Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OMG an elf threw up!!!

Ok,ok, ok, I know, it's not THAT bad...but trust me, the decoration thingy at my house is ALMOST that bad. We have decorations EVERYWHERE and THAT is what has taken up alot of our time the past few days...other than a sick little Miss Monkey who is feeling better now.

We had my cousin's daughter over and she just adores Mikaela and of course, little Miss Monkey adores her. She kept her occupied while I caught my breath, and lemme tell you.....how sweet it is to have someone else play Hungry,Hungry Hippo . They were so cute. It's funny watching older kids who SWEAR they don't like BABY TOYS but then when the little ones pull out the games, all that FLIES out the window!!! This is the Tween that I made the shrug for for Christmas....shhhh, it's a secret. Don't worry, she doesn't read this heehee.

Anyways, I also gave King 1 the duty of untangling the lights *crackin' up* now trust me...it isn't as bad as it looks because we have this sick anal obsession on making sure they are placed neatly away when we are done. That happened after the first 2 or 3 years of our marriage when he got sick of TRULY untangling the lights but he posed for a fun picture anyways.

Isn't he cute LOL. Poor guy, he gets all the grunt work;) BUT, lookie at how purdy the end result is :

It looks a little bit like it got lost in the sea of toys but hey, that's what happens when you have kids and you ACTUALLY LIVE in your home!! (more on that later)

Ok, so there is the tree...it's a;; red,white and silver. I think it's pretty and Christmas happens to be one of my favorite of all times. I love to decorate until there isn't one more inch of house left, I love the cold weather, I love the early evenings, the cute Christmas shows, the comfort cooking, the heavy sweaters.....oh, and my dearest friend, bless her heart, she is probably worried I will resort to wearing my husbands sweatshirts again, she broke me of that last season LOL. She is a gem and if ya'll haven't been to her site, go please, she is amazing inside and out. I will try and figure out how to link her but I have no clue how and she is way to busy to read my blog so she can't help either :( She found it once but I think it was not because she was actually looking to read it LOL. Oh well, this is fun to do anyways, even if nobody reads it LOL.

Ok, now onto the decorating business again......I did the mantle AND the stairs but blogger won't post them...prick!! Oh well, of course dear hubby will be here to help me and then fix the mess I make heehee. Have no fear people, I will get the hang of it sooner or later. Oh, and you can bet I have also been knitting...more and more mitts. I am almost done too, I can't WAIT!!

Well all, until later, tata and remember, if it is stiff and prickly in your hands, it will be stiff and prickly on your needles ;) get your mind out of the gutter people!!!

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