Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cashmere + Baby= GAWGEOUS DAWLIN'

Ohhhh this sweater by Debbie Bliss gave me SUCH a fit. Remember the previous photos of it, well, I was RIGHT (I KNOW, shocking) the pattern WAS screwed. The fact that I am a fairly inexperienced pattern reader didn't help either BUT with help from my knitting mentor and very good friend Anne, it was all gravy baby!! I tore out the panels that were in the wrong spot, put them where they should be, added a trim in barn red and added ties and presto.....

I just LOVE this!!! I am even considering making my own version again for Little Miss Monkey!!! I used up the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn that I have been DYING to use up. Far be it from me to let yarn go to waste, ESPECIALLY any yarn with cashmere in it!! I hope my parents friend likes it. I am always nervous to give things I make to people for fear they won't like it or for fear they will think "Geesh, why couldn't you just BUY me something" ya know. Believe it or not, SOME people truly are like that. I also wonder when I gift to people who don't knit and stuff if they know just how much time really goes into things I make, also, by the time I get the yarn and buttons and supplies I need to make the item, add my time in and it actually costs more than if I would buy it!! Well, at least I can say so far, everyone I have made things for LOVE it.....and that makes me feel good.

Now onto other things I have been busy with. Here is a shrug I have made for Christmas for my cousins little girl....actually, this is a funny description...the technical term is she is my cousins daughter so it would make HER MY 2nd cousin...this is what WE call each other in the family....My Cousins wife who is my best friend AND GodParents who my kids call Aunt and Uncle LOL figure that one out LOL.....anyways, here is the shrug made out of Kareokee yarn, 100% soy silk and it is LUSCIOUS!!!

Isn't this ADORABLE. It just screams 15 year old. I really hope she likes it. Ya know how girls can be LOL.

I also have been slowly making some progress on some socks. I have a few more pairs that I can't post because they will be gifts also but I am afraid the person will see it. I think that person reads this blog but I am not sure how often....I will hopefully have alot more progress done on them through the weekend so I can post them on Monday and show you. I also will be starting a REALLY cool basketweave pattern socks for my very supportive and very patient King 1 for Christmas!! It is a really cool pattern and very masculine too. I think the yarn I have chosen will compliment the pattern really well. It is my own handspun. I just am afraid I will not have enough and having my foot being tied up, I won't be able to spin more of it...that's the only thing holding me back for this handspun....I also have a commercial sock yarn that of course is my all time favorite ..."Lorna Laces" in "Camo" colorway that would work well too. Oh, now that I am thinking of it, I also have Briar Rose's hand-dyed that is GORGEOUS yarn and GORGEOUS colors I could use....and I have enough of that too without worries! Hmmm, I have alot to think about on that this weekend, this will be the Cliffhanger until Monday LOL.

Until then my friends..................Knit on, life is to short to knit with crappy,cheap yarn!!!

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