Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If I had a dime for every project....

I HAD to cast on, I'd be a rich woman by now LOL. I can't help it, it's a sickness I tell ya. This time of the year makes it worse too. The holidays are coming and I have all these well meaning plans to knit my loved ones these beautiful gifts that I painstakingly picked out each pattern and each yarn for....Truth be told, not ALL the people on my list will be given a knitted item, there just isn't enough time to do it all. I am hoping by next year, I will be experienced and fast enough to be able to knit through-out the year to stock pile gifts!! Here are a few of the dandies I have been playing with right now... This is going to be the "Japanese
Feather Stole" when it's completed and it's a Christmas gift. It truly is gorgeous and I adore knitting it. I am not experienced with lace but this is simple enough with stunning results. It is being knitted out of hand dyed cashmere to a deep beautiful "eggplant" color. It's lace weight cashmere but is just thick enough that I can grab ahold and knit securely with it. I have issues with the REALLY thin lace weight stuff that I feel like I should be flossing my teeth with instead!
It is just stunning, I can't wait to finish it. Hopefully I'll have more to photograph on it at the end of the week. I am TRYING to post another photo of a multidirectional scarf I am making also for a gift but BLOGGER is being an ass! SO I am not obviously going to be able to post the multidirectional scarf or the shrug I am making so I will just have to tell you about it and post photos tomorrow or something. The scarf is being made out of.......ready......I'm warning you.....ok, here goes..............

Noro Silk Garden!!!
I know, I know, I HATE Noro, but I gotta say, it is (in my opinion only) the only yarn that REALLY looks good with this pattern. The colors and the space dying is exceptional and well, sometimes ya just gotta suck it up then.

The shrug is being knitter out of Cascade Jewel. I am ok with this yarn. It reminded me a bit of the Malabrigo for some reason and so I was in the "I have to get it mose" and we all know what I am like then... so anyways, after starting the shrug, with some minor handling, the yarn sturted to "fuzz". It now has a halo effect that is undersirable for me. I like the color of the yarn, which is what prompted me to buy it, BUT it is piling and fuzzing BEFORE it is even washed and worn...sad,sad,sad in my opinion. I can say I will not buy this again. I have some left over so I will see how it felts but for $11 a hank, felting ISN"T what I had in mind!!

Well folks, for thos who are going to for me, and remember, a good sheep is a sheared one! Knit on my friends!


Anonymous said...

hi...i am doing this same stole/scarf. in just about the same color! when i scrolled down this post i almost thought i was looking at my own. ;) mine's in zephyr lace in elderberry. i went down to a size 6US needle to make it more dense. cast on for the stole width but it's going to make a snuggly scarf for the northeastern winter. yours looks great so far. hope you'll post a pick after it's blocked. :)

DebbieKnitter said...

awww thanks. I wish I had your name or email so I could keep you informed or have a great chance to see a photo of yours. Get ahold of me when yours is done too. I think this pattern is GORGEOUS!!!! The yarn is a cashmere that has been re-dyed, it is REALLY yummy.