Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Bambi and a sock!!!

This is the little guy that was out our family room window this morning. Sorry 'bout the poor quality (husband took it and is a good picture taker) but it was morning AND rainy and gloomy!! Isn't he cute! We named him Leroy. I dunno why, it just fit, and no, I DON"T wanna know if it turns out Leroy is actually a girl:) I don't know ANYTHING about the anatomy or anything else of a deer,except how to cook a venison steak *sheepish grin*
Ok, well, now, onto knitting!!!

There really isn't a WHOLE lotta progress to show, I am at that point of the handspun where I am knitting and knitting and it LOOKS like I am not getting far but in truth, I am. So I didn't re-photograph it. I DID however, take 2 photo's of the Vintage socks which HAVE grown. In my opinion, socks don't stop growing until you start on the foot part ;)
The first photo is with the flash, the second without. I was TRYING to catch the pattern and colorway but I dunno if I did it that well. To see a bigger photo of the socks, double click on the picture, it IS worth seeing the pattern. I LOVE it and it is soooooo fun to knit. I haven't gotten bored yet with this pattern. I also LOVE this yarn of course, it is part of my secret Sweet Freedom sock yarn stash from Briar Rose and I use that ONLY for me heehee.

WOW, this is really a icky view of this pattern and color...hopefully it comes out better than what I am seeing. The sock pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, a gift from my husband, thanks hun!! I LOVE this book and am REALLY getting into knitting pattern socks.

Well, that's all folks, until next time...........Knit On my friends, knit on!!!

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hollyeqq said...

love bambi! and the sock does have such a great pattern. One of these days I am going to start doing socks...