Friday, January 19, 2007

My first time!!!!!! WoooHooo

This is my VERY first knitted item that does NOT use a pattern. I had made OODLES of fingerless mitts for people for Christmas this year and have ALWAYS used a pattern....anyways, out of ALL those mitts, I never made any for myself, well not anymore!! I grabbed some of the handspun that I did and and started a 2x2 ribbing....then it just went from there. I got up to the thumb and I THOUGHT about just doing a bind off and then said, nope, I don't like that....I want a THUMB so I gave it one!!!! I am so happy and excited it is ridiculous LOL!!

Now some of you may read this and think "so, it's just a plain mitt with nothing special" BUT I not only spun the yarn myself, I have NEVER knit ANYTHING unless I had a pattern. I have no desire to design my own patterns and I am perfectly content to use others, I like to do that as a matter of fact.....I even have my own personal favorites...such as I'm tellin' ya, if you want some gorgeous patterns and WELL WRITTEN ones, ya just gotta go get Anne's, nothing but the best I tell ya! Ok, back to these mitts....I am just so excited that I made THIS, something so completely mediocre but all mine!! These will forever be my favorites!! Kimmy, whaddya think? Now you won't know WHAT I'm gonna knit you LOL......scarry huh!! Kimmy is one of the people I ADORE knitting for.....I could knit her some toilet paper and she would think it was the best toilet paper around...LOL bad analogy I know but effective none the less!!

Ok, now I am back to my socks and handspun shrug!! That's what happens when I'm left to fend on my own, I tend to get side-tracked LOL....hey, I was cold dang-it!!

Knit on my friends...knit on!!!!


hollyeqq said...

Congrats -they are beautiful!

Fiberjoy said...

Hurray for your handspun, patternless - fingerless gloves! You did a great job. I agree on having a thumb, they just don't look right with just a slit.

Have your rains stopped? Or turned to snow? Have you had a chance to do any spindling with your son? :-)

Sara said...

Those look really nice...Congrats!

Danielle said...

I found ya from Anne's blog, so I thought I'd just visit ya a minute! I really like your mitts, beautiful yarn, btw! I love your comment about your friend you could knit toilet paper for and she'd be happy, my Mom's like that too! I could knit her anything and she'd love it, I swear! Anne's patterns are amazing, and so is her blog(I just get so inspired by her everytime I read it!) Stay warm!

Chris said...

Hi Debbie! are the fingerless mitts ribbed all the way up?..
Your hands are beautiful, by the way!

DebbieKnitter said...

Hi Chris,
No, the mitts are only ribbed for 2 inches then stockinette st. until the end of it. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the comment on my hands...*whispering* they are SUPER dry right now LOL.

Erica said...

handspun, handknit, and handdesigned! (okay, not a word but that's alright). Congratulations and I hope you can sit a while and bask in your glory :)