Saturday, March 08, 2008

Round and Round, what goes around comes arounnndddddd.....

*sheepish grin* and more snow, and more snow.....shhhhhhh, my kids are the ones who ordered this storm, don't tell Mr. DebbieKnitter!!!!

Annnnddd, look at the MailCarrier, see the mail-carrier driving down the street to deliver all those nasty bills and supplements and junk mail.........
.........noooowwww see the mail-carrier getting stuck and pushed out by the hunky Mr.DebbieKnitter and neighbor man. We should at least get a rebate check or something for THAT good deed!

Well, that's it till tonight I just wanted to update ya'll. Oh, and I'm adding my sleeves onto Glee then the neckline, which I anticipate some trouble with but we'll see.
Ta Ta my dear friends...................if I get snowed in, I hope it is while the kids can still play OUTSIDE!!!!
****Note to Jon, my bestest,dearest,sweetest brother (sorry Mark, but you know how whiney he gets heehee) that your sitting in 70 degree weather today, YOU SUCK!!!! ya ;)

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cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow, you are getting hammered with snow! Make sure to get out and do a little aledding! Enjoy.