Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tag...your it!

Well, here you have it folks.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1. Take my kids to Disney Land (or world, I never know which one is which)
2. Travel to a foreign country
3. Make a definitive mark in the world of Autism
4. Learn more patience
5. Learn a foreign language
6. See my children as happy, self-aware, secure and loving adults
7. See my grandchildren/great grandchildren….er, eventually
Ok, the last 2 I borrowed from Jennifer's LOL but still, I was gonna add it anyways.
Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Cast on the long tail way
2. Have dental work done without being completely sedated.........its true.
3. Speak a foreign language
4. turn away someone who needs help
5. just go to sleep without checking on my kids right before I retire for the night
6. Make a pom-pom with-out a pom-pom maker
7. Make an omlet without tearing it, no matter WHAT new fangled gadget I have to do it.
Seven Things That Attract Me to…...Ohio
1. My family is from here
2. I happen to like Canton
3. Change of Seasons, I will never ever see anything as stunning and breath-taking as I did in 1989 when I cam back to Ohio in October, the end, I drove for 12 hours straight and was driving to my Aunts house at 2:30pm. I drove down a road called Genoa, it was the most stunning sight ever. The street was lined with so many trees and colors that I could not only see,but smell. It was breath-taking. I have never forgot it, if I could share that one moment, the one that made me stop my car, pull over and breathe deep, I would share it with all of you.
4. My kids love it here being next to their family.
5. lots of history here, presidential, family,and world.
6. beautiful friendships I have made.
7. The beautiful countryside, melts my heart everytime I see it. I know I can never go back there, to that beautiful, silent, and calming countryside that when the wind blows, you feel it across your face, each and every breeze fills every spot of your body and soul............
Seven Things I Say
1. "Oh THAT'S cuuuttteee"
2. "ya know"
3. "loves it"
4. "I swear you'll never knit another pattern that is better than Anne's" LOL trust me, I not only SAY this, but it's true LOL
5. "hey, ya busy, I just gotta quick question"**WARNING, NEVER believe me when I say this *giggle***
6. "I am calling your dad and telling him what you did NOW, and THIS time I mean it"
7. *Steve, did you hear me, what did I say?"
Seven Good Books
1. The Five People you Meet in Heaven by: Mitch Album
2. The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier
3. Ten Things Every Child with Autism wishes you Knew by: Ellen Notbohm
4. Unstrange Mind by: Roy Richard Grinker **This is a definite must read**
5. Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin **Truly, my hero, a very hard to read book by an Autistic mastermind who has done WORLDS for Autism research. If you want a truly touching book, about a woman who has gone through it all, read this**
6. Is This Your Child by Doris Rapp **Wonderful,wonderful woman**
7. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by: Lisa See
Seven Good Movies:
This is the only thing I have to leave blank. I don't watch hardly any movies. If you can spare 7 titles for me, I would be forever greatful *grin*. I have a toddler so the chances of me being able to sit through a movie longer than 25 minutes, yeah, THAT's not happening;)
Seven Blogs to Tag
ok, now I have had several of you who asked me just HOW do you know if you have been tagged *laughing evil,wicked, shrills* THIS IS HOW YOU KNOW IT::::
1. Anne, THIS would be you *grin*
2. The only way I will give you a reprive, is if you give me the Kiri Shawl LOL.....people, you simply MUST see her lovely shawl!!
3. Danielle, you just are so sweet, I HAD to do it LOL.
4. Sara, This is what happens to people who like Peanut brittle LOL
5. Brooke, my newest friend.....and a FANTASTIC fiber dyer!!
6. Holly has been sooo quiet lately!!
7. While we're reading your answers, we can all join your contest *grin*....truly a very cool person ya'll, check out her photo's....soooo pretty!!
Ok, there ya have it. My very first tag!!! Thank you again Jennifer, I was soooooo excited. I honestly have been DYING to get tagged. LOL
Oh the gorgeous hints of Spring will be showing it's billowy,fluffy,cotton cloud shining goodness all next week in Ohio. The weather report is supposed to have us in sun and warm rain!! I can't WAIT! I am sick of rain, sick of gloom and really wanting to see some blooms on my plants, trees ect.,.
Knit on my friends!!!
P.s. Remind me to have another contest for the most creative yarn swift around LOL


Sara said...

I knew you were going to get me! That's fine...I needed something effortless for this week-end.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

You got me ... well it might take me a few days. It's a little more thinking than I'm use too you know ... so I need some time. I did the 6 weird things about me meme and that might have been a little more than what anyone wanted to know, LOL.

Danielle said...

I don't mind getting tagged, but it may be just a little harder for me to tag other people because I don't know that many other blogs. It'll be good for me to exercise my brain a bit!

Hollyeqq said...

I have been so quiet lately that I totally missed this post!!! I have been a workin' girl. I started a Batty Babe Club and making batts for my website that i have been crazy. I also got 40 pounds of raw Romney that begged for my attentiion so I have been out of the loop!
I will have to figure out a way to get you back! :)
Off to go tag some people...