Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I gave blogger a migraine!

I had an entire post made with pictures uploaded but that stupid thing deleted. I can't remember most of it and it was...............ready..........long LOL.
I also had explained how I have become addicted to PODCASTS and one of my absolute FAVORITES is It is sooooooooooooo funny and has ALOT of great information on yarns, shops,books ect. It is because of them that I am back on the wagoon after CLEARLY falling off of it for the KNIT FROM YOUR STASH of 2007.....BUT.......have no fear, I am back on again, this time with my seat belt on! Do ya think I can do it???

Here is the long AND short of it. My yarn loads came in, and I have been jonesing for the Vicki Howell yarn since its release I have it. I love it, and will be swatching it this week. I'll keep ya posted. I am obviously going through a green faze too.............don't ask LOL

The rest of the Jaeger Siena came in...........and of course, in GREEN:That is some dang nice cotton I tell ya!!! Loves it. Last of the yarn porn is the King Cole Anti-Tickle, I swear that is the name of it..............anyways, I am knitting a hat from the Itty Bitty Hat book out of it. It seems nice and soft, is a teeny bit fuzzy for my liking but hey, it's merino. I will be interested in seeing how it washes up and it's durability. When I first seen this, I was intrigued because it was used alot in the Adorable Knits for Tots book by Zoe Mellor, she has used it in several of the patterns. I'll keep ya'll posted on it.

This is the remainder of the stitch markers I made, aren't they cute?! The last one is a bit freakish, its some sort of a face out of blown glass.............

I really like them alot though and they are far better than those boring circles LOL.

Hey, check this out....THIS is my latest thrift store find. It is actually a Lancome make-up case brand new, for $1. I of course could NOT pass it up and had to get it. I turned it into a knitting gadget holder and Viola, there ya have it!! I love it and what a bargain!!Last but not least, THIS is the newest addition to the cranberry depression glass family I have been collecting. I also had purchased a pitcher to go with these 2 cups but the Ebayer kind of screwed me and has not sent my item. I have filed a dispute and am really upset by it. Not only did I love the piece, but I hate being take advantage of ya know. I have no clue what happened to this seller BUT all of a sudden, they started stiffing people and not emailing them back OR sending their stuff but they sure do collect your money! I'll let ya know how it turns out!!

For those of you checking in on latest information for Anne aka please see her blog comment section for important mailing information.

Well ya'll, until then, Knit On !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danielle said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so terribly sorry for Anne's loss! I can not convey how upseting this news is to me. It's so strange, I don't even know you two in person at all, but I feel like I've formed a new friendship with you both. I enjoy reading yours and Anne's blogs both so much. It might sound silly to you, but I'm sitting here now and tears are falling as I type this. I don't even personally know you guys, but I feel so sorry. Anne will definitely be grateful for all you are doing to help her. She'll be in such a numb state for awhile that she'll need all the help she can get. Right now she's just going on autopilot. I did leave a comment early on to Anne, but I think I would really like to send a card personally. That was a very generous offer you made. You are a very thoughtful a caring friend! God bless you. P.S. Everything knitting related in your post today looks great too!!!!

Kat said...

saw your post on Stash and Burn, and didn't know where else to put this.... You can find Lime & Violet's podcast on Itunes (search for Lime & Violet) or through their blog at


LMB Knits said...

Debbie: I cannot find the link to the obituary that you mentioned on Anne's blog. Can you email it to me or put it in the comments? Thanks.

Sprite said...

Cool to super saving thrift store buys! I always love those.

I hope you get our depression glass pitcher. The cups rock! I have depression glass in rose, but I totally love your cranberry! I need to add on to the set one of these days.