Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm seeing green AND pink :)

Wow, I have ALOT of things to cover, aren't ya/ll the lucky ones *giggle*.
First things first, I have been thinking for awhile now (shocking, I know) that I would like to do some sort of a contest. A give away of sorts, a destashing technique. Why not, what better way to destash a little then to have a contest. Kind of like reward my blog readers (all 6 of them LOL) for being so loyal. Now I just needed to figure out HOW and all that other jazz. I think this is how it will go. For the person who actually wins, and here is how I'll run that::: All people guessing, leave it in my comment section and I will take all the RIGHT answers and put them in a name generator, then 3 names will be drawn from that. After 3, your S- O -L heehee. The very last day for guessing will be April 15th at midnight *giggle* oh I ammmm an evil one I tell ya LOL. At each blog posting I make, I will give you a clue to something I am expecting in the mail. The clue may or may not be pointed out. You may actually have to read what I write to see if you can spot anything out of the ordinary, torture isn't it :) You can have as many guesses as you want. MEANING THIS: Every day that I post a clue, you can post a guess. What you may think is your answer one day, may NOT be what you think the next. Your name won't be entered more than once though. You can guess all the way until the 15th. Remember though, say you actually guess it on the second posting, I am not going to tell YOU. I might however, say something the next day like, the like answer was guessed already once, twice, or whichever, but I won't tell you by whom or what day yada yada yada. This should be fun!!! I may or may not tell you if the answer is knitting related or not, you'll have to wait and see:) Hmmmmm, now we're gonna sort the men from the women here, so to speak.....first place will be .....................
drum roll please:::: An entire hank of LUSCIOUS YUMMY and gorgeous .........cashmere, fingering weight, photo and yardage will be posted at next entry. I can tell you this, it is nice and it's cashmere, we all know how I feel about that....roll it in soot, cover it with poison ivy and hell, it's CASHMERE, I'll knit with it *giggle*. Second place will receive enough sock yarn to make a pair of adult socks. Photo, yardage and info will be posted at next blog entry. The third winner is a pot luck of's a SURPRISE!!! I won't post pictures today because it is REALLY gloomy and rainy and I want you to be able to actually see the accurate yarn photos. The colorways and such. Plus, I filled up my camera disk and forgot to empty it and now I can't figure out how to do it....where is King1 when I need him dang it.

Well, that takes care of that. Next up : yummy yarn goodness, sorry folks, this is alllllllllllll mine *grin* now before you hurl and go blind, try to keep in mind a watermelon, and it's rind...I have the pefect little accent for the seeds. I am making watermelon socks with this yarn!!

Now tell me, don't you think of watermelons? Perfect for Spring;) Cuff will be green with of course seeds, heels and toes are "watermelonish". I am so excited I can hardly contain myself LOL I can barely finish the pink & greenies I am working on right now. I have big plans for Spring and summer knitting, big plans I tell ya. I am making several spring and summer items out of cotton for this season. Many of the will be summer essentials! I am really excited to get down to some serious and blissful knitting I tell ya!

Ok, now one last photo for today to post....... Once upon a time, I got a yarn swift, lovely and shiny and new, I wound up my yarn and wound up my yarn and then off the top it blew!! *giggle* I BROKE my old yarn swift and so I got a new one....isn't this the BIGGEST flippin' swift ya'll have EVER seen?! My kids were like "whoaaaaa mom, We can ride on that thing" LOL over my dead body LOL.

For my next post, I will be responding to my VERY FIRST Tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo, I FINALLY have been tagged. I was so excited to read my name. Now I need to think of the answers too:) I am so excited I tell ya. To find out WHO tagged me, go to
You'll get a chance to get to know her better too:) I personally like reading these, I feel like I get a sense of who the people that I read every day actually are, some of their likes, dislikes, wishes ect..........
Have fun today, remember, stop and enjoy the day, smile at a stranger, say hello to someone standing in never know, you just may be talking to a friend:)
Knit on Peeps!


anne said...

i LOVE the swift love, love love.
how do you know if you get tagged? i rea all the time that someone got tagged, but i wouldn't know if it happened to me!
ok now what you are expecting in the mail; is it coming from crown mountain farms?

Jennifer said...

Okay, I have to make a guess...a ball winder? Is that what's coming in the mail, or do you already have one of those? I LOVE the beret you made, by the way!! So, cute!

I'm glad your so excited about being tagged. I can't wait to read your answers!

Cheryl said...

I think those watermelon socks will so so cute! That is such an awesome idea! I need more clues before I can guess. I'm not a very good guesser. Haha!

SpindleKnits said...

Oooh, I have swift envy! As of yet, my swift is my feet. One day though I will graduate to a real swift ;-).
Yeah, how do you know if you get tagged? Just like Anne said, I would have no idea unless I get sent something.
Hmmmm...I have a small inkling of an idea of what you have coming in the mail but I will wait for some more clues and keep checking for pics of those watermelon socks.
BTW, thanks for the advice on the house guilt thing. ;) Sometimes I let it get the best of me.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Ooooo, a contest! My eyes perked up when I saw "Cashmere". Well let's see... are you expecting a Spinning Wheel? An Ashford or something like it?

Now come on by and enter my contest, LOL.

Brooke said...

Ooh a contest!! I was actually just stopping by to say hello :) Love your yarn for the watermelon socks! Those are going to be too cool! :P I'm starting to envision you in a completely pink and lime green outfit... haha!! You're going to do it, aren't ya? *grin*

Danielle said...

I think the sock yarn is great! You asked me if I had any new thoughts on toddler patterns lately- nothing new right now.

As for your contest, I'll need more clues to even begin to guess. I'm such a crappy guesser.

Your yarn swift looks really awesome, I don't have one at all. I use two dining room chairs back to back. It's weird, I've posted about it before. It does work, but it's a pain. Necessity, the mother of invention ya know.

Kena said...

are you getting some new knitting needles?