Friday, November 03, 2006

Here I go 'round the fiber land, fiber land,fiber land!!!

Good grief I love knitting ..............spinning, ANYTHING fiber related. I just adore it, can't get enough of it. You get the idea!

This is what has been occupying my time:
The fingerless gloves are the latest craze around here, everyone has them, wears them or wants them and I just think these are so darn cute that I am making some more for myself!!
The scarf and gloves are made out of the infamous NORO. I am really diggin' the Silk Garden, no knots, very little veg matter in it, all around groovy. Let's face it, not to many yarns can give the same color display. You know what I mean, admit it! It's groovy!
Who can resist the multidirectional scarf and mitts made out of NORO as a STUNNING and yet ever so functional gift right?! I know the recipient of this little number will just love it.I know I put alot of effort into it and I know I am proud to give it ya know.

The cabled scarf is also a gift but I doubt that person ever reads this blog heehee. It is out of a yarn from Moorehouse Merino....YUMMY stuff I tell ya. A friend of mine went to the store and she knew I would love this so she got this and some purples and pinks for me. Such a great friend. I LOVE them. It knits like "Butta" and is as soft know............. The cables aren't as BOLD and PROMINENT as I wanted them, but they are stunning none the less. The scarf pattern is from VOGUE KNITTING book of scarfs. It's very manly dontcha think?!

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Fiberjoy said...

Getting caught up in blogland and what are you knitting? Fingerless gloves! They're such a satisfying knit.

It's funny how as much as family is treasured, there's times that the fiber pull is so very strong. (Just give me so fiber and leave me in peace.)