Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ahhh, the day after!!!

Well, looks like we made it through another birthday!! None the worse for wear either. Miss Mikaela was not at all thrilled with the lights going out for her candle blowing, to say the least!! You can't see the candles in the photo but it is a chocolate cake with a number 3 and then 3 seperate candles with it.

Then the present parade started..ok, maybe not a present parade, just a few gifts. She isn't having a "party" this year. We do parties every other year and as it works out, when one ISN'T due for their party, the other IS!! This was her Cabbage Patch Color Changer doll. I picked it cuz her name is Mikaela (spelled different) and her birthday is close to our Mikaela's and I just thought it was neat. She really liked it and she LOVED her SpongeBob pillow from her brother. SpongeBob rocks LOL.
A good time was had by all!! Of course I think Daddy was having more fun than the kids LOL. The thingy on his face is a Barbie Radio and microphone that you can hook up and sing in...yeah, like he needs THAT LOL. I prefer the princess hat he is wearing but hey, what can I say. I think I need to get my husband a hobby...I'm just sayin'..................

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Fiberjoy said...

This a precious age, exhausting age: their minds and spirits are so inquisitive and energetic! Sounds as though your life will be full of laughter, and testings, as she grows.