Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A knittin' I must go, a knittin' I must go, high ho........

Here is what is I have been up to.....knitting,knitting,knitting, and some spinning.
Mr. Mann looks very nice in the OSU Buckeye colors from Lorna's Laces Bulky Shepherd.It's nice and warm but a little rough on my hands. This set should have been done in an evening but my fingers actually hurt from knitting with it so I took 2 1/2 days to knit it. It is superwash for those who have never used it before. I probably wouldn't buy it again as I prefer Mission Falls over this BUT Mr. Mann is allergic to M.F. which can be a MAJOR bummer :(

I'll have some more pictures of another set using Fearless Fibers wool/mohair blend that is to DIE for. I need to wait to post the pictures as it was a test knit for and when she is finished writing the pattern and gives me the go-ahead, then I'll post photos. Trust me when I say....this Pave' pattern is an ABSOLUTE must to buy!!!!!!! It is really fun to knit and it is so pretty knit, two thumbs up here!

I have been a busy little beaver this month so far and I have MORE to come.

I have some strict knitting/spinning goals this year. I want to knit down my stash TREMENDOUSLY. Let's face it,it doesn't matter how much I knit, I will NOT knit through this stuff before I croak, sooooo, I wanna knit what I got, not get more to knit *giggle* say THAT ten times fast.

I'm not gonna be ridiculous about it though, I mean, if I need to make a baby gift and I either don't have enough of a yarn or I don't have ANY of a yarn, then of course I'll go buy it. Other then that, no need to be doing some foolish buying.

I know alot of people say "Sock yarn doesn't count" but ladies, it DOES, it is still yarn and I know plenty who have just as big of an obsession with sock yarn as I do for cashmere sport weight. Besides, I have WAY more sock yarn then I can count and personally, I like to use my handspun for socks the best.

There leads me into another discussion, handspun. I got out of the kick of spinning and knitting my handspun and started buying ALOT of commercial yarns, I want to get back to the handspun. I love it, love to do it and love to use it! I have some hand-dyed Targhee that is patiently waiting for me to spin it to a dk weight for a summer sweater for Miss Priss. I also have some really lovely brown BFL that Mr. Mann is longing for a sweater out of. So there ya have mere goals for just one knit loving mom who has a huge obsession for the fiber arts;)

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