Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is innocence really lost, or hidden in the lines of cashmere and ice!!!

She wanted my innocence,

She came to me where the winds blow

Where the seagulls fly high above,

I would have given a death for her.

She was a miracle of the heavens,

wrapped in a forbidden love,

that drapes to the depths of ones soul

and soars to the gates of the Heavens.

She wrapped me in seduction,

silky,sexy innocence, then set me free.

For all my inner soul to see.

Pattern :Hypotenuse


Yarn: Cashmere/silk blend, hand-dyed

final length after minor blocking: 57"

Probably my favorite scarf pattern EVAH!!! I will make this over, and over and over. Class and lust, what more can you ask for! Oh I so hope people read my blog, even if just for this one time. This is a taste of beauty one cannot,should not miss.

These photos do not do this pattern justice!!

It's almost a shame to put anything else in this post for fear it will take away from the beauty of this scarf always, that fear is short live ;)

Last night, during my 1am chat with Anne (poor thing, can you IMAGINE having to listen to me THAT late heehee)......we chatted about this fiber I spun and am LOVING it. The problem you ask??? Well, as always, I lost the original bag (it happened in the move) and I have no clue WHAT it is OR where it came from but I LOVE it!!! I thought maybe it had mohair in it but I just dunno. It is a little to soft for that I think. It appears wiry in the photos but wiry its not. It is soft, very soft and spins like nobodies business. I am hoping to get enough of it in a fingering to make a nice lace scarf to match this Alpaca Peds that I am gonna make socks out of.

What do ya'll think? Is it knit worthy? As a set? Oh crap. I wonder if it IS alpaca fiber too??? I was at one time on that kick. I am taking it over to Anne's house to see if she can decipher it for me.....the big mystery will then be solved, but until then, how about some fiber pron........

The twist is nice and even and it doesn't look like it to me in the photo's but what do I know. IT should ply up very nicely with a fairly tight and even twist. The test spin also bloomed so nicely,any unevenness it DID have,blooms right out. I did have to weight it a bit though.

Now I gotta say, the Alpaca Peds didn't come from anywhere on the net that you could all have easy access to and I have no idea if Melissa does Internet orders BUT it would be worth a shot cuz she is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S and all who know her, just love her! Her store is : stop on over and take a'll make ya wish you too lived in Oh-i-o!!!!!

Okie dokie folks, that's it for now....until next time.....knit it..........then ship it off to me for safe keeping;)


Dodi Raz said...

Oh MY! Lovely, lovely scarf, I think it would like the sun in Arizona, don't you agree? :)

anne said...

mmmm, hypot-a-love.
i know you might not know this, but that fiber does not match that yarn (unless the camera is lying of course!)

DebbieKnitter said...

hmmm, wonder why it looks so different in real life. I have done the searching and all can rest easy LOL For some reason the fiber shows purple when it is really supposed to be "tonal blues", like I know what THAT means LOL and the Alpca Peds is also Tonal blues with a little more heathered navy such as the fiber? Trust me, if ya knew me, you would know why it is so important for my friends to tell me color oops so we don't have another "safety orange" trauma again heehee.