Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Once upon a time, in a land far away..........

there lived a fairy princess, her name was Miss Priss. She was a beautiful princess, one who knew what she wanted and WHEN she wanted it................*fill in the rest of the story as you wish hehe* I don't even need to explain these photo's. I personally think she is the most beautiful princess around. later in the afternoon, she found her fairy princess felted hat I made her and then she found her pink play/'dress up shoes and Viola, a princess was born!

The yarn was the Jaeger Aqua (mercerized cotton), I really like this yarn. As far as cotton goes, it is a great cotton. I really have changed my thoughts on cotton as I have kind of widened my horizon's with it. The pattern was one from the Adorable Knits for Kids book by Zoe Mellor. I dunno, I am just not diggin' her patterns now. I dunno know if it all stems from the whole not having an easy time tracking down the errata for just ONE of her books. I tend to get turned off quick when something like that happens. I will say, I originally bought the book because the photos in the book, they truly ARE adorable, hence the name BUT, now that I have made several items from it, I really must say, I am finding it only mediocre at best. Of the patterns I have made, they are not as neat and clean as they could be, almost sloppy. I really want to try one more pattern in it to just make SURE I am unsatisfied and that I am just not picking unflattering patterns for my design taste. Sometimes, it could just result in a case of not picking the "right" one, we'll see. I'll weigh in on my final decision when I am done with it. I KNOW this pattern will be the turning point for me, it is made out of Rowan yarn and geesh, who could go wrong with that ya know. So stay tuned:)

WOW, I am really jonesin' for...... essentially.......well.........summer!!! I started getting all hyped up with the last couple of days and its warmth. True to form in Ohio, eeewwwww, we are dropping back to another cold snap. brrrrrrrrrrrr. I guess you could say I have the fever (for the flavor of a pringle LOL sorry, kidding) for Spring. I could do without the mud but sometimes ya gotta take the good with the bad ya know. We have a gravel driveway and it is REALLY long, well, with all this rain, it has turned into a MUDPIT!! There just is no way around it. We live in a really old farmhouse and the driveway is not attached to the house (ohhh that would be soooo nice)
This photo is taken at the very start of our driveway, the garage is still about a hundred or so feet away from the point I am standing at. I didn't use the zoom lens cuz I wanted to get an accurate distance of just how friggin' far it is to carry groceries into the house!!! I HATE that. It's the worst for me. Ok, so well, now you know why I dread rain LOL. Onto more pressing topics....

Some fibery goodness has been happening at my house. Besides the yarn for my watermelon socks , which by the way, the colorway is bright yes, but I showed it to my daughter and she does indeed love it so as long as she likes it, I do too:) She's 3 but she knows what she does and does not like. Anyways, the day I got it, I also ordered fiber from Crown Mountain Farms. HIGHLY recommended I might add. I bought 2 8oz colorways and I got them in record speed, and started to spin some last night. I LOVE it. It is superwash and is a little more slippery than what I am used to but it clicked pretty quick and I settled into a groove. YES the colorway is green. It is called Say a Little Prayer. The other colorway is Orange (Hang on sloopy is the name). I am not sure the green one is gonna come out the way I am thinking after I ply it but we'll see!

The blue is a romney blend that I spun up, I just need to ply it. I think I am going to attempt the Navaho ply with it. I found several really good websites that explain it well. I want to see if it is a wasted effort though to do it with this bobbin. If it is recommended for blended colorways then I'll wait and do it for the Say A Little Prayer and do it with that.

It was really nice to spin. I am VERY please with my spinning now. I am consistently spinning sock weight and I am no longer over spinning my singles. They are smooth and even and not strained in anymore. I really am happy with it. I personally prefer handspun sock yarn to commercial BUT my problem was, I couldn't do 2 things, one spin a "stash" of sock yarn as fast as I want OR I also couldn't get it the right tension, not anymore. I can see how my sock yarn spinning stash is getting some new residents LOL. This makes me REALLY happy since I actually prefer to use the handspun. Now don't get me wrong, I do adore ALOT of the commercial sock yarns still and will always use them, especially for my kids, the rate they out grow things it would be silly to use handspun exclusively for them. Miss Priss does really well with Lorna Laces and Mr. Mann does better with Briar Rose sock yarn (Grandma's Blessings) well, now that you have all the in and outs, I think we can say for certainty that handspun sock yarn will mostly be what you find on my piggies. In between the mix of Briar Rose and Lorna's Laces tossed in for ease *giggle*. Good thing Debbie Bliss doesn't make sock yarn eh?!

Last but not least, I'll leave you with some outdoor fun!! Last week was really nice and the kids were just itching to get out on their bikes so here was a few stolen moments of scooter and bike riding!

Nothing like family time on a nice day:)

P.S. I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and it came this morning.............I am in LOVE with it.

Knit on my friends!!! Don't forget to keep guessing................hmmmmmmmm, what could it be, what could it be!!


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Well it's not a vacuum for Spring cleaning because you just got that. M-m-m-m, a Weaving Frame? You knit, spin and now you're going to Weave.
BTW, Ms Priss is ADOR-ABLE!

anne said...

awww, that lil lady is way too cute. and i think the dress looks great debbie!
the green fiber is spinning up nice! i got some nice red fibers from her that i haven't had a chance to show you.
and yes; that is a heck of a long way to the house with groceries. ugh

SpindleKnits said...

Little miss is an adorable princess! Cute pattern.
Hmmm...spinning some huh? Maybe buying more fiber to go along with a new spinning item?
That walk you have sure does suck but gorgeous house. I keep trying to talk hubby into getting a farmhouse.
I bought a dyson a few years ago and love it. Isn't it amazing the stuff that thing picks up?

brooke said...

Ummm...your daughter and I have similar taste in clothing...hahaha!!...No, really.. ;P

Danielle said...

Miss Priss is a cutie patootie! I think she's awfully lucky to have you to knit for her, you're a sweet mommy! Thanks for you comforting comment about my migraines, I know you understand. I sure hope things are going better for you.

It's funny when you said your garage is far away from your house, I'm thinking to myself "another thing we've got in common" ours is too. We have 2 garages, and our driveway is way long(but not gravel thankfully). We can't even park our cars in either garage for several reasons I won't go into. It does suck when your garage is far away from your house, someday we'd like to maybe tear our old one down and build a new one next to our house. Your house is really pretty, btw!!

Meghann said...

Love Miss Priss's new outfit! Too adorable.

The spinning is beautiful....I've been wanting to learn to spin and seeing all this gorgeous stuff from blogland makes me want it even more! Maybe I should finish a few things first, huh?

aija said...

Can't wait to see the sloopy... that's the cmf sock hop yarn colorway that always has me oohing :)

HollyEQQ said...

Ohhhhh - pretty green!! Love love love green this season. Ok, well every season!
ps. Ms Priss is adorable!