Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh no, I am part frog....and well, I dunno the rest

Well, it's Spring my friends, the bug has bitten me. I am COMPLETELY addicted to GREEN and ORANGE. Sad, but true my friends. I subjected my knitting pals with a sock of brighter proportions, a brightness like no other. You have already seen the first part of the sock....I am rounding up doing the toe now and the colors are.....shall I say, BRIGHTER. I will spare you the photo of it until I finish it's partner (probably this weekend) and then I will flash the stunning duo *wink* . Ok, Ok, I lied.................... THESE little beauties are sooooooooooooo cute and from what all my friends say, they are sooooooooooo bright LOL. This is the colorway "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and I have the link to the Etsy shop below. It is from Crash into Ewe!! Loves it!!

So where is the green you ask.....................................................................................................I'll show you. Seeee, how can I resist THAT. The orange is as scrumptious in person, as it is in the photo. I have 2 REALLY cute patterns of knee highs that I have planned for these colorways. For the very first time since I began knitting, I GET what ya'll get rises about with colorways. Oh sure, I know I don't "see" it like you guys do but I obviously see this. I tend to have different hightened senses with yarn such as smell, feel, sometimes, the "grain" of the yarn is unpleasant to me...alot of times with a cotton yarn, the "grain" (not sure how else to explain that) feels rough to me. Therefore, I find it unpleasant. I tend to be VERY picky about the yarns and fibers I use because my sense of touch is stronger. I also am not attracted to a yarn that has a really tight twist to it. I find it not as pliable if that makes sense. It seems stiffer to me, my knits seem to not have "life" sort of when I use a tightly spun yarn. I know, I know.....I am COMPLETELY anal LOL. I wish I weren't believe me, I drive people NUTS, but my friends, Lord love them, they tolerate me and even find me ....*giggle* get this....charming LOL. I swear, that's what one of my friends told me the other day LOL.

Moving on, I know I told ya'll that I would give you my review of the other Vicki Howell yarns by SWTC. You know, the yarns that were made out of hemp, soy,ect. I already did the milk fiber and cotton. Well, I am not going to give you a review. I will try to keep this as brief as I can. I know that I am a very fussy person, I even know that I tend to demand ALOT out of not only products, but people. It is the way that I am, I can't help that either, try as I may. Even though I have those traits about myself, I can say that I am VERY honest, loyal and very kindhearted. I tend to want to help everyone. With that said ( I am only trying to point out that I am not a COMPLETE snot LOL) Well, as most of you know, I WAS a HUGE Vicki Howell fan. I was a fan of her knitting show, her books, and of course, her new yarn. I tivoed her shows, I read her blog, ect., well, it seems that after I made a comment regarding her KNITTY GRITTY book, I am no longer a welcomed commenter on her blog ect. It wasn't even like I put the comment on her blog, I emailed it privately and just said that I was disappointed in the publicity hype regarding the book because it was not discussed that ALL the patterns in it were patterns available on DIYNETWORK for FREE. Yes, my feathers were a bit ruffled. I felt almost tricked. Not like Favorite Socks by Interweave Knits who let it be known from the get go that these patterns appeared in print in the magazines ect. I also bought that book. Almost all of the patterns were ones that were in the magazine way before I got it (thank you Anne). Anyways, I just told them that I would have prefered to know that I could have printed them out for free on the net. I feel I should have been able to make the decision being FULLY informed as to whether or not I wanted to spend money for them or whether I wanted to get them for free. Having them in a book DOES have ALOT of good points. You have all the patterns right there, they are in a hardback with lovely colored photos, ect., but again, I felt I should have been fully informed and not be made to feel tricked into buying a book due to what I felt was false advertising. I also was under the impression that these were patterns of Vicki herself, not so, she had one.Again, misleading. This all may be not so pleasant to have someone tell you BUT in my opinion, necessary for marketing. After this email was sent, I DID have a post of congratulations regarding her engagement, that was denied, AND the post I had made regarding being excited to try her new yarn was REMOVED. I found this HIGHLY offensive and just poor customer relations. The email I sent regarding the book, was never responded to. So, it is very apperhant to me, that customer service is NOT a strong suit of her staff nor do they care about the consumer, so what should I critique her yarn lines when , hey, lets face it, what do they care. Why give them any warrant one way or another when it is obviously not wanted. So with that said, I will no longer comment one way or another regarding any of it:)

Next subject.....I am awaiting some YUMMY fiber from Crown Mountain Farms. I am telling you, if not solely due to customer service alone, if you haven't bought from them...>> it, I promise you won't be sorry. It is almost sinful LOL. Some more yarn props. Here is a TERRIFIC dyer on Etsy, she will special order for you without a problem, she has FANTASTIC customer service and of course, she has cashmere.....check her out, and trust me, you'll be PLEASANTLY surprised :

It is DEFINITELY worth it.

The nest stop should be Crash into Ewe at :

Again, TOP NOTCH customer service and her colorways for sock yarn, is just to DYE for *giggle* ok, ok, sorry 'bout that but I never get to many chances for a pun here or a pun there LOL. The colorways for sock yarn.......LOVELY. Please, check out both "yarn crack shops" oops, I mean "Yarn Shops" *giggle*.

Make sure you check tomorrow, I think a contest is in the making!!!

Happy Knitting ya'll


Danielle said...

Debbie, I just can't believe that Vicki Howell would behave that way. For one thing: Aren't we adults here? For another thing: when you're selling a product don't you want all types of feedback, even if it is negative? Usually negative comments can be useful to sellers so that they can make improvements for future projects. How disappointing. If she continues to treat people that way she'll loose alot of fans. You can't treat one person crappy, and not have it get around to other people. She certainly doesn't have the market cornered when it comes to the best patterns out there.

Well anyway, I really love the colors of you new sock yarn. I think we're having similar color thoughts lately. I've been going for oranges and greens here and there.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love your pink & green socks! And I must say that altho I've never watched Vicki Howell because I don't get DYI ... I did buy one of her books sight unseen once because of all the talk about her & her show. But I'm sorry I did. I didn't really see anything in there that I liked. But I will give it to one of my knitting grandchildren tho in case it's more to their taste, but I was disappointed to find that I didn't like anything. Making me realize that she may have been overrated! Now that I've read your experience, I may be right, huh?

crashintoewe said...

I'm amazed that the pink and green is so varigated on your socks. I love it.

I mentioned that I was knitting with that same colorway and I'll have to email you the photos because the colors pooled to make stripes down the legs. That's what I love about hand-dyed. The outcome is always a surprise!

Knit On-
Terry (CrashIntoEwe)