Thursday, January 11, 2007


In case there is one person (not family related LOL) out there who DOES read my blog and has not yet been to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go there and read todays post. I am totally and utterly DISGUSTED that ANY banking instittution would be so ASSININE!!! (I think that's how ya spell get the point). My husband and I were victimes of identity fraud and bank fraud in Jauly of 2006....we are STILL cleaning it up and fixing the problems occured by that ....and believe me, I thought I have heard EVERY stupid thing a bank could POSSIBLY think of or do...but I stand corrected!!! There truly is one more stupid bank and person!!


ok, now with that said......I'll leave you with these photos..............This is some handspun wool that I am spinning, I didn't realize there was some red in it until it was to late but it still is spinning up really nice. I forget where its from and what color it is but I know its a wool LOL.

This is the handspun I got for a gift and am making the shrug outta it......this is the progress from yesterday on it. I was working on it while at class and then again when I was watching ..."The Simple Life" re-runs late last night (1 am to be exact) LOL.

Knit on my friends!!


Fiberjoy said...

I'll head over and read the Harlot's post (still barely working my way down -catching up with - my blog list from being gone a week ago.) But first I wanted to ask what you did to stop, or curb, the thieves? I have a friend who just had her identity stolen a few weeks ago, as well as her husbands which really compounds the problem, and they HAD impeccable credit. They're just not getting much help, stumbling along the best they can. Meanwhile the thieves are opening, and maxing, c.c. accounts all over the country.

Any tips I can pass along to them?

Nice spinning. I'm such a slow spindler, but it's good therapy. :-)

Hollyeqq said...

I hate identity theifs... almost as much as the idiots that send out viruses. Doesn't make any is just a stupid game. Use your intelligence for something more globally freindly. Idiots.
Ok, on a more freindly note - love what you have on the wheel. I just did some yarn up for my secret pal in those colors. They made me so happy I dyed up some more last night. I want to make some coltswool lamb lock hanging off of some silk yarn in those deep rich purple and blues. Love them. They will probably sell at my show and I will have to reorder for myself. That is how it always goes. I usually spin up stuff that I have bought from someone else and can never remember what it is made from! Life is kooky like that!
Thanks for coming by my journal.... I loved your compliments - I guess we all like to hear nice things - makes us feel special.
Happy Friday

hollyeqq said...

oops it cut off my journal site - let me try again.