Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm GLEEFULLY working on GLEE!!!

Ughhhhh, can that get ANY cheesier......of course it can ;) Oh my gosh, I LOVE this pattern. It is so fun and so cute. It is GLEE from at Zephyr Girls... I have several of their patterns now (which I will be knitting from over the course of the next few months). I can honestly say I adore all of them! This is the front of the Glee, which is cleverly done might I add. I love the front and how they knit it. Just genious I tell ya.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss wool/cotton. Nice yarn folks, what can I say about this that I haven't said about her yarns before. Ya gotta try it. Knits smooth, holds shape while knitting, I'll post more on the wear and tear of course after making and wearing it. I LOVE the increases at the shoulders, FABULOUSSSS.
The pattern can be purchased at :

Seriously ya'll, ya know how I am with patterns, if it's good, dang it, it's good!!! I HIGHLY recommend you check this site out and try one pattern, you'll be hooked. I can't wait to finish this and show you!

Moving on......sorry, that's kind of all I got on knitting, I am kind of hell-bent on this sweater;) The spinning side is still finishing up the previous post about the fiber, I should have some nice pics this weekend! Stay tuned.

Okie Dokie, what's equally as fun as knitting/spinning? EATING!!

mmmmm, feast your eyes on THIS!! Red Pepper,Yellow Pepper, Orange Pepper and Zucchini. YUMMO, all sauted' in some yummy goodness and plopped over rice!

For dessert..... BAMM!

Cranberry/Orange muffins....AND....they are GLUTEN FREE BoooooYaaaa Baby!!

Yup, I have a WHOLE house full of Celiacs but we eat good ya'll, dang good heehee! I always laugh when people say to me, "How do you get Mr. Mann and Miss Priss to eat veggies like that?" My answer has been and always will be full of such confusion LOL. They are 9 & 4, whaddya MEAN how do I get them to eat it......Simple, I COOK IT, they EAT it. When they can cook dinners and clean up, then hey, we'll talk, till then, ya eat what's made. No resteraunt ordering here at Che' DebbieKnitter House!

' Sides ya'll, when ya got a Miss Priss who INSISTS on putting bandaids on all over her head, what do ya THINK she's gonna eat?

I tell Mr. HubbyKnitter, it's a damn good thing she's cute cuz, well, what the HELL!!

Mr. Mann and Miss Priss (plus mommy and daddy) have picked up a fun activity together lately......wanna guess?? It's not fiber oriented (dang it) and it is EVERY adults childhood love.....can't guess??

How about now? Or now????

Yup, it's coloring. I personally, ADORE coloring...WHAT, it's better then SOME things ;) I remember when I was pregnant with Mr. Mann, I colored ALL the time and then when I was pregnant with Miss Priss, at the end of the pregnancy, I was not able to move around and needed to kind of stay put (bed rest sort of) so I colored with Mr. Mann. Probably more then HE would have liked because I always bugged him LOL.

Well, that's what we've been up to, how about you??

It's time for the website of the week (SUSAN, this one is just for you)

My very good friend Susan likes this so much, I thought I would tie up her ENTIRE evening with TWO, count 'em, TWO sites!!

and this next is not knitting related but oh so cool!!

There ya have it.until then ya'll..........Knit fast, Knit on and then ship it off to me!


sulafaye said...

Can't wait to see a gleefully worn glee! Yes, I have a feeling that face gets her out of trouble every time...

cinnamongirl93 said...

Oh My Gosh..Thank you for the compliment on my site. You are the absolutely sweetest most kind knitter ever!! I'll be anxiously awaiting the progress on your sweater. You guys may get the snow storm we are having so maybe a day off school.Have fun coloring!

anne said...

the sweater look great! thanks for the links . . i'm searching for new, interesting blogs.

KT said...

Ahhh...coloring. I have a secret passion for coloring books--especially the Disney ones. A box of crayons + a Disney coloring book is pretty much life at its finest.

Danielle said...

Deb I could just cry at your last post!! I sent you that link because I know how much you love your Mr.Mann, and that link touched my heart.

On a different note, I hope you don't mind that I tagged you for a meme. You don't need to feel obligated to do it, if you wanna go check my blog out for details....take care sweetie :)