Monday, January 15, 2007

Eanie,Meanie, Miney, Moe, a shrug, a sock, a closed up TOE!!!

Ok, here are those socks from the other day, finished!! They're so cute. I really think she is gonna love them. They go with jeans,cords, anything!! They were so easy, 2x2 ribbing with traditional heel (not a heel I am fond of) The yarn is the Fortissima with the strand of glitter!Here are my FAVORITE socks in the whole wide world...ok,ok, at least until I make another pair LOL. I love this yarn and this pattern is so much fun. I worked it some last night right before I got ready to fall asleep. I spent most of the evening working with the handspun project. Anyways, I did a 1-10 repeat row for the socks and then put them away. They call for 7 repeats of 1-10 and I am now on 6. They are just so cute. I am glad I picked these for me!! I am also glad I chose this yarn, it is so soft!! The first photo is crappy, the second one is closer up and it shows the stitch. It is AGAIN raining here so it's hard to get a good photo indoors! You can click on the picture for a larger view.

then, last but not least, the handspun beauty! I am now coming into the sleeves, it is still that part of it that you feel like your knitting and knitting and nothing is happening LOL but it is. I have to knit until the width for the sleeve is 10" so just a bit more to go then I will be closing off that.
Well, that's it peeps, no more good stuff to show you. Thanks for all the great email everyone, I love it. I am shocked some people are reading this LOL....oh, and by the way, my daughter hit a bunch of buttons on my keyboard and DELETED my email account. SBC is fixing it but in the meantime, I have to use this one: debbiejusiatyahoodotcom feel free to use that one till the other is fixed!!

Knit on my friends!!


anne said...

i love the briar rose sock too. some day, i also will actually USE my sock books!

Kelly said...

Great socks! Love the how the handspun sweater is coming along. I hope to make a sweater out of my handspun sometime this year.