few times to tweek it LOL.

--Do I have a favorite sock yarn? Well, yes and no. I really like using my handspun but if you don't count that then yes, The above 2 mentioned are the 2 front runners for me:) I may or may not add some more to that when I try some of these new ones that have been sent to me. I'll keep you posted :)

--What is my favorite sock patterns: Well, I am just now starting in the world of patterned socks LOL I normally prefer to do the cuff down 2x2 rib. I have started on a couple of sock patterns from my books and will keep you being the Nancy Bush Knitting on the Road. So far I really like that one, it is just taking me forever. It is my travel sock.

--Have I ever been to any fiber festivals? Nope, not even one teeny-tiny one LOL I do look forward to going next year.

--What kind of pattern books do I recommend? Well, this one cracked me up....I am REALLY not experienced in this area BUT I can tell you the ones I like. I like Debbie Bliss' older pattern books. She wrote the patterns more thoughtfully than the new ones. Alot of the new ones are left to "just knowing the ropes". I like the Nancy Bush sock books, and Susan Anderson and yes, Zoe Mellor's books LOL if you can find the errata. I also adore alot of the patterns in Interweave Knits books, I have made several items and really like them. There are alot of new and upcoming designers in there and in Knitty. com that are really good.

--Which do I prefer, spinning or knitting? Both. I knit more than I spin but I also go in spurts. I make sure I set aside 1 day a week to just spin and then the rest I knit. Knitting is more portable for me. Maybe when my monkeys are older, things will change.

Ok, there are just a few of the questions I have in email and I will try and answer a little during new posts. If I haven't answered your questions here, then I will email you and try and answer that way.

Thanks everyone for making me feel like I am such a part of a fantastic community. I would also like to thank all of you for your support for Autism Research. You will never know how much that means to me.

Now for a new featured website ;) Check out her Chevron scarf, it is soooo cool!!!

Knit On My Friends!!


Faith! said...

I love it when people answer these question things- no one's ever sent me a meme! I discovered an amazing secret to make navajo plying easier- send me an email so I can fill you in.

Danielle said...

I'll be over to steal some of that yarn when you're not looking!