Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And then..there were three...ok, actually FOUR.....

But saying then there were four just doesn't sound right ya know!!! Okie Dokie, first off, I have pictures *bg* I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, yarn!!This is going to be my first experience with Elann.com or their yarn. This is their cotton. I am pretty happy with the feel of it and the appearance, as far as cotton goes that is.

What I mean by that is that I am NOT a huge fan of cotton, mostly due to what is most likely, inexperience,but also, I had a bad first time with it...not Elann's though.....I am truthfully excited to try this. Elann's customer service was pretty gosh darn good too, they were FAST and the yarn was on sale. I know I could have picked out alot of other "brands" there, more "known" but my whole point was to try Elann's yarn brand. I'll keep ya posted. (P.s....This was a gift from my father-in-law for Christmas by the way...thanks BobPa)

Ok, onto the GIANORMOUS socky things, they really are for Monkey boy, they are gonna be felted house socks LOL, aren't they cute. The yarn is from KnitPicks and I had left-over so I wanted to use it up and he picked out the color so hey, it's all good!

And......drumroll pleas, as promised.....here is my update from Anne's Christmas gift...*insert neener,neener,neener here*. This is going to be the CUTEST shrug from I.K. I forgot to take a picture of that too and I am to lazy to re-do it, just trust me, it's sooo cute!! I picked the shrug cuz I'll actually have enough yarn to make this AND this really cute Debbie Bliss sweater WOOHOO!!! How economical is THAT!

Last but not least, this book is AWESOME. It is Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I LOVE it. I am making these, aren't they AWESOME?! The yarn is my secret stash of Sweet Freedom from Briar Rose Fibers (you simply MUST go there)http://www.briarrosefibers.net/ She is so sweet and nice to deal with. The Sweet Freedom is no longer available(sob,sniffle) BUT they now have Grandma's Blessing and it has replaced it and is also nice too, I have a stash of that I am gonna be using up this year too. Seriously though ya'll, you MUST go see Chris, her yarns are amazing I promise, AND the prices, oh yeah! The first yarn I used was AWFUL in this pattern and was NOT any of this colorway, it was a really BRIGHT colorway and you just couldn't see the pattern because of it ya know.

I was pretty sure you couldn't see it but I wanted to make 100% sure, so what to do next, I asked the one person who I KNOW would tell me the truth....http://www.knitspot.com/ and yup, it was unanimous, the sentence "tear it out" rang loud and clear. Before ya ask, nope, it does not bug me at all to frog. I had about 3 inches done too but believe me, it is faaaarrrrr better to yank that sucker out and start new, than to keep going and have a less than adequate work of art!! So, frog I did and you see how gorgeous the new one is turning out to be! I'll keep ya posted on it's progress too!!

Well, looks like I ran outta things to say...kidding....but I will be gone now to work on my spinning for awhile, I'll have pictures for ya later! Hope ya'll enjoyed.
Knit on my friends, knit on!!!


Chris said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Nice job Debbie! You sure do get a lot accomplished! you go girl!

Chris said...

oh! and thank you for the kind words about my yarn!

Sara said...

Lovely yarn...and I have that book - been looking at that pattern too...hmmmm...you trying to tell me something...