Saturday, March 08, 2008

We interupt this snow storm for yet ANOTHER update

The snow is blowing so hard and coming down so fast, I could barely hold still.
Look out folks, we are STILL getting I am not gonna comment on what I think about hunky Mr.DebbieKnitter (think I may have hit on a new nickname for him, long story ;) } I digress.....anyways, I am not gonna say how silly I PERSONALLY think it is to go out in a BLIZZARD that is NOT gonna stop until after yet ANOTHER 8-10 inches and shovel......I am not gonna comment on how I think it all evolves around it being a "man thing" because as you will see, I took PHOTO PROOF that the men are NOT shoveling.. they are doing......hell, I have NO idea what they are doing....
Ok, is the proof BUT, also, take not at how deep the snow is BEFORE they shovel again and then snow blow.......somehow, this photo reminds me of the Ma & Pa Kettle folks where she has the pitch fork but with shovels ;) You can even see in the above photo that Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter spotted me and started laughing....soooooo busted!
Now they are all business here......yeah right!

Finally, yet another photo of the front of our the way, it's a dang good thing we decided we are ripping out the shrubs as soon as spring comes and re-doing the landscape cuz those suckers are TOAST!!!
Thank you. This has been a public service broadcast message about A LOTTA snow;)


karen said...

this snow is INSANE, isn't it? thank god I have a lot of yarn here. heh.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Your weather was our top news last night! Sure looks like you have a ton of it! Don't worry, 50's by next week. Then lots of melting.