Friday, January 18, 2008

*In my best french accent* wee wee le' hat :)

Let's start off with some cashmere/silk "Eye Candy" for Friday. This is the always classy, always sleek, always sexy pattern by Anne Hanson @ I have knit this pattern 5 times already (this is the 5th) and I love it more and more each time. You can purchase her patterns at her site,just follow the link.
The long shots are some of my favorites ;) I'm so silly. I am hoping to finish this one this weekend. Although, I enjoy the pattern so much that it could take me a year to finish and I wouldn't care.
Just lovely I tell ya, just lovely!!

Alright,alright,I know, I know. Your here for the Paris Roubaix set.

Drum Roll please......................................................
This is the long awaited Paris-Roubaix pattern that can be purchased at . If you have not yet purchased this pattern, I HIGHLY recommend hauling the ol' tush on over there and get it. I thought her Waffle Pattern was fun, THIS was a blast. Actually, it probably should be sold with a warning stating "This pattern has proven to be very addictive, knit at your own risk" LOL. The model is our very own, Miss Priss. She has graciously agreed to hand over her set to Miss Anne for the photo op and she now feels she is "famous" being on the web;)

Another one of Anne Hanson's works of pure genious. The yarn is AWSOME as well. It is from the notorius Deb @ Fearless Fibers . This is her Wool/Mohair blend and I tell ya what, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of trying it, do so now before she sells out. This is quickly moving into my top 2 favorites (oh crap, the number one favorite is F.F> cashmere LOL, at least I am consistent).

**WARNING** This post is photo heavy;)...don't say I didn't warn ya....

Next line of business is a pair of socks that have been gnawing at me for WEEKS. Now I must say, I am a pretty speedy sock knitter, I like them, they're fun, fast and portable. Right? WRONG!! I dunno WHY but these socks haunted me. I SWEAR I had to almost chew my arm off to force myself to knit them. I wonder if it's because when I started them, I kind of wanted to knit a pattern but then I had that nagging flip that screams in my head saying "NO, just do a 2x2 basic so you have them done" and I figured well, since I need some socks for my own que, I'll listen to that time I'll slap that stupid voice to kingdom come!! Anyways, here they are, they are done FINALLY!!!

It shows some nice stitch definition. I did shave them when I was done as they were a little to pilly for my liking. I don't know why they turned out that way but all is well now.

Yes, your right, those socks ARE resting on a boat load of stash;) I needed some extra care when I photographed these since they were such a pain heehee.
Well, I think that is about it for today. I am working on some spinning of the CoopWorth!!! I love,love,love that fiber! Soooooo pretty and sproingy! I'll hopefully have alot of that to post sometime this weekend. I am going to try and get some skeined up and weighted shots so we can have a nice post on singles and how to hank and dry them.
Until then my friends................................I'm off!


Dodi Raz said...

Oh Ms. Priss is so cute in that adorable set! Lovely.
I think you like Anne Hanson's patterns, I do too :)

anne said...

all the knits are nice but i could hardly look at them for the view of those stunning lounge pants!

Kim said...

Oh the lounge pants.....they WERE hot and saucy, weren't they??? Not even the stash could lure my eyes from those sexay lounge pants.... And Miss Priss is darling!!! Don't come any cuter than that!! But what I'm really wondering is what's new with Mr. Mason?? What's on his knit-list these days???