Monday, October 30, 2006

Ghosts , Ghouls and Gobblins too, plus DARTH VADER & COOKIE MONSTER?!

Hi Everyone!! Well, another Halloweenie and costume panic has come and gone...with only a few minor melt-downs...and I just told the King he can throw a tempter tantrum all he wants, he is only allowed to have one candy bar before dinner ;) it was a good weekend at the nut-house, the kiddies looked absolutely ADORABLE, cutest around I tell ya! We went for about an hour os so and they did great, no fits when we were done and they were very happy to relinquish the candies that are not appropriate for them, we "bought" them off of the kids so they can get something else to make up for it. I must say, my kids are FANTABULOUSO!

While I have done alot of knitting, it seems like since the costume trauma's, I don't have TONS of photos to show, just a few. I put the pedal to the metal and got both little Monkies...oops, I forgot...I have been told I must change the little one's "names" they can't be monkies, although elephants somehow doesn't sound right LOL. Well, hopefully, she'll forgive us for continuing with "monkey business" heehee....anyways, I knit up a lovely winter cap out of Mission Falls wool. I LOVE this stuff. It's affordable and considerably soft. It knits up beautiful and has such nice stitch definition. I really like it and HIGHLY recommend it for some kids items. Easy care and easy wear! I used half a skein each of different shades of purple. I ADORE doing cables and this fit right in. The pattern is from KPixie and I got it at Knitting Pattern Central. Try it! I also started his socks outta handspun, nothing better I tell ya, nothing better.

The face cloth is sporting the coolest pattern, it is knitted out of Rowan's Luxury Cotton. I love this too but it is a bit pricey, I am only using up my left-over or normally, I wouldn't be using it for a face cloth. Kind of like using Golden Nuggets for paper weights ya know. This is a cotton,silk,viscose blend, much like Classic Silk by Classic Elite. I think this shows the stitch pattern vividly. I really like doing face/dishcloths, I can try out alot of different patterns that way and have something to show for it!! I am having so much fun!! Well, since I haven't figured out this hole blogger thingy and mine sometimes is a PAIN in the butt, it won't upload these photos so I'll have to repost them above.....anyways, that's about all I have been up to, a wee bit of spinning is going on too....maybe I'll have some plied beauties at the end of this week...we'll seeeeeeeee...........knit on peeps and make is GORGEOUS!

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