Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Continuation of photos!!

The Mantle...............and a few other odds and ends heehee and of course the stairs along with the crooked bow..due to children running up and down the stairs running their hands up and down it..poor thing doesn't stand a chance!! and now onto mitts,mitts and more mitts: Arean't these so cool?! They are made out of Lion and Lamb Lorna Laces and the colorway is called Vera, loooooooooooves them!!! The pink is out of Galway Victorian pink and Blue, with squiggle as an accent...yup, those are for a young girl! I am almost done with the gift mitts so hopefully I can concentrate on the rest...the only bad thing about the pink and blue is when I photographed it, my sister in law was wearing it and she stretched it out into a funny look, it looks kind of crooked but it isn't, she just was to big for it plus she didn't straighten it on her wrist but oh well, you get the idea!!! So there ya have it..photos and all...........There is more than one way to skin a blogger that won't post all the photos!!!

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Monika said...

Thanks for your comment on Sam. He really isn't at all his usual happy self. I like your fingerless mittens,all of them!