Monday, January 08, 2007

Spin your OWN yarn Biatch!!!!!

Ok, Ok, before you email me saying not to use foul language (sorry Mom heehee) The heading is an inside joke between me and my super great friend Anne...who you can visit and see all of her STUNNING knits and patterns available for purchase!!!

Annnnyyyyyways, THIS is all of my Christmas gift from her, I got her VERY OWN HANDSPUN!!! The top (charcoal grey is the color) is enough to make myself a GORGEOUS sweater and then....drumroll please...the PINK is HAND-DYED by Anne AND handspun!!! I took close-ups of each so you could see the expertise of her spinning. I am so touched that Anne thinks enough of me to gift me her own art. For those of you who spin, first of all, you know how long it takes to perfect the craft, secondly, you also know how precious each hank of handspun spin all this for a sweater for ME!!! I don't even know what to say truly. I am just so very lucky.....AND by the way, I am making the simple shawl out of the pink and a Debbie Bliss Sweater that is in Cotton Knits for all seasons. I will keep updates on the progress of both.

Ok, now don't think I forgot or anything, I also got these two AWSOME books from Anne : well, actually, one is a calendar that can be used EVERY year, how cool is THAT. I personally had NO idea those existed until last night BUT....the best thing about that calendar is that it has a different stitch pattern for EVERY day...Isn't that cool? Ok, Ok, I know I am probably the LAST person on earth who didn't know that but still, it's so cool!! I started reading the Spin to Knit book last night, it is REALLY cool. I have already found a cute hat pattern that I am going to use. When I first started spinning, I had somehow always spun chunky yarn, well, it's been sitting in my room for a LONG time now and well.....I have a USE for it FINALLY and a cute one too. As my daughter and I would say ...That's cuuttee!!! Long story!!

Ok, now I KNOW I shouldn't do this....I KNOW it is REALLY rude and just down right mean.....BUT damn it, I just can't help it so feel free to click off now if your easily offened ;)

I GOT SOME OF ANNE'S HANDSPUN YARN! NEENER NEENER NEENER!!!!! ** insert snotty 2 year old sticking out her tongue!!** I'M NOT GONNA SHARE ITTTTT!!!!!

Happy Belated Holidays to all and Anne, your fantastic and well......damn it you "complete me"*in Tom Cruisish icky voice* BWWWAAHHHAHAHA oh gimme a break ya'll, I'm kidding..........she just is one of the very few who can tolerate me in long doses heehee.


Sara said...

Well, at least I am no longer the "last person on earth" to know about that wonderful calendar!

Love the yarn and books that Anne sent is wonderful to have a great friend like that....

hollyeqq said...

Congrats - Anne is a very good freind! What absolutely beautiful yarn.

Fiberjoy said...

Umm, sink-your-hands-in beautiful yarns! That deep grey captures my eye & imagination.

I keep hearing great reviews about the spin to knit book. Maybe I should look it up one of these days.

Monica said...

Lucky girl! Thanks for the closeups. :)