Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blue balls and Blue Hands....the same, I think NOT! *g*

Ok, well ,maybe THAT was a little harsh, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I looked down and seen my hands. For several days and several classes, while knitting my GORGEOUS Hypotenuse, I would look down and see that my hands had this ODD look. Sickly sort of. I thought once or twice that maybe it was cuz my hands were perpetually cold but I have lots of yummy hand knits to fix THAT problem. WHAT could this odd "illness" be?? LOOK, LOOK at these hands, do they LOOK normal to you ( I know, I need a manicure, more on that later) Here is the front view (the main offender)........................................
and here is the back, equally as creepy...............
WHAT is it, what have I been plagued with?! I felt borderline like I should be banished to a knitters blue hand island!
Then it happened, I was happily knitting and I suddenly STOPPED, LOOKED and GAWKED at the seemingly responsible culprit of the "blue hand mystery".....are you ready, hold on, you may wanna sit down first.......
The way I hold my yarn is the culprit!! The stains are exactly where the yarn sits as I knit. seeeee.................I'm not plagued (at least not by something blue;)

I feel soooo relieved and plus, it is soooo worth it.....look at this beauty's progress........
TEN, count 'em TEN stunning repeats and I think 3 more to go, maybe one or two more, whaddya think? I am so in love with this. Even if the yarn does bleed *grin*
I have since been told that the yarn has silk and cashmere in it and the silk when it is dyed, it does bleed some so when I am done with this, I am going to soak it in some vinegar and lock in the color.
.....and of course, the obligatory looonnnggg shot (ok, only obligatory for me heehee)

That is so cool isn't it?! Ok, 'nuff of the braggin' right Deb, right! Next up on the list is something pretty dang AWSOME.
For Christmas this year, my dear friend Anne (KnitSpot) got soooo sick of hearing me whine and seeing my alligator skin pawing at her yummy knits. So, what was the answer, what would save our friendship and let me continue to paw her knits and yarns and fibers without felting them in a single swoop.................THIS!!!

Ya'll know I like to yak about the latest yarns, the finest fibers and the coolest patterns BUT, I also just HAVE to tell you about this hand cream. I thought about keeping it a secret so that Kim would always have it on hand for me, but I am all about sharin' the love ;)

I have even emailed her asking for a larger jar because being Diabetic, I have some pretty sore tootsie's (I'll spare you the photos) and I started using it on those piggies and they are the SOFTEST TOOTS EVAH!!! You simply MUST go to the site and get your order, I swear you will not be sorry. I have not felted a hank of yarn just by touching it since;)

Here is her site in case you haven't already found it......just like the yellow brick road, follow it.

Oh, save some for me though please!

I have got several emails about what Mr. Mason aka Mr. Mann is up to lately. First, I must tell you he gets such a charge when he knows others ask about him, he has a smile that lights up the Texas sky that one...........anyways, he has been hot and heavy in school. He is doing fractions and doing well and has just finished a rather large report on Timber Wolfs and their habitats and such. He is now studying Sir Isac Newton and is rather amused by that too. BUT have no fear, there is play going on too, both with his new puppy AND with boy stuff. Take a gander at this handsome dude.

He's playing one of those handheld type games and having a BLAST I must say.

Okie Dokie all, that's it for now but hey, just a quick note, still has some of the Wool/Mohair blend yarn that the Pave' is made out of on and you truly MUST get some. The softest, most addictive mohair blend I have EVER used. Try it, you won't be, if you buy it, you'll be helping me stick to my "use the yarn stash rule...". I would so be all over that yarn!!!

Till then my friends, Knit it and send it to me for safe keeping heehee


anne said...

aww! i'm so happy you like the hand creme! it's my favorite too . . esp the smell. sometimes i put it on just to be soothed by the smell.

Dodi Raz said...

Wait a minute Debbie, this is really unfair, you keep sending us to all those yummy yarns websites and want us to knit from our stash? have mercy woman!

It was funny to read about your blue hands just after noticing that my bamboo needles got a bit of a light pink color that I suspect come from the yarn, but my yarn doesn't have silk only some cashmere,,, hmmmm,,,I think I will need to do the vinegar thingie too!