Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's a bird, It's a plane....no,no wait.........It's a........

*grin* a WATERMELON SOCK!!!!

and we LOVE it!!! Miss Priss is sooooo tickled and honestly, I am too!! it is so adorable and the color is sooo much brighter in person, King1 says think of a neon green!

The cuff is a basic 2x2 rib stitch and is about and inch and a half. Followed by straight stockinette and the obvious color changes of course. The heel turned out so nice. It is the traditional heel. I have found that while I really like making the short row heel, it slides down on my kids feet, both Mr. Mann and Miss Priss. I am constantly fighting to have the socks pulled up. I decided to try and run a test with different heels and so far, the best for them seems to be the traditional heel. it fits nicely and shapes smoothly around their heels. The toe is a basic kitchner stitch. Yup, I must say I am very pleased with myself.

Ya know, I have been looking at my socks since I started to REALLY knit them about a year ago and I am so thrilled with my progress and actually, I have all of you in blog land to thank. I have learned sooooooooooooo much from your blogs, your tips, your hints. I am just in awe of all of you. You share your tips and reach out to help newer knitters and you all take on this sense of proud knittermom when we "get it", no shots at how your way is better or you are much more accomplished than the lesser of us knitters. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you in person! Thank you all. Your all just fabulous! I wish I could share tips and hints to help all of you, BUT sorry, all I have learned, ya'll already know LOL.

I plan on having some spinning photos later in the week. I am still spinning the Crown Mountain Farms merino superwash, "Say a Little Prayer" colorway. I am telling you what, it is some gorgeous fiber. I am in love with that stuff. It spins so smoothly and just flows through my fingertips, not a tug, not a oull, just steady flow!! I can't wait to finish, ply and skein it and then share the joy!

Ok, now onto a CLUE for YOU...Hmmm, it has to do with knitting,, it is an item, and the second word also has the letter L in it :) hmmm, what do ya think it can beeeeeee????

Oh, I almost forgot, our friend Jennifer has had a birthday, if you haven't wished her a happy one, please stop by her blog and do so. She is a super great person and I am so glad I have "met" her here in knitting blogland. She also is extremely talented on the knitting front too, scroll around her blog and take a gander at some of her items, GORGEOUS! http://loopyknitter.wordpress.com/ Have fun!

Also, here and there I will be posting a random blog that I have stumbled on and feel ya'll would love to read and see. I'll post a link and ya'll can follow it. I like to wander from blogs to other blogs and have found alot of great new places, friends and wonderful blogs so I thought it would be fun to share them with ya :) So here we go with the first one...........http://toknitisdivine.ca/ check her out, it's a great blog:)

Happy Knitting ya'll

April is Autism Awareness month...................please...................be aware!!!!


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, I love,love,love that sock! Miss Priss is one lucky little lady! I've always loved watermelon, those socks look summery to me even though the weather is getting colder again here. I can smell the fresh yummy watermelon already, come on summer we are waiting for ya!

I keep looking at the clues, but so far I'm still clueless. If you only knew how clueless I am, hahaha!

Meghann said...

LOVE the Miss Priss socks, those are too cute!!!

Terry said...

too cute!!!!! you could sell the pattern.....hmmmm, think about it!

anne said...

the watermelon socks are so cute—and in the picture, they dont' hurt my eyes at all! i still can't figure out the contest, but i'm trying . . .

Jennifer said...

Awww, thanks for noting my birthday. Honestly, I'm very, very touched. My real reason for commenting though, is those watermelon socks are awesome! Juicy enough to eat! My daughter would love those too, for sure.

As for a guess,...I can't get the word "tencel" out of my head, but I know it doesn't work. It has a "C" not an "S". It's not really season specific either...I don't think. Hmmmmm, and what's with "beeeeeeee"? Is that a clue? Hmmmmmmm. I still can't get "tencel" out of my head! I think you could stretch this contest out for a year, before I would ever guess it right.

Leanne said...

Those sure are adorable socks!

And thanks for the link to my blog! I believe this is the first time anyone has sent people my way (well, except people I know in real life!). I'm really excited about that (I guess that means I should probably update soon, it's been over a week!)

Stephanie said...

Those are great socks!