Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mother Nature must have cramps..

How else should I explain the crappy weather she is dishing out to us. I sure wish she would make up her mind ya know!!!! Yesterday was blustery and cold, today started out with sunshine and then turned to cold gloom :(

After school, the kids were getting antsy, which usually happens this time of year. the weather is unreliable and not really in any good shape for them to go out and play. It's still incredibly muddy from the day before and geesh, all their favoirte dirt spots have turned to muck...what's a kid to do........well....lemme TELL ya what they are to do (with help from mom of course)

Remember these..............I used to love "forts". They were so fun and just PERFECT for a crappy ol' weather day!! Yup, they LOVE it!! They even have a password.....traitors, won't even share it with mom!!! Oh well....maybe I can get some knitters peace now LOL Doubt it!

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mrspilkington said...

oh, those were so much fun! they look so cute.