Friday, October 13, 2006

My very first KAL

I'm doing my first KAL for a RED SWEATER. I dunno much about them, but my very good friend Anne is hosting it with another gal. You have GOT to go to Anne's site at she has the BEST lace shawls and stoles that SHE designs. They are stunning and soooo elegant. I truly think everyone should buy at least one of her patterns once in their lives....lemme tell ya though, it's like a potato can't stop at just one!! She has felted purse patterns that will just AMAZE you and OMG her little girl dress is ADORABLE. I'm just sayin.................

Ok, not much has been happening here other than that. I am however, doing my first post without help!! How exciting is THAT, to bad nobody ever reads it haha Ok, now onto knitting stuff...

Here are just a couple things I have been finishing. Little Miss Monkey got her "pink" socks...she's ADDICTED to pink and Monkey boy got his big boy brown socks...even though they have been finished for a bit I staill hadn't photographed them. I am TOTALLY in love with wrist warmers these days and here is another pair I finished. They were gonna be a gift but hey, they are so dang cute dontcha think?! They are so quick and so satisfying and also a good ego booster when your feeling less than adequate with your knitting abilities!!

Well, I will keep you posted on the red sweater KAL and remember, if ya get a chance to go see Anne at, you won't regret it!

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