Thursday, March 13, 2008

STOP, yarns against the wall's the acrylic snob.............

Lottsa knitting and photos goin' on 'round here ya'll BUT first I want to say something.....

I just wanted to say how much you guys make me smile. I have always kind of just thought maybe 3 or 4 people (plus my mom when I cry about her not reading LOL) read my blog. I have always just been really happy with that too, but the last few days, I have not only received comments but emails from all of you really sweet and caring readers. I don't care how ya find your way here, just that you do. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for emailing. I never thought it would matter if I knew people were reading and they either liked or disliked my knits but IT DOES MATTER. I care about what ya'll think.....and thank you so much for supporting the whole sweatpants theory LOL. We should make some sort of governing law LOL...ok, with that said....more torture for all of you heehee. Pretty photo intensive today ya'll but fun!

let's get started........while flipping through the knew KnitSimple Magazine, Miss Priss and I fell upon THIS :

It's the FlyAway Cardi by Debbie Bliss. Most know I ADORE Debbie Bliss patterns (now that I can read them LOL) and I haven't found a yarn of hers I didn't wanna roll around nekkid in.....sorry for the visual ;) anyways, ya know I have been DETERMINED to not buy yarn unless it is for a project I just CANNOT find yarn for in my stash (which so far, has not come up lol). I really wanna knit down my stash and have been doing a bang-up job. I tend to get anal about things so I know I am taking this to the extreme probably. Anyways, while stash diving for yarn for this, I was in one of my tubs that have some acrylic yarns in it...well, I pulled and pulled and pulled each skein, checking, looking trying to see which one is Miss Priss sweater worthy (not wanting to waste any cashmerino on a little cardi that will only be worn a few times mind you) I would rather use it for an adult project......mainly for ME...heehee. Ok, sorry, I digress, well, each time I pulled one out, my new poochie kept looking more and more horrified until FINALLY she yelped, gagged and sputtered at the entire lot of acrylic....folks, I have been raising an acrylic yarn snob dog!!! PLUS, I am doing a good job at it...........look what she looked like during the final acrylic ball
There ya have it folks, a pure bred yarn snob!! Yup, that's what they look like, all hankered up and everything. So, looks like Miss Priss gets her own way yet again (grin) she gets to have a cashmerino cardi, trust me, she's not complaining. She swears she gets a rash when she LOOKS at acrylic;) Truthfully though, isn't that cardi so cute?! Hopefully I will finish it BEFORE Easter Sunday since it is to wear with her Easter dress. Baring no problems, I should finish it over the weekend when I have longer stretches of knitting time and let's face it, the pattern is EASYYYYY PEAZZZYYYYY which is why I picked it LOL.

Next on the knit F.O's is a gnome hat of of the SOFTEST merino evah!!! I wish I had the ball band cuz it is AWSOME and some cute little fn fur. It's a gift for Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter's buddy at work, well his wife.....I am making matching booties for it but fell in love with the little hat. No pattern, just a piddling in my head (scary I know). They are due in one of the J months (that's how Hunky Mr. DebbieKnitter gives due dates) so I wanted to make something that will fit her (it's a girl) for this winter so I made a size for about a six month old. So cute!

Notice the sweet little pom-pom? I am slowly becoming obsessed with pom-poms. I have been tossing the idea of a scarf out of pom-poms UGH!! GAWD I can really have awful taste.
Only thing I am worried about is the fur getting in her little nose and mouth. I am sure mom will watch and keep her safe.

Last on the knits list is Miss Priss's Pepto Bismo socks. I have one done and am NOT loving the toe shaping I did. What do you guys think? I find them just a bit pointy. I am sure I will rip and re-do, I may add some more length. The yarn is a bit thick but I wanted that, they are for the early camping season when your piggies get cold at night. Mr. Mann's are coming up next. His feet grew so I am in need of resizing his pattern. I used a size 2 needle for Miss Priss', maybe a 1 next time, making it a tighter fabric?

Now WHAT on earth are my children up to these days and why is Miss Priss' foot on the funny papers?? Because she has been "crafting"....seeeeee..

She has been making a club house out of an old diaper box, cutting, coloring and gluing for THREE days now........hey, whatever gets us through the days ya know...........makes a mess but sooooooo worth the peace.

She has her puppy supervising for her.....Mr.Mann on the other hand, is fast at school work online, looking up some information on Wikipedia for school...........Now tell me, WHO can resist THAT smile!!!!

One last note..............the website of the week is *drum roll please*...................

Great blog folks, a must see....don't forget to leave her a comment that you were there :)


cinnamongirl93 said...

What a fun post! I love the look your yarn snob dog gave you! That is the best dog picture ever! The pattern for Miss Priss looks lovely. Let me know if it is a fast and easy knit. I have three nieces who would love that. I love the pepto bismol socks! The name is the most perfect description! You are so funny! You are sure knitting up a storm! Catch up with you tomorrow!

anne said...

oooh, the gnome hat is SO cute!
and so are the kids . . jeesh i don't see them for a month and they look all grown up!

meghann said...

Ahhh! That cardi is adorable. Must look for the pattern. I've been thinking about making something for springtime for the little chic.

Danielle said...

Hey girlfriend, haven't stopped by here in awhile! Course you know why cause you read my blog still. But I'm getting evah so much bettah about visiting my friends online lately :)

Miss Priss is very lucky to get such a pretty easter cardi! Very cute hat for the babe coming, I've got babies to knit for too! Mr.Man's smile made me :)

S K creations said...

Hi, I just found out that you have had some problems with Zoe Mellor patterns in her books and that you couldn't get any corrections on her patterns. But then you did get some corrections on the one book. I was just wondering if anyone every got up with you about her book "Knitted Toys". I was knitting the monkey and the pattern is not correct when you start doing the chin shaping and as you I can not find any corrections for the pattern. I just thought I would check with you to see if you had gotten any corrections on "Knitted Toys" from Krause Publing. Thanks for the help and getting what information you did get.