Wednesday, October 25, 2006


My kitty just LOVES paper bags....lookie, he is helping me put away groceries LOL. That naughty cat!!
I forget what little ditty went to but now it's stuck in my head and THAT is a bad all my friends at my LYS and knitting class will have to endure me singing it to them! LOL I have been working on making wash cloths for gifts and am knitting like mad, hopefully I will have a bunch to photograph for you by the end of the week. I am having alot of fun knitting them. I may have to take a little break though to start on a basic shawl for my silly sister in law..ready for this...she is no bigger than a teeny peanut and she just broke her shoulder. I feel just awful for her and I hope my brother is being a big help to her or I may have to go and pull rank on him and give him a good yelling at LOL. She was riding her horse and she was trying to get up on her by a different way and she knew she probably shouldn't try it PLUS she knew she probably was gonna fall but did she stop..NOPE!! She fell on her shoulder and boom, all was ended then. She had surgery on Friday and is recovering. She is soooo lucky that's all it was. I feel so bad for her. I am really not completely clear on how she did it though, that was the best way I understood it. So, I am knitting her a little shawl to keep her shoulders warm cuz she ain't gettin' a coat on over that arm LOL.

Well, until later..ta-ta my friends and remember, life is to short to knit with cheap,crappy yarn!


Sara said...

Sounds like you are getting ahead for the way behind.

Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law's fall. Know the shawl will really please her.


Hi Deb!
Your kitty looks just like my Kringle (13#, turning 12 this Christmas)

Knitting ballbands, baby hats, bibs and booties, while knitting hubsband's long awaited christmas sweater!