Tuesday, October 03, 2006

it's Not ALWAYS a good idea.........

BUT sometimes I just see a pattern and I HAVE to knit it....much like the pleated flirty skirt that was on the web from Interweave knits. I HIGHLY recommend ANYONE who sees this and wants to knit it to RUN and run fast!! This was just a disaster on the way to happen. I should have known better when I realized that the pattern called for NO finishing either at the top OR the bottom. The top just has belt loops to use to hold it up. It is the most unflattering skirt I have ever seen and sold tacky. Then comes the bottom, there is not even 2 rows of seed stitch to keep the pleats laying nicely, I added THAT little detail. This skirt takes TWO people to help put it on cuz it falls down before you get the belt on it. I was VERY disappointed and what a total waste of time :( Here is the shameful project that will hold first place in the 2006 Hall of Shame Knits.

Ok, now onto the next little misfit...actually, the yarn is SCRUMPTIOUS. It is Debblie Bliss casherino Aran weight. The pattern is from her Simply Family book. You knit this sweater all in one piece then you just fold it somehow and seem it. Here is what I have, yes, it is almost done..my dilema??? How the HECK is it supposed to be sewn??? I will be seeking help on this one LOL.

Well, this last little cutey is not knitting related BUT it is my other passion, this is thank-you cards I am making with the Monkey set from Stampin' Up that I got from Melissa, thank you Melissa, I love my monkies!!! Isn't that just adorable!!! I LOVE it.
Well, I am off to wrangle my monkies, don't forget ya'll...October 14th is the Craft Show...be there or be....well, stuck at home doing nothing LOL :)

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